Sale-o'-rama: Sprinks' once in a lifetime blink and you'll miss it red hot mega clear out sell-a-thon... page.

Hello all. This page is only here to help me clear some space in my collection ready for the commencement of new projects and the making of room for the multiple bits and bobs required to do them. What appears on here will not be placed on eBay, Facebook or other sites but will sit here until it has found a new home where the minis will be properly cared for and loved as they should be. As a side note I am not looking for a profit or to make back my investment, all I ask is that you make a low offer (and I do mean low) in the comments section or email me at and cover any postage costs and most important of all you give some details of the minis intended use as I really want to not just hock some unwanted stuff but to share ideas and hobby inspiration with all of you. Oh and trades will always be considered for stuff you don't want that you reckon will fit in with the stuff I'm doing over on my main blog. And also I will split lots of you ask nicely. This page will be updated as and when new stuff becomes available/i can be bothered so keep an eye.

1) A load of 1/72 scale A Call to Arms ECW minis, also with a few red box pike that have snuck into the picture.

 2) Dark Alliance 1/72 orcs from various sets including some wargs and riders.

 (a slightly better picture of the warg riders from above)

3) A (i think the phrase is f*ckload) of Revell 1/72 Saxons (i think there are more than 180 pieces pictured.

4) Lots and lots of Red box 1/72 wars of the roses minis

5) Tons of 1/72 Medieval horse from Italeri (i think)

Some better shots of the lot above.

6) medieval foot selection by Italeri and mini art.

7) HaT Gallic warband.

8) Zvesda Samurai
 Not sure if all the back banners are present.

9) Some Caeser Samurai and Ninja.

10) Red box Ashigaru with missile weapons and pole arms.

11) Streletes medieval bits from the the English longbow men, men at arms, medieval crossbowmen and  military orders foot Knights.

Men at arms and longbows sprues, I have 4 of each complete sprue.

A mix of the sets listed above, not going to lie, I got board of taking pictures at this point!.

12) Airfix 1/72 Robin Hood (and lots of merry men of many colours)

13) Orion 1/72 Turkish Janissaries

14) Red Box 1/72 English Saliors

15) Orion 1/72 Cossacks

16) Zvesda 1/72 Medieval Artillery

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