Monday, 21 August 2017

Sprinklings of fear....Getting the kids in on the act!

In my last post i mentioned i was going to float the idea of a campaign to the sprinklings (well sprinkling 2: Son of Sprinks and sprinkling 3: the Revenge anyway, although Sprinkling 1: the Spawning did do some of the wonderful photography included in this post). They not only failed to glaze over and dribble while i was explaining what that meant to them but to my surprise jumped at the idea!. We set about coming up with some ideas for games and i let them ransack my mini collection to pick their forces ( my nerves will never be the same again!). Having settled on forces of their choosing ( Undead for Sprinkling 2 and an Egyptian(ish) force for Sprinkling 3 because they had an 'AWESOME GIANT SNAKE!!!!!',  more of which later) we sat down to come up with an idea for a background and drew a campaign map. This one as it goes:
I had fun doing this i have to admit!.
The basic premise was that an old necromancer was banished to the Castle of Death by the old King of the City of peace. The King has now passed away and his son crowned. This has prompted the Necromancer to summon his forces and have a go at the old 'overthrow the King and take the throne for your own evil ends' game!. Each place on the map represents an area a game could take place in, working from the first meeting of the two forces in the wonderfully named Plane of Mid-Death (because its in the middle according to the Sprinklings). Winning a game allows you to 'push back' the enemy one area towards their capital (for example if the Undead win at the plane of mid death the next game will be at the Oasis of palm etc. Each area will be contested by using a scenario written by me (i.e. rubbish!) and can only be played once to avoid the 'yo yo' effect between two areas. The campaign is over when a player looses a game for his capital ( The City of Peace and the Castle of Death) or if all other areas have been fought over by winning in the final area.....or when one of the Sprinklings has a paddy and refuses to take part any more!.
So far lots of fun has been had (and the rules i strung together are holding up to the stress of battle at the mo which is a minor miracle!). We have played the first two games......

 We began with a basic line 'em up and kick them in type game to get us all into it, i wont go into too much detail but it went sort of like this:

The forces of the City of Peace out looking for undead to (re)murder!. They have a leader (called Pher-o i think), 2 units of Warriors, some archers and the AWESOME GIANT SNAKE!!!.
The minis are a mix of Ceaser and Zvesda, i think the cobra may be papo but im hazy on that one. The forces of the City of Peace are all based on yellow bases with a black trim.

The deadly Necromancer himself inspects his forces!. He has a leader called Dee Ceased, A unit of undead Knights, some warriors and a unit of Marsh Zombies.
They are all Dark Alliance minis and are based on black bases with white trim.....and of course a sinister and chilling mist that is not cotton wool, its mist....... honest!.

The picturesque Mid Death, just before lunch. On a Friday.
I would do a big write up but this picture shows off the generalship, cunning stratagems and tactical wonder pulled off by both leaders:
PILE IN!!!!!!!

Im just kidding they had loads of fun despite giving Dad brain ache while he tried to de-tangle the multiple combats across the table!. In the end Dee Ceased fell attempting to fend of the Snake and his mates leaving the Plane safe in the hands of the forces of peace!.
'Dead again, what am i like?!'

That meant the next game was at the Swamp of Doom as the forces of Peace pressed on towards the Castle of Death!. For that game i set up the table with patches of marsh that was impassable to all troops except Marsh Zombies. The forces of Peace had to get one unit out of the Swamp by moving off the Undead table edge, the Undead had 5 turns to stop them doing so....however, all the undeads Marsh Zombies were left off table and Sprinkling 2 wad given some 'Marsh Markers' that were tokens to be split up between the marsh sections on the table. These were used to set up zombie units in the marshes, hidden from the other side. Three of the markers represented zombie units and the rest were decoys to represent the fact that the enemy would have been weary of the marshes but not know if anything was in them or not. In his move phase the undead player could flip over any of these markers and reveal them to the opposition. He could then deploy any Zombies revealed in the area of marsh ready to be used that turn!. This did allow a small amount of suspense but sprinkling 3 was not too bothered by the hidden Zombies, he just wanted to kill anything that moved regardless!.

Sprinkling 3 shows his attitude towards Marsh Zombies!.
Anyway, the game went rather well, here are the potted highlights:
A swamp, Doom sold seperately!. (the square cards in the dark green 'marshes' are the Marsh markers for the undead).

The Peace loving goodies stormed forward, which looked like a great idea until it became clear that Sprinkling 3 had no intention to move forces off the table but to try to beat up any undead they could get their spears into!.

Zombie Ogres emerge from the Marsh to smash the Knights of Peace!
The leaders tussle as more Zombies come forth!
The forces of peace make a breakthrough on the flank.....Only to charge back in next turn!.
The action ends with the last of the forces of Peace running for less smelly pastures and the Swamp in the cold dead hands of the Undead!

Both of the Sprinklings have been having fun with this and have been nagging like mad to play the next game, which will be ready for the next rainy day (which here in the U.K. will be any day you like!). So its onwards to the Oasis of Palm and an Undead ambush on the forces of peace! (cue scary organ music and demented cackling!). 
 Anyway......till next time.......

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Of life and distractions

Hi all. In the last post i mentioned the next post would be doing something planning to and all that but, well, life and all that stuff have put their heads together to ensure that has gone on the back burner for now. In fact gaming related stuff in general has gone a bit quieter, but not dried up totally thank the dice gods (i always thought they hated me as well!).
First off, these new old school beauties turned up!.
Actually it was the first three books not the ones shown but you get the idea!.
These are the iron wind redos of the original ral partha rules and they are very cool,  kind of the middle ground between oldhammer and lion/dragon rampant. They have greater flexibility in force creation and representing different troop types on the table than the rampants but play quickly and cleanly like those newer systems and don't tend to 'bog down' like every edition of warhammer ever!. Also they use a set unit size that is the same as the sizes used in the rampants so forces for one system will transfer to the other. Anyway i have been giving them a spin of late when time has permitted and am enjoying them. If i get my life back anytime soon i will try to use them for a game report.

Also although i have not been gaming i did win a huge lot of minis on the dreaded bay of e at a very reasonable price ( judging by the fact that Mrs Sprinks only swore a bit, the mark against which i judge the cost of all my ebay halls!) that i think fill in the gaps i had remaining for the setting i am building so de-spruing, gluing and basing have been filling in those tiny gaps of free time we all take for granted.

Lastly the summer hols are here so the demands of distracting the sprinklings has taken its toll on the free time me and mrs Sprinks normally get to enjoy however gaming has won some brownie points here as i banged together a quick set of rules to get the imps tablewards and much fun resulted!. 

 Hopefully more gaming sessions may occur (and if the rules actually stand up to the stresses of the table i may post them for you to use with your own sproglettes). They even looked interested when i explained we could link games to make a story called a campaign! (i will turn them to the dark side!). 

Anyhoo, just a quick update to show that hobby stuff has yet to die here at cassa del Sprinks (but is a little bit sniffly)......Till next time!.