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Mr Tar, i presume?

A little whilego Maudlin Jack Tar posted his own set of grid based wargame rules on his shiny new blog, and a fine s aet of rules they are. You can see them for yourself  here (you should, you will like them, trust me) and they go by the inspired title of  Mr Featherstone, I presume?. Having read the rules i decided to give them a spin to fight out a medieval skirmish i had half formed in the secluded, nightmarish recesses of my addled mind. Its worth pointing out that this is by no means a review ( for one this idiot blogger is hardly qualified!), and although the rules are written for a grid i stupidly realized that i was gridless when i went to set this game up. I did however have a hex board so i went with that instead (dont tell Jack!)........and the scenario is a blatant rip off of George R R Martins story 'The Sworn Sword' which i had just read, still imitation is said to be at least some kind of flattery so there we go!.

The battle of slanted river ( or ye old dam, bloody nuisance!)

  ' the sound of hoof beats rose as the sun glinted off the polished plate armor of Tarquin the Boulde, lord of Slanted river and keeper of the east bank, his banner fluttered in the afternoon breeze held by his champion Ballac the Bloody, Butcher of wherever he be stood at that moment, actually you can add sitting to that, maybe squatting too if you think about it. His honer guard of house hold knights rode with him as they approached the similar party of knights waiting on the other side of the dry bed of the river. The waiting party also displayed their lords arms, crossed swords on a field of pure white. The lord of this waiting host was well known to lord Tarquin and as he saw his foes face at a distance Tarquin spat, 'Holester' he said with barely hidden contempt.

  As the line of ragged surfs watched their lord ride to parley with the fools of the west bank they gave a lusty cheer. Mouldy Dave elbowed riddled Larry. 'Ere' started Dave as the dust cloud bearing his lord vanished into the distance, 'whatta you thing these lords do at these parleys Larry?, does they just insult each other, you know, call each other names an that, or..'. 'You pig faced goat bearded pile of orse dung' interrupted Larry not looking away from the column of riders in the distance. 'You what?!' asked Dave raising his crude staff, at once confused and offended.
 'You pig faced goat bearded pile of orse dung', they might say that. Or 'you seedless wet donkeys bollock's, or 'you stinking great badger arsed lummox' or.....'. 'Yes, yes Larry' butted in Dave regaining his composure 'like that, do they just do that or do you think they trys know......stop the fight.'. 'No no Dave thats not what a good parleys for, no. you never got married so you dont know what a parleys about do you'. 'Whats that got to do with it?' replied Dave with a hint of irritation in his voice. 'A parley, i mean a good parley, a proper parley'. explained Larry 'is not about who did what and what you ave to do about it oh no. A good parley is about makin sure whatever appens was the other persons fault!'. Having delivered his pearl of wisdom Riddled Larry crossed his arms smugly. 'Oh' exclaimed Mouldy Dave, 'fancy'.  

The Knights glared at each other from the backs of their war horses, the sun gleaming off their plate, the pennets of their lances rippling in the breeze. Between them the dried up river bank formed a natural barrier. Lord Holester the houghty, keeper of the west bank and the fields of fools corse trotted smartly forward twiddling his grey moustache. 'Ah pup' he bellowed 'what the bloody hell do you think you are playing at boy!?'. Lord Tarquin took a step forward 'Lord grey mane, i thought i smelled coco and incontinence'. His knights laughed at the jibe as Lord Holister reddened. 'I may ask you the same thing'. Holister puffed out his chest and replied 'You are charged with theft sir, plain simple theft and it will not stand you wet young babe!' his own knight laughed at their masters reposte, Tarquins smile dropped. 'To what am i ment to have taken old man?' Tarquin enquired amused. 'Why this of course' answered Holister gesturing down at the river bed. 'Your horse sir?, your feet?, the very ground?' replied Tarquin, appealing to his men at arms who were chuckling along with him. 'Dont play dumb with me my lad', shouted an irritated Holister, 'The water, your men have damed the river as you well know and i demand our water back before the day is out, what say you sir?!'. 'Your water, i see no water sir, its all upstream on my land, which makes it my water surly?'. 'Your water. YOUR WATER SIR!'. 'Why yes ' answered Tarquin as if explaining it to a toddler. 'Water that is up stream on my land is my water, all the water in this part of the stream belongs to you, if the water is not flowing for any reason and is on my land its my water, it has yet to move to your land so cant be yours do you see sir?'. Holister led his horse to the edge of the bank and lent towards Tarquin. 'The reason the water is not flowing is because of your damn dam sir, you will remove it or gods be good i will give you a ruddy hiding!'. Tarquin smirked. 'Well if thats the case then the answer is clear, i have raised my surfs and you have raised yours, i always fancied having the lands along the river, how about we march across the river and take them from your cold dead hands, how would that be sir?!'. 'Then it must be battle is that the shape of things sir?' Retorted Holister.' I killed your idiot father boy and by sundown i will do the same to you and any of these fools that get in my way, to arms bring this on yourself!'. Holister turned his mount and galloped towards his men followed by his knights. Lord Tarquin turned his own horse to address his knights. 'I told you men, the dam will be the start of it but by days end all of this will be ours, to arms!'.

The Forces

 I used identical forces of 2x 4 Knights (one per side contains a lord). 3x6 serfs and 2x4 surf archers. Lord Tarquins forces are on blue bases with yellow trim and Lord Holisters troops are on white with yellow trim.

The banks of  Slanted River

Slanted River: The blue section is water and impassable, The rocks represent the dam and the green is the dry bank which is clear (but damp and sludgy) ground.

Sir Holisters forces array for battle.

The army of Sir Tarquin looking mean,
Lord Tarquins forces advance as the arrows fly.

Serfs get their feet dirty!.
Sir Holister leads the counter charge!

See!, and they bring the lance based pain.....

On the other flank the surfs clash!

After much back and forth lord Tarquin slays Lord Holister!.....

.....And the remaining surfs run (towards some kind of dark rift or void that no one seemed to noticed at the start!).
The rules pay very quickly and combat has a nice back and forth to it. If i was going to do another game in this period ( historical accuracy is always key here on Wronghammer!), i would give the surfs a lower saving throw to make the knights better then them in the cut and thrust of battle but thats the sort of thing you can do with simple rules without risking wrecking the ballance of the game. These rules were a lot of fun, expect to see them again some time soon!. 

Before i sign off i would like to say a massive HELLOOOO to Mr Gainluca Ghetti and Mr Alan, the latest people to step into the void of babble and blurgh that is the lot of the followers of this very blog. Welcome Sirs!. I cant find weather or not you guys have blogs but if you do please feel free to drop the address in the comments section so we can all check them out!. Welcome!.

Anyway (checkoutMrTarsrules) till next time......

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Hot rule on rule action!!!!

Hi all, having played quite a few games with the kids using a rule set of my own making and having a blast doing so,  i thought i would post the rules here on Wronghammer for those of you who want to try some simple games with your own kids or just want some rules that are so simple you can get a game done in less than an hour!. Now im not pretending to be an experienced writer of such things so they are written in what im going to lovingly call 'splurge' and may well require a degree of common sense and maybe a little house ruling to run depending on what you want to get from them but hey, i wrote them for a 6+ age range so they need to be somewhat 'loose'!. Also after writing the rules out i also realized the wall of text is a i have got the camera out and made a few dioramas to break it up a bit.

(A wargame for all the family)

Note: These rules were developed (in the loosest sense!) using 20mm minis on a playing area of roughly 1 meter square, if you are using a different scale or size table you may want to tweak distances and ranges to fit your game.

Battle is joined!
(minis by Reaper, Mantic, Dark alliance, Mini art and Gripping Beast)

 Each player will require a force to play the game. A force consists of between around 20-40 minis organized into groups of troopers called units who move and fight together and single miniatures representing leaders or monsters. Units are made up of between 5 and 15 minis and leaders and monsters are always made up of just one mini (you could use a few minis on one base such as a chariot or similar). A force can be made up of any number of these in any combination. The only hard rule is every force has to have at least one leader.

Each unit is defined by 2 important pieces of information: Its movement type and weather its made up of light or heavy troops.

Movement types are Foot, Cavalry or fly. The type will dictate how far the troops move.

Light and Heavy refer to how the troops will react in a fight and how well they will cope with the stress of a battle. Light troops tend to be lightly armored and irregular, Heavy troops are well trained combat troops with good armor and equipment.

 Light troops tend to be less organized and lightly armed
( minis by Dark alliance,  Revell and Zvesda)
Heavy troops are better trained and armored, braver and better fighters.
(minis by dark alliance, Zvesda and Red box)

Some troops can be given missile attacks. These represent shooting and natural abilities that allow the troops to attack from a distance. Missile attacks are either Light or Heavy which dictates how far they can fire.

Missile attacks can be many different types, such as javalins, bows and black powder weapons!
(Minis by Zvesda, Hat and Dark Dream studio)

You need to note down both pieces of info for all the units in your force (as well as any missile attacks they may have) . Leaders and Monsters need these pieces of info too but also require you to give them 2 more things:
Attacks: How many dice they roll in combat (between 1-10).
Wounds:How much damage they can sustain before they are too injured to continue fighting (also between 1-10). If they are reduced to 0 wounds they are removed from the battle as a dead Leader or  Monster.
Note these down for each Leader and monster in your force.

The game is split up into turns which are split into phases. I have found 5 turns to be about right to play a quick game if you are using a scenario.

The phases are played through in turn as follows:
1: Order of play
   All players roll 1d6. The player that rolls highest (re-roll ties) goes first in each of the following      turns.

   Any troops that wish to fire with any troops with missile attacks do so now. The player that is going first completes all his shooting followed by the rest of the players.

3: Movement
    Players take it in turns to move their forces, the player that is going first moves all the troops he wants to move before the other player moves the troops he wishes to move.
4: Combat
   All combats are worked out. All troops fight at the same time so its best to work from one side of the table to the other. Let the player who is going first decide witch side to start from.

  Any troops that are Running away like a screaming girl may attempt to blimmin well pull themselves together in this phase. The player going first must try to rally any troops he has that need to before the other player does so.

A scout party keep tabs on enemy movement
(minis by Red box and Hat)

Troops that can shoot are troops that are armed with a missile attack. Shooting is worked out as follows:
Troops can only fire at enemies they can see, check they can see the troops they wish to target by ensuring their is an unbroken line between the troops and the target (use a ruler to check this). Troops that are shooting are assumed to be able to see all around so you can turn them to face a target if you want. If the firing troops can see all of their target they may fire as normal, if they can see some but not all of the target (e.g. only some of the unit they wish to fire at) the target is assumed to be in cover (note members of a unit behind other members of the same unit are not in cover, it only applies to troops behind something other then themselves!).

Next check the range of the weapons the firing troops are using, these are as follows:
Light missiles have a range of 30cm.
Heavy missiles have a range of 50cm.
Troops can only fire at targets that are within the relevant range for their attack.

If they can see their target and it is within range roll a number of dice equal to the number of troops in the unit, or if firing with a leader or monster a number of dice equal to its Attacks. If the target is in cover you must half the number of dice you are rolling (round up). Any dice that rolls a 6 causes a hit. For each hit caused remove one member of a unit or reduce a leader or mosters hits by 1. If you hit the target they need to test for running away like a screaming girl as described later!.

Moving troops
 All troops follow these rules when moving:

Troops can turn as often as they wish and have no 'facing' so they can move in any number of directions during a move,

Troops move the following distances:
Move type                 max distance
Foot                                    20cm
Cavalry                               30cm
Fly                                      40cm

With the exception of flying troops no minis may move through any others. It is best to leave at least a 3cm gap  between units.

You may measure distances at any time.

Troops in a unit must stay within 1cm of at least one other member of the same unit at all times. When moving units measure the move of one member and then move all members remembering the 1cm distance as this speeds up play.

Terrain pieces slow down any troops moving over/through them. Troops moving through terrain are forced to half their whole move to take this into account. Troops may end their move inside terrain pieces if the minis can stand in/on them without support.

Any troops that come into contact with an opposing trooper during a move ends its move when contact is made. The troops are now in combat with the troops it has contacted.. In the case of Units all troops in a unit are moved to make it clear that they are in combat with the opponents.
FIGHT!!!!! (even though only some of the troops are in contact all the troops are fighting)
(minis by Itelari and Ceaser)

Flying troops can move over friendly troops and may also move over terrain without reducing the distance they have moved. They may finish a move purched in/on terrain if they can stay there without being supported.

Any troops that are in contact with enemy troops are in combat. When in combat each unit rolls the number of dice equal to the number of minis in the unit. Leaders and monsters roll a number of dice equal to their attacks. Heavy troops cause one hit for every 5 or 6 they roll, light troops cause one hit for every 6 they roll. For each hit caused remove one member of the opposing unit or reduce a leader or monsters wounds by 1. When rolling to hit both sides roll at the same time. The side that causes the most hits forces the enemy to test for running away like a screaming girl as described below.

Where troops are in combat with more than one enemy thy may split their dice between the enemies but must announce how many dice they are rolling against each target before rolling (use different coloured dice for each target if its easier).

running away like a screaming girl
 When you are required to test this roll 2d6. You need to roll equal to or less than the following number:
Light troops need 7 or less.
Heavy troops need 8 or less.
Leaders and monsters need 9 or less.

You may minus one from the dice roll if a Leader is within 20cm.
If you have been forced to test as a result of a combat you must add the number of hits the enemy caused minus the number of hits you caused to the dice roll ( for example if you caused 2 hits and the enemy caused 3 hits you must add 1 to the dice roll).

If you roll equal to or less than the number you need you pass the test and can continue as normal.
If you roll more than the number you need your troops that are testing will run away (screaming like little girls!). They must move their full move for their movement type directly away from the cause of the test in a way that brings them closer to the table edge they set up on than they were before the test. If such a move would take them over that edge then they have run off and are out of the game!.
'AAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!! RUN AWAY!!!' ,the Light foot are sent packing!!!
(minis by Hat, B&M and Zvesda)

 In this phase any troops that are running away like a screaming girls must test to get back into the fight. To do this test for running away like a screaming girl again with those troops as described above. If they pass the test they turn around and are ready to use as normal next turn. If they fail they have run off for good and need to be taken off the table and are out of the game!. 
Ending the game
 The game ends when either:
 Set victory conditions are met by either side if playing a scenario (you should play a scenario, they are brilliant).
One side looses all their leaders or all their units.

When this happens the player that met the victory conditions or made the opponent loose all his units or all his leaders wins, and can do a victory dance around the table and force his opponent to either fetch snacks of his choice or sing a song of his choosing!. But if you all have fun then you are all winners and thats the point......yay gaming!.

Stuck between a rock and a shite load of horses!!
(minis by Red box)

Other gubbins
Listed below are some other bits and pieces that can be used to add a little bit extra to a game, its up to you and your opponents which (if any) you want to include.

Troop upgrades
 I have tried to hold back on the use of this type of thing to make the rules as simple as i can so below are a small selection of upgrades that can be given to any troops, make sure you make a note of any upgrades troops have been given.

  This would be used for any troops that would turn a normal troopers bowels to water!. Big monsters, the undead, troops with a reputation for going above and beyond in the name of violence....that kind of thing.
 Any troops listed as scary that force an opponent to test for running away like a screaming girl may make the opponent add 1 to his dice roll for that test.

  The opposite of scary. Troops with this ability are the stoic types that laugh in the face of danger....or are too stupid to know when death is about to claim them!.
 Any troops with this upgrade may reduce the dice by 1 every time they have to test for running away like a screaming girl.

  This is best used by knights and other offensive horse or those super quick foot that rely on doing a ton of damage before the enemy know they are even there!.
 Troops with this ability may attack before an opponent if they move into contact with them during this turns move phase. The troops roll all their attacks as normal and remove troops from units or wounds from Leaders and Monsters, the enemy that are left may then roll their attacks. Any troops lost to the Charging enemy may not roll to attack!.

-Long reach
  This can be used to represent troops that can out reach an enemy if they can hold them at a distance, im thinking of troops like pike men (because pike men are cool!).
 This upgrade is just like charge but allows troops that are moved into by an enemy to roll their attacks before the enemy get to strike back!.

 If you want you can include up to one Leader with the ability to use magic. A Wizard  acts just like any other Leader but may also cast one of the spells below during their sides shooting phase (if they cast a spell they may not fire missile attacks that turn). The spell takes effect right away.


'Ye will eat my ruddy great ball of flaming death you ungodly cads!'
 This spell allows the wizard to make a Light missile attack which rolls 1d6+2 attack dice. Cover is ignored by this spell!.

'Run, run to the hills ye wearers of frilly girls underwear!.'
 This spell counts as a Heavy ranged attack but instead of rolling to hit the selected target must test for running away like a screaming girl.

'Godzukes, i cannot suffer to see you bleed, i will heal thee goodly!.'
 This spell counts as a Light ranged attack and allows any Leader or Monster regain half their lost wounds (rounding down).

Any player wishing to cast a spell MUST point their finger as if casting the spell themselves and say the title of the spell in dramatic wizard style (i.e. your best Gandalf!). If you fail to do so the spell fails to work!.

AMBUSH!!, The orcs spring their trap!
(minis by Dark alliance, Games Workshop and Hat)

 Oh alright you can have a point system to make your forces more ballanced. This system has not been tested much and there fore is bound to be open to abuse. (if an opponent fudges his force to gain as much advantage as he can with a disregard for flavor hes not the type of person you should be playing anyway!).

150 points worth of death!!
(minis by Ceaser, Zvesda and papo)

The basics
The following costs are per man and once you have worked out the cost of one member of the unit you need to multiply the cost by the number of minis in the unit. Units must be made of identical troops.

  Types: Light 1pt       heavy 2pts  
               Foot 0pts     Cavalry 1pt   Fly 3pts

Missile attack: Light 1pt   Heavy 2pts

Upgrades:  Scary or brave 1pt        Charge or Long reach 2pts

Leaders and Monsters
 These are worked out differently. You use the costs above but do the following:
Once you have worked out the total cost for the above you then need to work out the cost of Attacks and Wounds.
For each of these the cost is the total already reached multiplied by the number of Attacks you wish to have. You then take the cost worked out above before you multiplied it for Attacks and multiply it by the number of Wounds.

Put simply it looks like this:
                                                                                       NUMBER OF ATTACKS 
(TYPES + MISSILE ATTACKS+ UPGRADES) x                        +                       = TOTAL COST
                                                                                       NUMBER OF WOUNDS

For example if i build the following  Leader it would cost......

Heavy + foot + Brave = 3pts. x 6 attacks = 18pts.
                                                x 8 wounds= 24pts + 3pts +18pts = 45pts.

Wizards cost an extra 15pts after the total cost has been worked out.

A small game can be played using about 100 points, 300+ points would make quite a large game.

Like i said, i am sure to have missed bits and stuff that happens on the table will not be covered but you are smart people (with a great taste in blogs) so im sure you can resolve stuff like that!. 

........Anyway, till next time........

Monday, 21 August 2017

Sprinklings of fear....Getting the kids in on the act!

In my last post i mentioned i was going to float the idea of a campaign to the sprinklings (well sprinkling 2: Son of Sprinks and sprinkling 3: the Revenge anyway, although Sprinkling 1: the Spawning did do some of the wonderful photography included in this post). They not only failed to glaze over and dribble while i was explaining what that meant to them but to my surprise jumped at the idea!. We set about coming up with some ideas for games and i let them ransack my mini collection to pick their forces ( my nerves will never be the same again!). Having settled on forces of their choosing ( Undead for Sprinkling 2 and an Egyptian(ish) force for Sprinkling 3 because they had an 'AWESOME GIANT SNAKE!!!!!',  more of which later) we sat down to come up with an idea for a background and drew a campaign map. This one as it goes:
I had fun doing this i have to admit!.
The basic premise was that an old necromancer was banished to the Castle of Death by the old King of the City of peace. The King has now passed away and his son crowned. This has prompted the Necromancer to summon his forces and have a go at the old 'overthrow the King and take the throne for your own evil ends' game!. Each place on the map represents an area a game could take place in, working from the first meeting of the two forces in the wonderfully named Plane of Mid-Death (because its in the middle according to the Sprinklings). Winning a game allows you to 'push back' the enemy one area towards their capital (for example if the Undead win at the plane of mid death the next game will be at the Oasis of palm etc. Each area will be contested by using a scenario written by me (i.e. rubbish!) and can only be played once to avoid the 'yo yo' effect between two areas. The campaign is over when a player looses a game for his capital ( The City of Peace and the Castle of Death) or if all other areas have been fought over by winning in the final area.....or when one of the Sprinklings has a paddy and refuses to take part any more!.
So far lots of fun has been had (and the rules i strung together are holding up to the stress of battle at the mo which is a minor miracle!). We have played the first two games......

 We began with a basic line 'em up and kick them in type game to get us all into it, i wont go into too much detail but it went sort of like this:

The forces of the City of Peace out looking for undead to (re)murder!. They have a leader (called Pher-o i think), 2 units of Warriors, some archers and the AWESOME GIANT SNAKE!!!.
The minis are a mix of Ceaser and Zvesda, i think the cobra may be papo but im hazy on that one. The forces of the City of Peace are all based on yellow bases with a black trim.

The deadly Necromancer himself inspects his forces!. He has a leader called Dee Ceased, A unit of undead Knights, some warriors and a unit of Marsh Zombies.
They are all Dark Alliance minis and are based on black bases with white trim.....and of course a sinister and chilling mist that is not cotton wool, its mist....... honest!.

The picturesque Mid Death, just before lunch. On a Friday.
I would do a big write up but this picture shows off the generalship, cunning stratagems and tactical wonder pulled off by both leaders:
PILE IN!!!!!!!

Im just kidding they had loads of fun despite giving Dad brain ache while he tried to de-tangle the multiple combats across the table!. In the end Dee Ceased fell attempting to fend of the Snake and his mates leaving the Plane safe in the hands of the forces of peace!.
'Dead again, what am i like?!'

That meant the next game was at the Swamp of Doom as the forces of Peace pressed on towards the Castle of Death!. For that game i set up the table with patches of marsh that was impassable to all troops except Marsh Zombies. The forces of Peace had to get one unit out of the Swamp by moving off the Undead table edge, the Undead had 5 turns to stop them doing so....however, all the undeads Marsh Zombies were left off table and Sprinkling 2 wad given some 'Marsh Markers' that were tokens to be split up between the marsh sections on the table. These were used to set up zombie units in the marshes, hidden from the other side. Three of the markers represented zombie units and the rest were decoys to represent the fact that the enemy would have been weary of the marshes but not know if anything was in them or not. In his move phase the undead player could flip over any of these markers and reveal them to the opposition. He could then deploy any Zombies revealed in the area of marsh ready to be used that turn!. This did allow a small amount of suspense but sprinkling 3 was not too bothered by the hidden Zombies, he just wanted to kill anything that moved regardless!.

Sprinkling 3 shows his attitude towards Marsh Zombies!.
Anyway, the game went rather well, here are the potted highlights:
A swamp, Doom sold seperately!. (the square cards in the dark green 'marshes' are the Marsh markers for the undead).

The Peace loving goodies stormed forward, which looked like a great idea until it became clear that Sprinkling 3 had no intention to move forces off the table but to try to beat up any undead they could get their spears into!.

Zombie Ogres emerge from the Marsh to smash the Knights of Peace!
The leaders tussle as more Zombies come forth!
The forces of peace make a breakthrough on the flank.....Only to charge back in next turn!.
The action ends with the last of the forces of Peace running for less smelly pastures and the Swamp in the cold dead hands of the Undead!

Both of the Sprinklings have been having fun with this and have been nagging like mad to play the next game, which will be ready for the next rainy day (which here in the U.K. will be any day you like!). So its onwards to the Oasis of Palm and an Undead ambush on the forces of peace! (cue scary organ music and demented cackling!). 
 Anyway......till next time.......

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Of life and distractions

Hi all. In the last post i mentioned the next post would be doing something planning to and all that but, well, life and all that stuff have put their heads together to ensure that has gone on the back burner for now. In fact gaming related stuff in general has gone a bit quieter, but not dried up totally thank the dice gods (i always thought they hated me as well!).
First off, these new old school beauties turned up!.
Actually it was the first three books not the ones shown but you get the idea!.
These are the iron wind redos of the original ral partha rules and they are very cool,  kind of the middle ground between oldhammer and lion/dragon rampant. They have greater flexibility in force creation and representing different troop types on the table than the rampants but play quickly and cleanly like those newer systems and don't tend to 'bog down' like every edition of warhammer ever!. Also they use a set unit size that is the same as the sizes used in the rampants so forces for one system will transfer to the other. Anyway i have been giving them a spin of late when time has permitted and am enjoying them. If i get my life back anytime soon i will try to use them for a game report.

Also although i have not been gaming i did win a huge lot of minis on the dreaded bay of e at a very reasonable price ( judging by the fact that Mrs Sprinks only swore a bit, the mark against which i judge the cost of all my ebay halls!) that i think fill in the gaps i had remaining for the setting i am building so de-spruing, gluing and basing have been filling in those tiny gaps of free time we all take for granted.

Lastly the summer hols are here so the demands of distracting the sprinklings has taken its toll on the free time me and mrs Sprinks normally get to enjoy however gaming has won some brownie points here as i banged together a quick set of rules to get the imps tablewards and much fun resulted!. 

 Hopefully more gaming sessions may occur (and if the rules actually stand up to the stresses of the table i may post them for you to use with your own sproglettes). They even looked interested when i explained we could link games to make a story called a campaign! (i will turn them to the dark side!). 

Anyhoo, just a quick update to show that hobby stuff has yet to die here at cassa del Sprinks (but is a little bit sniffly)......Till next time!.