Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Iron Badgers?

 To the most honourable general Welchingtonne, 

    Sir, I have recently made the most favourable acquisition and request the services of your good self and your company in its recovery and subjection.

  You have no doubt come to hear of my good fortune at the card table, besting lord Carpingshire and lord Fossdirte in a hand of slippery fist to the tune of ten thousand gold marks apiece, however also humbled in said hand was that most lackwitted fool lord Stribblessorth, who upon learning my victory was too rich for his like was forced to hand over his claim on his remaining lands north of the upper marches. I am now soul owner of the last uncharted realm!. 

 Towhitt I wish to employ you to sail to Friggit bay at all haste with as many men at arms as you can muster with a firm view to claiming and subduing my new lands. The men (such as they are) of Stribblessorths' former holdings will provide support with lodgings, supplies and some leve troops for you to add to your ranks and use as you see fit. And pay no heed to their tales of giants, ghosts, goblins and the like, such stories of the wastes may dupe the peasantry but men of Valor such as us will not mess our gussets at the likes. 

  What say you sir?, Adventure and a great deal of coin awaits you upon your acceptance.

Lord P.D. Crimpletoppe esq.

P.s. those limp wristed dribble mouthed quill jockeys of the royal cartographers guild wish to send a team to map the lands as part of your force. The King's behind them as ever so try to keep them alive there's a good chap.

    The above letter was recovered from the Welchingtonne estate, sent to the famous mercenary General Armando 'rabid hamster' Welchingtonne, leader of the much feared Iron Badgers, the meanest licensed sell sword company of their age.  

The Iron Badgers in all their glory.

The Iron Badgers latest new fangled contraptions...TANKS!!!

They are 15mm Da Vinci tanks from Alternative Armies. I think they scale well with 10mm troops. 

The 'lands north of the upper marshes' referred to in the letter are believed to be the area known as the northern wastes, the last unconquered 'wild lands' within the realm's of King Fiddius the 14th, who's deeds would be passed around for a price between the lesser nobility. Many lords attempted to subdue the lands but none returned alive, the people's living on the boarders claiming that the 'devils and monsters' within would have done for them. No attempts had been made for many a year before this letter was sent.

 'Volunteer' troopers of the upper marches, now under the rule of Lord Crimpletoppe.

   So hopefully I will be using the above as the basis for some honest to goodness fantasy campaigning. I reckon I can collect and paint forces while the Iron Badgers attempt to subdue the ones already sorted in a series of games. However my gaming area has been invaded by one of The Amazing Mrs Sprinks' latest projects:

She assures me she's planning to turn it into a cupboard... however I think she may be trying to tell me something!.

...till next time...


Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Bag o' Bastards


Just a little ditty to set the tone


  Well it has to be said that things have been interesting here at chez Sprinks to say the least. Sprinklings 2: Son of Sprinks and 3: The Revenge have seen a huge spike in their Tourettes symptoms, so much so that both now hit, kick, throw and swear compulsively and in the case of Sprinkling 2 have tics in their legs that mean they require a wheelchair most of the time. To top that off the amazing Mrs Sprinks is having considerable back troubles meaning she is also struggling to get about. However we are muddling through and the kids are taking it in stride as much as possible so it could be worse.

But on the bright side I have finished my 10mm not Mongol army I mentioned Here.  It seems like a trivial thing with everything else going on but it's been surprising just what a great refuge a few hours hobby time can be 

The Bastard sons of the most black'ed Crow ride out to commit some form of dickishness or other!.

  They are a much feared gang of inbread raiders, excelling in ambushing and riding down trader caravans, trafficking contraband, raiding isolated settlements and providing mercenaries for anyone that needs them (and can stomach having them around). They are expert scavengers motivated to feed their greatest and grossest habit, that being the consumption of human flesh which takes on the center of their disgusting religious customs. The Sons are one of many such groups across the wastes that form an uneasy network to swap information and trade stolen goods and captives. When threatened the groups band together for mutual protection and can form an impressive and powerful army...if they can work together long enough.

My basic idea for the theme of the army was basically a medieval fantasy version of the classic American biker gang, but if they were cannibal rednecks. Sort of Sons of Anarchy meets Sawney Bean with a hint of Deliverance and the hills have eyes chucked onto the mix.

The latest additions:

2 units of veterans, mixed Lance and bow to follow the Mongol list I'm using as a base for the army.

The army's nobles. Heads of the extended family that is the Bastard sons.

 A couple of wasteland great eagles raised and trained from chicks by the sons. Most people think these creatures are noble and majestic beasts, however all dwellers of the wastes know them to be pricks. The eagles are used by the Sons for scouting and tracking potential pray.

 These eagles came from a job lot of painted bits off of evilbay, I just based them.

The army is now in a playable condition, I do have extra units of light and veteran horse waiting for paint but I have the required 8 units so I'm calling them done for now.

A Burgundian force attempts not to be eaten by horse riding wasteland loonies.

 If you are wondering why the pictures have an odd black shadow in the bottom corner it's because it turns out I can't be trusted to keep a phone in one piece!.  My device took a nose dive while I was completing some basic household chores and the screen and camera lenses seem to have lost a few hit points in the process. Hopefully I will have it sorted by my next post.

...'till next time...

Sunday, 20 June 2021

'Orse 2

I spent a few hours today finishing a few more 12mm medieval bits. This time a bunch of kniggits.

I'm relatively happy with them, I must say painting heraldry on tiny figures is a daft idea, I shudder at the thought of doing it at 20mm let alone these mini minis!. However single basing 12mm minis is pretty odd behaviour too so in for a penny an' all that.

The brave band in ranky flanky formation.

 I'm still not sure which rule system I want to use with them. As I mentioned before I have been looking at Oathmark but also one page rules age of fantasy which also look pretty faff free and self contained. I may just go back to my own rules but I suppose I can muse on that while painting.

The whole gang sally forth against a generic and camera shy enemy!. 

I plan to paint a few small retinues that I can make into larger  forces or just use for skirmishes so I need to do some foot sloggers (probably no more than twenty) for this lot then on to the next bunch. Hopefully it will work as a project I can chip away at while building my 10mm multi-based forces.

...'till next time...

Monday, 14 June 2021


   As I mentioned in my last post I have been going through my old kallistra 12mm medieval minis in order to strip and repaint them, planning to use them for either some forces for  this

 Or maybe for some other low model count single based system. Oathmark has a rather neat looking way for generating forces and running campaigns so it looks like the favourite for now.  I plan to make a few lords and their attendant retinues that can be combined together to make some colourful forces using a smaller than average number of minis. Here are the first few minis belched from the chez Sprinks painting corner:

They are Kallistra 12mm hobilars from the 100 years wars range painted in my really simple block painting style I used with my 10mm late medieval forces. Just a VERY dark brown undercoat, a white undercoat over that on the bits I want to be bright (making sure to leave some brown round the edge for shading), then a base coat and a single highlight.

I mentioned in my last post that I find painting horses an utter chore, well I have found an efficient way to batch paint them that greatly speeds up the process. Basically I paint them all brown, darkest shade to lightest. I base coat the darkest horses then lighten the brown with pale yellow to make the highlight colour. I then highlight them immediately while still wet to pretend I'm able to do a blending. This highlight colour then becomes the next base coat for the next few horses and so forth. I find I can bash out a fair few nags in one sitting using this method without completely loosing the will to live. Yay!.

I ordered some 10mm flags from pendraken to go with the project. These seem a decent fit, I even had to cut the above flange down to fit!. Anyway, back to the painting table...

...'till next time

Monday, 7 June 2021

Q) When's a Mongol not a Mongol?

  A) When he's a Bastard son of the most black'ed Crow.

Simple really.

 I feel I should clarify. Having finished my 10mm Swiss and Burgundian Ordonnance armies i fancied putting together another force, mainly to give the Swiss steamroller a challenge. So looking through Ancient and Medieval wargaming by Neil Thomas to search for suitable opposition I stumbled soon the Mongol list. Loads of missile horse and nippy lads to stretch the Swiss line and evade their doubleduppikeblocksofdeath However, the spirit of historical accuracy reared its head and I must admit to being pretty sure the forces never actually met (I could be wrong but the map of the world would point to it being unlikely). However I really wanted a speedy force of horse botherers. So the answer seemed simple. Invent a fantasy army!.

Introducing the first batch of units for the Bastard sons of the most black'ed Crow.

I planned to collect some fantasy forces in 10mm eventually so why not build one using the Mongol list as a base?. In my head they are a mash up of modern bikers, waste land barbarians and backwards rednecks. One of many tribes (or are they extended family?) that infest the wastes running contraband, raiding isolated farmsteads, protecting their 'turf' and engaging in all other brands of banditry. 

They are pendraken sarmatians painted with modern day biker gangers in mind, hence the attempt at black leather waist coats and blue jeans on all the models. I painted the bows and banner poles red to contrast the brown horses and also as a nod to early 90's G.W., I've decided the tribe use the natural materials of the wastes so carry bitchwood weapons.

 Another reason I wanted to do an all mounted force is because I have an aversion to painting horses, so doing an army full should be a suitable 'kill or cure' remedy for my issue!. I just need to work out what I'm doing for banners and I should be able to crack on.

 Also I was looking through some old miniatures and came across my 12mm kallistra Medieval armies, which were one of the first painting projects I completed a few years back. I plan to use them to build some retinues for an upcoming project. So I decided to strip and repaint a few to see how they clean up.

 I painted a few horsemen and decided to compare them with some of my earlier attempts.

Hopefully you can tell which ones I have just painted!. The point of this I suppose is that although I'm an averageatbest painter I was surprised how much progress I have made in terms of my painting style and general standard of my attempts. It's easy to feel like you aren't getting anywhere but by comparing these paint jobs I can see I have improved and be pleased with the progress I have managed. Give it a go, you will surprise yourself.

'till next time...

Saturday, 15 May 2021

If I can be serious for a moment (I wonder, can I?)

 As you may or may not be aware today marks the start of tourettes awareness month. Why is this important?, Well all three of the Sprinklings as well as the amazing Mrs Sprinks suffer with the condition to some extent or another (Mrs Sprinks and sprinkling 3: The revenge have mild symptoms where as Sprinkling 1: the beginning has full blown vocal and motor ticks, including hitting, throwing and lots of choice language). I thought I would take the opportunity to do my bit to spread some awareness about this really miss understood condition and to encourage you all to spend a few minutes to have a look at the poster below and the brilliant tourettes-action.

Ta. Normal service will resume shortly...I promise.

...'till next time...

Saturday, 24 April 2021

Swiss army done...for now

  Having painted the last of my pike units  I finally managed to finish painting my 10mm Swiss army. 

This lot.

This unit brings the force up to seven units. The rules I am using requires army's to be eight strong (Ancient and Medieval wargaming by Neil Thomas), however the Swiss have been so good at stomping the opposition even when understrength I think another unit would be a tad too much. I have a unit of hand gunners to make up the full force but they can wait for now.

In the rules the Swiss are allowed to double up their units of pikemen so I kept this in mind when basing the units. Here's the above unit combined with a unit I put together to be their rear ranks.

  So that's another project done and (almost) dusted. Cue the whole army photo.

'till next time...