Friday 21 February 2020

It's all in my head (sadly)

So, January went rattling by, all creativity and fun, even a game or two!. Then February came along and...well...

....but first:


 So why no posts for the last few weeks?. Well my last post hinted I may be looking into some sci-fi gaming, I even went as far as ordering some 6mm tanks and gubbins from brigade models, the idea being to build a couple of forces and play some games using a hybrid G.W epic/ Dirtside rules I have been bodging. I was aiming to expand on my last posts ramblings to create a kind of battle as a corporate sponsored sport type thing with a league set up, a commentary team to add the narrative bits and  all that type of stuff. However I have hit the wall for now when it comes to painting them. I have never really painted 6mm minis and I am finding them a little boring if I'm honest. Hopefully I will be dragged back to them soon but for now they have sat unloved in the painting 'zone' (it's a corner of a table!) looking at me with a 'why don't you love us?' look about them.
   This is far from the first time this has happened with a project, it's pretty common for me to just abandon a good idea, my brain tends to switch gears at random taking off to wholly different places on its own accord. At the moment my brain is lurching between:

1) The next battle in my
  Campaign, everything is ready to go (except my lazy backside apparently).

2) A crazy idea for a elaborate and expansive multiplayer campaign (involving much map based political skulduggery) set in:
With my 12mm forces, this is pretty tempting but my record for seeing something through at the moment is holding me back somewhat!.

3) A whole new project involving my much abused 1/72 stuff in an unhinged fantasy setting based around a renaissance era war galley being sucked into a whirlpool somewhere and ending up in a freakishly odd world populated by mutant indigenous tribes, stranded cultists from the order of world builders, undead knights that believe they are in the afterlife and whatever other bobbins I can dream up, basically high fantasy skirmish stuff without the normal high fantasy trappings.

4) An attempt at some kind of podcast with this Rapscallion that I can't seem to put the technical side together very well for. Still sounds like fun but my lack of technical anything is holding it back.

So as you can see, lots of ideas as ever, just the normal state of too many things jostling for my attention to focus on one!. Hopefully I will have some kind of post about stuff I have actually done next time out.....

....'till next time....