Tuesday 31 December 2019


Well then, this is the first time i have felt compelled to look back over the blogging year that was. Normally i'm content to keep moving on with whichever project i am mucking about with at the time, my focus is rarely on the stuff i have done, more on the bits i plan to do, this year has been a little different.......

......but first!

                                                              'Punky art wank' as a friend once described it.......

So 2019, to review:

   The year started with without doubt the THE WORST BATTLE REPORT I HAVE EVER WRITTEN!. Looking back i cant believe i actually thought it was o.k. to post on the net...it was and is bollocks of the highest order.

Crap, moving on.....

   The start of the year was not all bad. I fleshed out my Olde Albilande setting by coming up with some adaptations for these fine rules:
 And fluffed up the background for two of the shires within the setting. 
 I failed to realize at the time but i was rapidly entering a short period of what alot of peeps have called a loss of hobby Mojo, a general feeling of fuggishness snuffing out my enthusiasm for gaming and blogging....'twas well shite. I spent the rest of the winter under a cloud of notbotheredness not even picking up a mini until a family trip to:

    came around, cue several roller coasters, pool days, theme parks and general R&R and i have to say i returned home with a fair amount of 'pep' in general. Which lead to the impossible.....

a miniature?......with paint on?....wait a mo.....

  Thats right, Wronghammer went technicolour!!. My new found vigor found me trying things i had never considered before, such as painting figures. I had never enjoyed painting before but i found the new more relaxed, more enthusiastic Sprinks actually kind of liked it!. However it was almost derailed by my natural cheepskatery butting heads with the price of miniature paints but that was soon fixed by a quick Google and a Video by some bloke called Luke.
 Thank you Sir , you proud son of the north!.

Which resulted in me going from never painting to mixing a whole home made paintset!.

Another happenstance from the return from the sun was the birth of the newest Wronghammer institution:
 An excuse for me to inflict my poor taste in music on you all EVERY TIME I POST MWAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!!!!!!!. You're welcome internet!!!!.

  With me painting again i felt a new project was in order. This was soon almost scuppered by an exploration into the pricing of modern miniatures and the frankly BLOODY NOBBING ASTRONOMICAL cost of getting into 'official' minis for most companies game systems. Cue a challenge:

 The gauntlet was thrown down and duly picked up by some fine fellows who all put their own inspired spin on the completion of said task. Check out the amazing efforts by Maudlin Jack Tar , Springinsfeld and Peter. For my part i made an order to the fantastic .kallistra and over the course of a few months (and for the princely sum of £22.40)  the Black Rats mercenary company were born:

Boo, Hiss....eerrr etc.

  This was a real milestone for me as they were the first army i had ever finished painting! I then failed to start a pastry based fantasy medieval campaign with them...ho hum....(more on this later).

What did happen was my 'wargamers nature' kicked in and i started another project....by revisiting one i had started earlier!:

Only this time i went all out gonzo pike and shotte meets steampunk in a made up historic period that never happened.....in 2mm scale!!.

i never claimed to be sensible!.

The project has turned out to be a huge success in my eyes, i have painted 4 forces so far, adapted an old rule set (g.w.s old epic space marine system) and launched the campaign, two battle reports  have book ended the year, hopefully making up for the crappy one it began with.....

And Berkshire all completed and ready to go!.

 And thats not all. Today i even managed to finish daubing paint in the vague direction of the last of my Kallistra armies (i've been keeping this one on the back burner):

This lot...more about these in the new year....big plans afoote!!.

 Other things of note from the years bloggery:



 A git (crimson),






......and a unicorn shark!.........

      .......'till next year......

Sunday 29 December 2019

The daring liberation of Deric Whattingley-Smithe, part 2

 It feels ages since i posted the first part of this battle(you can find it  here  ), what with Christmas, Christmas and...oh yeah, Christmas happening things have rather gotten away from me. But do not fear an' that, here i am again to tell you all the stuff that went and happened........But first.....

Pearl Jam live at some dutch festival back in the day, i choose this because living right up to her name the Amazing Mrs Sprinks only went and got me two tickets to see this lot next year for Christmas!.

Right, on with the fisticuffs!.

  To continue on with the report the forces of Crivenshire deployed onto the field, awaiting the Tuttinghammeshire advance:

On the left irregular horse, Regulars and some war Giants were ready to advance on Brickage.

A Heifer supported by Irregular foot watched over the Whattingley-Smithe farmsted.

The right was held by a mobile force of tanks supported by Light horse and Lancers ready to take the crossroads and support the troops at the pass.

Speaking of which the pass was under the watchful eye of the Crivenshire guns with some Irregular foot in support.

Two squads of Storm Badgers special action troopers were ranging ahead to protect Brickage.

At the break of dawns first light the forces of the northern invaders appeared ready to do their worst!.

 A fast attack force of rabid Brute Hounds and not quite so rabid light horse made directly for Brickage, supported by the S.S. Saucy Jack!.

 The rest of the force used the woods by the Kelpington Cross as a pivot, Whippets  loaded with Irregular foot troops belted towards the enemy center and the farmsted supported by the giant carnivorous goats of the Red riders and some deadly Lancers.
On the Cross itself Irregular horse and some light tanks prepare to attach the guns on the hill (gulp!).

All along the Crivenshire battle line the advance is called, the Southern army races to meet the foe!:

 The Heifer moves up to guard the farm.
While on the left the irregular horse ride on while the Regulars and Giants head for the town.

 The Crivenshire guns roar....
Destroying the Tuttinghamme Irregular Horse before they can close the range!.
 Battle is joined in the center as Tuttinghamme Irregulars disembark from their transports under fire!.

 Brutal hand to hand combat is joined on both sides of the river as the fight for Brickage kicks off!.

 A bitter fire fight in the center sees troops from both sides inflict heavy losses.
 Over the river the Storm Badgers deal with the Brute Hounds!.
Crivenshire reserves are dropped at the Town gates to allow the giants and Regulars to push on.

 The Lummoxshire Red riders bring shame to their kin, falling to mere southern irregular horse!!.
The situation at the midway point, Crivenshire hold the town, farm and pass, Tuttinghammeshire just hold the cross!.

Things turn further towards a Crivenshire victory as the Light horse hunt down the Stoats to take the Crossroads.
Menouvering in the center sees the northern forces begin to be encircled.

In a last ditched attempt to grab some objectives the S.S. Saucy Jack comes about and heads for the Pass, depositing its irregular passengers in a daring attack on the enemy guns!.

The Guns roar in reply, taking out an enemy Whippet....

 ...however the attacking airborne division destroy all but one of the guns!.
 Over at Brickage the other pack of Brute hounds are taken care of!.

While the last of the Tutters armour is destroyed by the rampaging giants!.
The situation on the penultimate turn, Brickage is secured for Crivenshire, as is the farm. Light horse have the crossroads sewn up making three southern held objectives but only one detachment of guns now hold the pass. 

 The Giants continue to mop up in the center.
While a desperate final shooting phase sees the Tuttinghamme irregulars destroy the remaining Crivenshire cannon!.

While the S.S.Saucy Jack lumbers over to the crossroads under heavy fire from the Crivenshire center to blast the Southern light horse.........
...........leaving the air craft in control of the crossroads!.

Meanwhile the Storm Badgers restore calm to the town.
The Crivenshire Heifer remains where it began the battle, undamaged in control of the farm.

 But despite all that the last gasp attack on the pass has left it in Tuttinghammeshire hands!.

The final positions.

 So with two objectives each the game is a very bloody draw!. The area around Brickage remains in Tuttinhammeshire hands despite some very determined efforts by the local forces to wrestle control back for Crivenshire!.

Oh and for anyone wondering, Brickage is actually situated next to the site known as (The Amazing ones painting area of) Shitetippe:

....don't tell the locals!.

.....All that remains to do today is to welcome Mr Mark Flanagan to this mess of a blog, welcome Sir!. Please feel free to pop a quick hello in the comments, if you blog please pop a link in there too so we can all have a squiss........right, 'till next time.......