Monday 10 June 2019

Getting there

                                                They were good once.......honest guv!.

  Just a quick progress report type post, its rather weird having a painting project on the go, i have never completed a full army so this £30 army challenge is proving rather refreshing. I have so far  finished the non-missile toting foot troops:

The Black Rats mercenary company so far.

  The force so far consists of 3 units of spearmen (the shafters),  Captain C.C Bathion the company commander and the power behind his double crossing/ backstabbing reign of terror: a mob of Ogres that have so far not turned on him, murdered the Rats to a man and stolen everything that's not nailed down.....yet.
 The spear troops are kallistra 12mm minis and are rather nice to paint. If you were to enlarge the picture you would no doubt see the horrors that are the individual paint jobs however at this scale it is the effect of the unit as a whole that matters (i hope!). The Ogres are...well i will let the 1:72 fans have a guess in the comments but i think they work well against the 12mm troops, they have a real sense of 'heft', like they could wade through the 'little' people!. Also they don't have that silly G.W.  body builders in armour style about them.


  So far i have only used half the pikemen i ordered for the army as i settled on 2 bases of 8 men per unit. I think this looks good and allows me to build more forces for less, i am keeping the rest of the pikemen for an opposition force. This also means i have saved a bit of money towards the challenge!.
Hopefully i will have some more troops to show soon.

The total so far: 
1.5 packs of Kallistra Scottish pike: £9
1:72 'ogres': 80p
Command stand : Free (samples)

              £9.80 so far............

.........'till next time.......

......'till next time........


  1. The 10mm units have come up well, even under the scrutiny of a close up photo.

    1. Thank you, i have been very careful to hide the worst offenders in the middle of the rear ranks!.

  2. These are bloody brill mate. Great work.

    ...yeah, and what the hell happened to the manics.
    'If you tolerate this, then your albums will be crap, will be crap, will be craaaaap...'

    Oh and by the way, you have got me liking P.J.Harvey again.

    1. Cheers very much Sir. Too true about the Manics, its like someone soaked them in beige between records, it was dad rock overnight!.

    2. I recommend 'The Devil Makes Three'. I ...may...have mentioned them on my blog...

  3. Nice work, Sprinks! All of my 10mm fantasy are Kallistra. Your posts are really making me want to cobble together a few more units. When will we see these units on the table in a battle, kind sir?

  4. Thank you sir, the kallistra fantasy range are very nice, i have my eye on a few pieces. I hope to paint some opposition for them next at which point battle will be duly given!

  5. Great work Mr Sprinks - you're flying along!

    1. Cheers Jack, I just hope I can keep it up!. How are your guys coming on?.