Tuesday 23 February 2021

A bevy of bellicose Burgundians bravely bearing blades (possibly before bolting!)

 I have spent my last few painty sessions primitively  daubing the first few units for my late 15th century Burgundian Ordonnance force to face my Swiss. Do you want to see them?...

Here you go:

 Just my little (historically accurate) wee joke. Here they really are:

Two pike units and some archers.

Pikes the first, as with the Swiss all the minis are 10mm pendraken.

2nd pike. I have to admit to being rather fast and loose with the banners. I struggled to find much info on what each one represents and who should be carrying what so I have just gone for what looks good.


The brave Burgundian line prepares to turn back the Swiss steamroller...or (more likely) die trying!.

...till next time...

Tuesday 9 February 2021

More pikes!

 I managed to get two more Swiss pike units done over the last few days:

As with the last lot they are all 10mm minis from Pendraken and are really nice (not to mention quick) to paint.

They are intended to be fielded against a planned Burgundian Ordonnance army I'm also going to be knocking up over the next few months.

I'm planning on using Kings of war as far as rules go and will also have a go with Neil Thomas' Ancient and medieval wargaming rules, both use unit sizes that are compatible so I can do either.

Here's a picture of the force so far:

In the Neil Thomas rules the Swiss may combine 2 pike units to make one huge wall of spikey death, on the table that would be something like this:

Which makes me extremely happy!.

Speaking of things making me extremely happy:

Till next time...

Tuesday 2 February 2021

The boys from Bern

 Just a very quick post to show off my first painted unit for my 15th century Swiss force. 

The minis are 10mm pendraken and are really nice to paint, which is handy because I have another 5 pike units to do!.