Thursday, 23 July 2020

Wronghammer is dead?

 It is with a heavy heart that i deliver the following post......but first:
Fuddy Muckers.

 So yes, Wronghammer as we know is dead....when i say dead i mean on its last legs, you know life support....when i say life support i mean at least limping a bit.....

 What im trying to say is that i have been taking stock of the way i have 'hobbied' since getting back into this toy bothering thing and i have realised the following:

1: I lack focus, pinballing around projects and abandoning things i have yet to properly even start.

2: I lack focu....err the bits i really enjoy are the world and narrative building and as of last year building and painting armies. I have less and less time to game and only tend to do so if i have a solid situational framework and scenario in mind.

3: When i try to do too much (narrativly speaking) i tend to burn out on an idea quickly. This leads to periods of inactivity where i cant get motivated to do anything at all.

4: I only really have a few limited periods that can hold my interest for any amount of time ( fantasy late medieval, Pike and shot and steam punk, often at the same time!!) and cant be bothered with learning countless sets of rules to support new periods. I tend to gravitate towards the same simple rules.

 So with these things in mind i have decided to follow my muse (the good one, not the one that tries to tempt me with a million new things) and stick to one setting, the only one that i keep coming back to that on review most of my battles seem to be set in:

Olde Albilande

  Now i realise this setting in this form has only been present in my gaming for about 2 years but if you go by the tone and feel of earlier battle reports they could be ( and i would bet subconsciously are) set here, just in a different historical period. So what i have decided to do is......

                                      MOVE HOME!!!!!!!!!

Packed up an' fuckin on!!

  So i will be doing the majority of my blogging on my shiney new blog Ye olde Crivenshire Masticator which you can check out by clicking on the link. This will focus on building a single setting using projects based on different periods in the settings history, allowing me to world build and errr narrative write to my little hearts content while keeping a narrower focus. Also i feel a clean slate is needed as Wronghammer has been fun to document my baby steps back into gaming but i think i now am ready to do something with a more 'mature' outlook (who an i kidding?). I may still pop over here from time to time and will not be deleting this den of garbled bollocks but will be mostly focusing on decorating the new gaff.

 So a huge thank you to everyone that has popped by over the years, given encouragement, had a giggle in the comments and otherwise supported my general twattishness. Please treat the new place as your own and feel free to continue in the same vein over there, your support and input is always greatly appreciated.......



  1. Dude!
    The King is dead ...long live the King!
    So, I've added the new blog as a link on mine.
    Congratulations - the new one looks quite epic.
    Simple rules systems and multiple periods of history in the same world - superb.
    Demands a podcast :)

  2. Yes, yes it definitely requires a pod cast. Cheers for adding the new place, I think I'm going somewhere with it?

  3. Sprinks I hope your loyal fans can still see your rules mods for one hour wargames. I loved the morale rules you put in place.

    1. Thanks very much, I'm not deleting any material so it will all be available. I plan to use one hour wargames for the new blog along with the mods so I may well post them over there too.

  4. Sounds like you lack focus Mr Sprinks! Nothing new about that in Wargaming I think.
    Adding the new link to my list... oh wait there's something shiny on the desk,...

    1. That's about the size of it mate, I reckon the new blog will help Ballance focus by giving a single setting yet let me game different historical periods as I can use the whole timeline. That's the plan anyway!. Thanks for adding it to your list.

    2. I actually got distracted and forgot to add it!!! Trying again...

  5. Transfer over to the new one then. TBH, half of the hobby is spent trying to wrangle with focus and getting on with stuff. Plus, I also no longer game as much as I used to, so its about the OTHER stuff now thats my primary focus. Oddly, I don;t really blog about that so much though??

    1. One of the things I have realized in my pondering is that it's important to just get on with what makes you happy and focus on that. If you find one thing drops off just enjoy the rest. I have on occasion found myself telling myself I should blog as it has been X time since I last did, like it's expected. I have come to the conclusion that blogs are for the author more than the audience in so far as they in themselves are a hobby. Hence the dramatic shift. Its a means to unwind and switch off the every day grind when you break it all down.

  6. Ah ah, don't believe you can escape like that! I will follow your next web-incarnation :D

    1. Phil it wouldn't be the same without you.

  7. "cant be bothered with learning countless sets of rules to support new periods. I tend to gravitate towards the same simple rules."

    Welcome to the Brotherhood :-). I'm heading to the link like a Dormouse up a cornstalk.

    Regards, Chris.