Saturday 21 January 2023

Gerrr arrrggg...errr...arrrggg Gerrr?

 I've been painting zombies. These ones:

They are 1/72 scale miniatures from Dark alliance. They are pretty nice, not much flash to deal with and with a good level of detail.

 They are for another of my planned projects for this year, Osprey publishings Last Days.

 A very simple but charming set of rules with a  nice looking campaign system.

  Hence this lot. The rules say you need twenty zombies but I've done twenty two because I'm a rebel to my very core and no books going to tell me how to game. Next up is the collection of poor sods that have to deal with the shambling masses...

 'till next time...


  1. A nice mob of zombies looking for trouble.

  2. I'm sure they will find it too.

  3. 1/72 always rules!!! nice Job Sprinks, sorry I dissapeared for long

  4. Always good to have you back Phil I do enjoy painting 1/72 scale I should definitely do more.

  5. I do like the Dark Alliance figures, and they're made in the scale of proper wargaming.

    1. And the right price too. I really need to do more in this scale.