Thursday 12 January 2023

A turnip for the books

  Would you believe it, I've only gone and finished another project from my new year to do list!. Namely these:

    My Turnip28 force I started a year ago is finally table ready (they need a gloss varnish but I'm running out of light so they are done for now).

   Turnip28 is a great setting, sort of a post apocalyptic Napoleonic/medieval mash up with roots. Lots of roots. (you can download a copy of the rules for free Here.

  It's really character full and very charming (gross but charming) so I had to have a go. Also there are no official miniatures, you can pick any parts from medieval to first world war miniatures and just go wild kitbashing whatever you want. This is what my soggy brain came up with:

The 14th East Spaffington Irregulars (aka the Spudulikes)

 The fodder, these are the basic infantry in the setting. I've gone for a seed potato theme hence the 'eyes' on each miniature.

Like this.

The forces leader (known as a toff) and his two sub commanders (toadies).

Skirmish infantry known as chaff.

The one unit I did finish last year. These are my close combat infantry known in the game as Brutes.

The forces artillery (stump gun) I've affectionately named Geoff and his crew.

Geoff again, I made him from a 1/72 Indian war elephant, a mantic dwarf cannon, some string and a ton of superglue and milliput.

 The forces cavalry known in the game as bastards. I decided the horses' caparisons should be potato sacks so I paper mached some out of kitchen paper stiffened with super glue.

  Neil would be proud!.

  I have to say they are a rough and ready lot, I have never painted an army in this scale (28mm) and although it's not a scale I would normally choose or feel that comfortable painting but I had fun with these. Right, better crack on with making them some opposition...

...'till next time...


  1. I would! Always nice to see a finished project, and this one is good for the planet since it is veggie :D Your artillery conversion is excellent, and very very original.

    1. Thanks Phil, I can't believe I actually managed to get them finished!.

  2. Great work Mr Sprinks - I really need to get a project finished, at least once!

  3. Thank you sir. I think the unfinished project is a wargaming tradition at this point.