Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Iron Badgers?

 To the most honourable general Welchingtonne, 

    Sir, I have recently made the most favourable acquisition and request the services of your good self and your company in its recovery and subjection.

  You have no doubt come to hear of my good fortune at the card table, besting lord Carpingshire and lord Fossdirte in a hand of slippery fist to the tune of ten thousand gold marks apiece, however also humbled in said hand was that most lackwitted fool lord Stribblessorth, who upon learning my victory was too rich for his like was forced to hand over his claim on his remaining lands north of the upper marches. I am now soul owner of the last uncharted realm!. 

 Towhitt I wish to employ you to sail to Friggit bay at all haste with as many men at arms as you can muster with a firm view to claiming and subduing my new lands. The men (such as they are) of Stribblessorths' former holdings will provide support with lodgings, supplies and some leve troops for you to add to your ranks and use as you see fit. And pay no heed to their tales of giants, ghosts, goblins and the like, such stories of the wastes may dupe the peasantry but men of Valor such as us will not mess our gussets at the likes. 

  What say you sir?, Adventure and a great deal of coin awaits you upon your acceptance.

Lord P.D. Crimpletoppe esq.

P.s. those limp wristed dribble mouthed quill jockeys of the royal cartographers guild wish to send a team to map the lands as part of your force. The King's behind them as ever so try to keep them alive there's a good chap.

    The above letter was recovered from the Welchingtonne estate, sent to the famous mercenary General Armando 'rabid hamster' Welchingtonne, leader of the much feared Iron Badgers, the meanest licensed sell sword company of their age.  

The Iron Badgers in all their glory.

The Iron Badgers latest new fangled contraptions...TANKS!!!

They are 15mm Da Vinci tanks from Alternative Armies. I think they scale well with 10mm troops. 

The 'lands north of the upper marshes' referred to in the letter are believed to be the area known as the northern wastes, the last unconquered 'wild lands' within the realm's of King Fiddius the 14th, who's deeds would be passed around for a price between the lesser nobility. Many lords attempted to subdue the lands but none returned alive, the people's living on the boarders claiming that the 'devils and monsters' within would have done for them. No attempts had been made for many a year before this letter was sent.

 'Volunteer' troopers of the upper marches, now under the rule of Lord Crimpletoppe.

   So hopefully I will be using the above as the basis for some honest to goodness fantasy campaigning. I reckon I can collect and paint forces while the Iron Badgers attempt to subdue the ones already sorted in a series of games. However my gaming area has been invaded by one of The Amazing Mrs Sprinks' latest projects:

She assures me she's planning to turn it into a cupboard... however I think she may be trying to tell me something!.

...till next time...



  1. An impressive force and those tanks look just the right size... more worrying is the casket in the final picture. A handy place to store figures perhaps.

  2. Ta very much. I have had the tanks for some time and have been waiting for an excuse to get them painted. The casket is a bit worrying, I don't think she's trying to send a message...

  3. The Badgers of Iron look good and quite a feature in any army. You seem to be pulling together a few fantasy armies at the moment.

    1. Thanks allot
      The tanks are really nice models to work with. I have always wanted a lot of fantasy armies, the biggest problem has always been time. 10mm seems to be the answer as I can knock forces out pretty quickly.

  4. Tanks for the memory!
    I love the Iron Badgers. I hear there is a regiment called the iron beavers too?!?
    Tanks look pretty dangerous, I have to say ...
    The coffin - moreso - though I would be using it to store figures in - cupboard be damned.

    1. Iron beavers, reckon they would be perfect for blunting an enemy probing action!. The coffin is rather worrying, it would be cool to use as a 'dead box' for storing casualtys removed during a game.