Sunday, 18 August 2019

An idiots One Hour medieval Fantasy campaign rules.

For those under any confusion, i am the titular idiot not your good selves. What follows are the rules i intend to use to play my new campaign (one i have been painting my 12mm forces for):

       (a sneeky peek of the intended campaign for you, i will post about the background shortly!)

But first , as is tradition around these 'ere parts:

                                                                                       Say what you like about Nu metal, this album is still good!

Right, now to the thing the post is actually about:


 The campaign will be based on the fantastic:

Just to be clear, you will need a copy of the above mentioned One Hour Wargames by the honorable Mr Neil Thomas to have any idea what i am about to bang on about!.

 Right, basically the games i will be playing will use a mash up of the Dark age and Medieval rules from the above mentioned rule book with a few tweaks to 'fantisify' them. Use the rules set out in One Hour Wargames unless contradicted below.

Troop types: The troop types used are all the types in the two sections being used plus a few more added by myself. I have brought them together in this summary to show what they do:

(click on it to make it readable!)

 As you can see the basic troop types are there as is (except the Archers have been renamed and are not quite so effective. I have added the additional 'bits' of Morale and Rank, more of which..... actually!. Play through the rules as are but when you get to the Eliminating units phase replace it with the following:

4. Test Morale
    Any units that have received hits this turn must test morale. Do this by rolling 3d6 for the unit and adding the results together along with any mods listed under Morale on the table above. If the total is equal to or greater than the total number of hits the unit has received they pass the test and remain in play. If the score is less they have routed!, remove the unit, it is eliminated!. 

  When eliminating a unit check the Rank of any friendly units within 6'', if the rank of the eliminated unit is greater than that of the friendly unit the friendly unit receives 1 hit for seeing their 'betters' run from the field!. If the rank of the friendly unit is equal or greater than that of the eliminated unit no further actions are needed.

A unit will only test once during the phase even if they receive more hits during it due to routing friends, it is up to the player which order he tests his troops morale so be careful!.

 Each army must have a commander and may have more. Commanders are assigned to a unit and will be placed in contact with that unit when the force deploys. They will not leave the unit and will be eliminated if the unit they are with fails a morale test.
Place a commander as follows:

They must always be in contact.

The commanders stand is just there to show they are with the unit. All measurements are taken from the unit.

  At the start of the Movement phase roll 1D4 for each commander, the result is the number of command points the commander has this turn. You may spend a command point  at any time during your turn to do one of the following:

-   Allow a friendly unit within 12'' to re-roll one dice roll.

-  Allow a friendly unit within 12'' to re-roll one dice during a morale test. Note only one of the dice       is re-rolled per point spent, you may spend more than one point to re-roll more dice if you wish
-  Rally a friendly unit within 12'' by allowing them to remove 1d3 hits. (You can do this during the       Morale phase if you wish!).

You may keep re-rolling the same dice by spending more Command points if you wish. Once a point is used it is discarded so use them wisely!.

    Rather than using the random tables to generate an army (i have rather broken them by adding so many troop types!) you must spend points to pick the force you will use. The number used to determine the units value is their Rank score from the table above. I find it is best to play with between 10-15 points for a basic game depending on how big you want it. 20+ points would give an epic battle!

Choosing Commanders
   You may take one free Commander as your force leader.
   You may add an additional Commander for each 10 points of your force (or part there of) for 2           rank points.

An example 10 point force could be:
            1x Commander (free), 2x men at arms ( rank 4), 1x Missile foote (rank 2), 2x Skirmishers                    (rank 2), 1x Cavalry (rank 2).

     You need magic in a fantasy game i reckon!. I am going to go with my tried and tested explanation of the whys and hows (see here) as it still feels the most 'believable' thing wizards would do! (yes that is how my head works!). 
 To include magic in your force you must spend 1 rank point for each spell scroll you wish to order from the S.T.P.W.T. To see if they are delivered roll 1d6 for each spell. On a roll of 1 the spell has failed to show up on time, thats a rank point down the bog! (bloody lazy warlocks!), on a roll of 6 they have accidentally sent an extra scroll! (wizards are great after all!). Thats one more spell you can roll for nothing!.

  Each spell is sent in the form of a scroll with the casting requirements written on them (phonetically thank the gods!). Each scroll needs to be assigned to a commander before deploying your army (keep a note of who has what). The spell may be cast during the battle by that commander. Once a spell scroll has been used it is discarded. Ranges are measured from the unit the commander is with.
Note: Commanders may hold any number of spells and may use any number during a turn, once the spells have been used they are gone!.

 The Spells
  Roll 2d6 for each scroll before you allocate them to see what you have:

2-Fuggary Petes olde Flaming fireball of flaming fire (patent pending)
   Cast this spell during your shooting phase, the unit makes a shooting attack as if it was a unit of Missile foot, if it already has a shooting attack the spell may be used in addition to that attack.

3-Sour ol' Saul Saturates So Soothing Sense of sootheration (not tested on animals....well maybe the odd troll but who cares about trolls eh?)

  Cast this at any time on a friendly unit within 12'', that unit may remove half their hits (rounding up).

4-Muchly Manky Mikey Millers 'Make you into a brutal killer' spell (awaiting clinical trials).

  The spell is cast on a friendly unit within 12'' during the Hand to Hand combat phase. The unit may double its dice roll in combat this turn. However if the unit rolls a 1 it goes into a frenzy and attacks itself as well, in which happenstance roll the dice again and apply the number rolled as hits to BOTH units!.

5-Flipping Phillips fantastic fun spell for flipping well swapping spaces in time and space (fat free).

  Cast this spell on a friendly unit within 12'' during the movement phase. They may pick one unit (friend or foe) within 12'' of themselves. The units will automatically change places!. You may place the units facing whichever direction you wish and if the unit is yet to move this turn they may move after switching places. however you must roll 1d6 for the friendly unit you wish to cast the spell on before the units swap places. on the roll of a 1 the unit is lost in the winds of magic and instead of swapping places they are eliminated! .

6-Swarthy Stephens Spell of unusually swift swiftness (now with 21% real west lowland weasel!)

  Cast in a friendly unit within 12'' during your move phase. the unit may move twice this turn.

7-Likely Larrages Luxurious lather of unrefined luck. (use in a well ventilated area)

   Cast this on any friendly unit within 12'' at any time that is about to roll a dice. They may count the roll as a 6 without actually rolling the dice!.

8- Carmudgenly Carlos' cloude of confusing colours (not suitable for vegetarians).

  Cast in the enemy movement phase on an enemy unit within 12''. That unit may not move, fire weapons or attack in close combat this turn!.

9-Unlikely Uncle Ulicarrics ultra unlucky luck reversal remedy (all similarities to existing spells are purely coincidental)
  Cast this spell at any time during the enemy turn on an enemy unit within 12''. The next dice roll that unit makes is automatically a 1. The enemy may not use Command points to re-roll the dice.

10-Roderic Roodburys vengefull deathly rain of certain death (ages 8 and up)

 Cast this spell on a friendly unit within 12'' during the shooting phase. The unit may fire twice with any missile attacks they may have. They may fire at the same target or two different ones.

11-Delphine Duconitys Durable dose of double 'ard bastrdry (part of a multi-pack, not to be sold seperately).

 Cast this spell on a friendly unit within 12'' during your opponents turn before they are attacked with missiles or in hand to hand. The attack is discounted and is ignored. No damage is taken.

12- Blank Scroll!
     You may pick any single spell you like from the list above.

 As you can see i have gone for some pretty powerful spell effects to 'pep' the game up!. This means magic will have a large effect but is one use and provides another good reason to take out the enemy Commanders!.

 And that is about the shape of it for now........

....'till next time......

Monday, 12 August 2019

All together too productive by half (rather, me duck, an by 'eck as like and other regional exclamations as long can one title be!?!)

 As the title says (before it broke down into total self indulgent drivel) i have been waving the paint brush at stuff again! (honestly, i dont paint anything for years and then i go and do tonnes in 4 months!)......but first:
                                               I always thought they were underrated.

    As i was in the process of prattling:
 I done gone painting!.
These are all troops to be added to my 12mm project, more to the fact they are more units for my opposition force to the one i built for my £30 challenge.

 A unit of crossbowmen ('scuse the white splodges on the bases, the pva i use to seal the bases had yet to dry but i was loosing the light so just cracked on with the photos. Quite like effect mind). As ever they are 12mm troops from the wonderful kallistra
 Placed side by side for very little good reason.

 Skirmishers do some rock based skirmishing
 The forces foot command stand.

 as viewed leading from the front.

 And a RUDDY GREAT ARMOURED GIANT!. shown guarding his best rock and having a bit of a point. Hes a mix of Perry and Gripping Beast bits.
 A picture to give a sense of scale, from the left the giant is 28mm next to some 1/72 'ogres' next to some 12mm spears.

The army so far. Just some light and heavy horse and another unit of  crossbows and it will be done.

....'till next time....

Saturday, 10 August 2019

welcome to Daubishire!

Someone trusted me with a paintbrush again!....but first:

Audio Marmite agogo!! (my love for this band is only equaled by Mrs Sprinks hatred for them!!, i think its important to have balance in a marriage!)

  So as i mentioned above more paint has been thrown at little metal and plastic blokes resulting first in these:

Black Rats beware!.
  The above is the start of an opposition force to my £30 challenge army, they are yet to be named but the foot troops are made from the other half of the kallistra 12mm Scottish Pikemen packs used to make the Black Rats 'shafters'. As i'm sure you will attest they have been speed painted to be table ready only (not even a wash!) and are supposed to represent a more 'rabble like' force, maybe part trained village militia or some such. Leading them is a commander yet to be named and his banner waving mate!.

Another shot of the rabble.

 And another of the command stand.

'Come Sir Something, this way yonder to glory.....or just some more bloody felt.!'

  This will be another £30 force to take on the Black Rats when complete!. I have also been working on my small 1/72 forces for 'warhammerish' Blood, Guts and Severed Heads i am to use with the kids over the hols, this force is almost done, just some leaders and a centerpiece (guesses to which 'iconic' imperial thingy it will be in the comments!) to do and the force is ready!:

 'Empireish' 'orse!.

 Imperial knights ready to punch some chaotic types!.

  I was very apprehensive about painting these as they are some of my favorite 1/72 minis ever produced, Revells' Swedish cav from the 30 years war. I think a few of the minis i have are the crappy Mars reproductions (i got mine in an ebay job lot) as some of the details are far less 'crisp' on a couple of the riders and the plastic is notably thinner, but even so i could not do an 'Imperial' army without some of these.
The force as it stands.
You can see i am going for small skermishy type forces to make sure i dont get fed up painting hundreds of the same thing!.

 Well thats whats been going on 'round these parts recently, i hope to have more soon....

.....'till next time.....

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Challenge complete!.

                                                                                    'bout time we had some Maiden!.

 Yep the title of the post is actually representative of what i am about to cover, my force for the:

  .....thing is painted!. This is a bit of a milestone for me as not only is it my first completely painted force since i relapsed back into daubing earlier on in the year but it is the first fully painted army ever!!!!. I feel almost proud of myself!. Here are the last two units for the army:

The Forces heavy cavalry made up of C.C. Bathions' illegitimate sons known affectionately as 'the Rat Bastards'.
Their reputation for cruelty in battle is well known and often its the Bastards presence that sways the choice to hire the Black Rats over other merc companies.

The Black Rat himself leads out his Bastard sons with the dirty rats lending support!.

 The forces 2nd in command and the leader of the rabble Sgt Christophe 'the cleaver' Grunel, the hardest, coldest officer to ever drive the fear of god into a gaggle of fresh recruits!. To say the Sarge rules the ranks by fear is the understatement of the millennia!.


 So yeah, with them done the force is complete:

The Black Rats mercenary company arrayed!.

The force comprises of : 2x command bases, 3x units of spearmen, 1x unit of Bowmen, 2x units of Skirmishers, 1x unit of Knights, 1x unit of Light horse and 1x unit of Ogers.
 Not too bad for 2 months worth of work and rather gratifying to see in a group photo regardless of the imperfections contained within!.

  Also to reflect on the challenge as a whole it has been great to explore the idea of building an army on a tight budget and to prove that the Games Workshop (and others) pricing structure is not representative of the entire industry. Its also been great to see a few others take up the gauntlet and have a go using other scales and mediums to build some great looking forces, pretty much all cheeper than the force above!. Check out Peters paper forces in action here, Mr Maudlin Jack Tars old school 10mm Bretonians here and Springinsfelds' fine rabble of plastic orcs over here. Great work Sirs!, if anyone else is having a crack at the challenge please feel free to let me know in the comments and i will link to it, it will be great see what you have been up to.

  On the subject of the price limit the total cost of the force is as follows:

1.5 packs of kallistra 12mm Scottish pike @ £9.00,
1 Pack of Kallistra 12mm 100 years war bowmen @ £6.00,
0.5 Pack of Kallistra 12mm 100 years war mounted men at arms @ £3.00,
0.5 Pack of Kallistra 12mm 100 years war Hobilars @ £3.00
4x Alliance 1/72 Army of the dead @ 80p
1x Kallistra 12mm 100 years war foot command @ 60p
1x Kallistra 12mm 100 years war mounted command @ free samples!.
                                                                                         Total cost = £22.40!.

 I also learned to mix my own Low cost paint set during the course of the task which was fun and highly recommended!.

As well as finishing that lot I have also been working on some 20mm stuff this week, namely these chaps:

What do you get if you mix Pike.....

....and shot?.....

Pike and Shot of course!!.

 The above are all A Call to Arms ECW minis which i have to say are a pleasure to paint. They are the start of a summer hols gaming project with the Sprinklings loosely based on old(ish)hammer forces in the best scale known to man or beast using my Blood, Guts and severed heads simple rules. The above are the foot sloggers for the 'empireish' force. More on this to follow soon!.

  All that remains for today is to welcome this blogs latest vict...err, follower, Mr Stephen Beales, a hearty welcome to you sir!. I f you have a blog of your own please pop a link in the comments so us rabble over here can have a peek (we will remove our shoes and wash our hands have no fear!). 

........'till next time......

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Filthy types on 'orseback!

 Phew things have been busy about these 'ere parts, mostly due to my annual reviews and competency assessments at work (last one monday thank the holy badgers of congrimmitt!), turns out they regularly check us meter monkeys are doing our jobs right!...good to know!. I have managed some painting in the too few periods of down time, but first:

Therapy? live at Castle Donington '94. A fresh faced 15 year old me was down the front with a massive poo eating grin on my face for the whole set!.

 Now on to the latest 'chimp with a brush' style painting:

 The 'Filthy Rats' foraging and ambush collective, the light horse of the Black Rats merc co.

 They are more 12mm minis from kallistra and were pretty fun to paint once i got my head round how best to tackle them!.

They are also my first go at horses for blinking years (about the same time as i was at the above gig in fact!). In the end i used the minis small size to my advantage and simply undercoated the whole mini dark brown and followed with a dark brown wash. I then picked out the manes and tails with black.  I toyed with the idea of  painting the tack but in the end chickened out!. 

 The Black Rats so far . Just a unit of Knights and maybe a foot command stand and i will be calling them done!. I will give a full breakdown of the cost of them for the £30 army thing next time out. 

Speaking of which 2 good folk have already finished some rather spiffing forces for the above mentioned challenge, check out The Maudilin ones brilliant Bretonians here and The noble Peters not one but two fantastic forces of Dark age goodness here and over here. Great work fellas!. If anyone else is joining in the challenge let us know how you are getting on in the comments below!.

......and heres a sneek peek at some more bits i have been painting with a view to a 1/72 fantasy project......more to follow.......i hope!......

.......'till next time.....

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Thrifty git strikes again!!

Give 'Candy Apple Grey' a go too!.

  So the last few weeks have flown past but i have not been (completely) idle. You see, since i have got back into painting i have been 'borrowing' the Amazing Mrs Sprinks craft paints to get the job done. No point in buying miniature paints if i'm not convinced i will keep up with the splodging. Now this has not been a problem so far and has pushed my 'thrifty gaming' buttons but i have been noticing a sort of dry and grainy finish on the minis i have thus far produced. So i thought i would look into getting some mini paints to fix the issue.
 The mystical paint brands of Mrs Sprinks.

So i had a delve on line.......and had a ruddy heart attack!!, GAMES WORKSHOP WANT £4 FOR A BLOODY THIMBLE SIZED POT OF THE PISSING STUFF, THE CHEAPEST, ARMY PAINTER, WANT £20 AND CHANGE FOR A STARTER SET!!. WHATS IN THIS STUFF ANYWAY? FAIRY TEARS AND UNICORN FARTS??!!!!....ehum, yes well, you get my point. So i dug further as to why i should use mini paints at all when i had a fairly complete set of paints just lying around the house where i could swipe it any time. I mean, the Amazing Mrs Sprinks is managing to turn out work like this with the cheap stuff:

 So it must be good enough for a total pleb like me. Apparently mini paints have a finer pigment or something but many folks on line use the craft stuff for minis with very little problem. This was what i wanted to hear but did not solve the issue of the finish.......then some further digging on the subject turned up these vids:


 So a few ebay orders later and i had the following:

It took a few attempts to get the mix of paint to medium right but not too much work (and there is a real nack to decanting thick paint into the thin neck of a dropper bottle). In an evening i had a paint set ready to go at a fraction of the price of the manufacturers stuff!!. I know what your thinking: 'Yeah but Sprinks, is it any good?'. Well glad you asked because oddly i have been using the stuff and i have to say it is great. As soon as you have a good viscosity nailed the paint becomes easy to work with and it covers really well. The 'chalky' finish has gone, replaced with a slight gloss sheen which is kind of old school and has a charm i rather like. And dropper bottles are the bloody nuts, so much control over how much paint you use, especially when mixing. Want the proof, here are the latest batch of minis for the £30 challenge thing:

Black Rat Co bows.
The wrong 'uns practicing for their next line up.

I also did a few units of Skirmishers:
Sneeky feckers.

As with the rest of the army these are 12mm troops from the rather fine kallistra miniatures.

 So thats the missile lobbers for the army done as well as all the foot, just some mounted troopers to chuck paint on and i should be done. Here's a group shot of the army so far:

The Black Rat Co assemble to conduct some form of prickishness or other (boo!! hiss!!).

So far the cost of the army is:  1.5 packs of Kallistra Scottish pike @ £9.00
                                                  1 Pack of Kallistra 100 years war Bowmen @ £6.00
                                                  4 Dark alliance army of the dead 1/72 (as 'ogres') @ 80p
                                                  1 Kallistra command stand @ nowt, they were free samples!.
                                                                                                                          £15.80 spent so far!.

.......'till next time.......