Saturday, 20 October 2018

Dragging Olde Albilande into the future!!

 I mentioned in an earlier post that i was going to move the setting i'm working on into a kind of mock 17th century setting. This has given me plenty to ponder over the last few weeks, some things i am set on:

     - The mappe will not change.
     - The campaign will continue as if nothing has changed, all events will still have happened!.
     - The protagonists will remain, no shire will be harmed by the process of change (well                            Fossestershire wont bloody like it)!.

   What i have been mostly thinking about is how the shires armies will look in the field. Now as a part of the same (until recently) united nation it is fair to say the shires forces would have been part of a royal army and therefore fit the pattern (more or less) decided on by the powers that be acting on behalf of the crown. This says to me that the basic troop types for each force will be almost (but maybe not quite) the same.
As its the (not) 17th century the main troops will be pike or musket armed soldiers. In olde Albilande the royal generals have spent time 'encouraging' each shire to raise a trained professional core of these troops to be called on if and when. These will be the spine of a field army (known as 'regulars'). Along side these troops various unpaid militia regiments exist, which will be organized and sponsored by the local lord or merchants in some capacity and the quality of their training and equipment will depend on their sponsors generosity. Some of these groups sport armour with the sponsors logo on or that have had their naming rights bought and paid for by merchants in order to ensure a fresh supply of lead shot!. It is therefore not uncommon to see regiments like The Olde undercrackers scrumpy irregulars or the Nightingales night soil removal experts musketeers for example!.

The march of the much feared 'fwffwykinnes reusable nappiee system irregular company'!!.

Some mini ideas would be:
Red Box Landsknechts with heavy pike.

And their Spanish pike and bills

Revells amazing 30 years war troops

A call to arms great ECW range

Anything but Mars 30 years war range really:
God, please....

(all pictures taken from Plastic soldier review, which is great!)

  The upper class still put their faith in polished plate and a powerful warhorse betwixt their legs!. The nobles still clad themselves in a full suit of armour and ride as heavy cavalry. They tend to band together on the battle field to 'give the unwashed what for!'. Most armies of a reasonable size will feature a unit of either mounted or dismounted knights.


  The cannon will also be in mass effect across battlefields as an extremely desirable war time accessory, all armies will have some amount of them on display.

'Ere, you eyin' up me gun???!!!'

Skirmishers will be in use, either trained regulars or lowly irregulars or even one of the few elite ranger divisions (such as the Crivenshire Royal Storm Badger corpes or the Fossestershire Roughland penetration Company). These troops will normally be missile troops armed with muskets, crossbows or even hunting bows.

 Where the differences will come in is in the specialists and odd troops native to the shires for which they fight, from mercenary companies to stream tanks, political activist collectives to unsanctioned wizards to grumpy old codger cults they will hopefully bring some colour and character to the field.

   Which is cool because i have most of what i need to do this and i have started basing the minis already!. But i still have to get some bits and bobs....which brings me on to my ebay sales page i'm using to fund the project. Now most of the lots will end Sunday afternoon, at which point i will be posting the next round of lots, here's a sneaky peek for you lovely people:

 Lodsa Normans!

 Lodsa Macedonians

Loadsa Sea People

Even Ratskin Scouts!.

Have a browse tomorrow if you fancy a bargin!

 All thats left is to welcome AKI to the wonky wold of Wronghammerness. AKI produces the rather brilliant Too much Lead which is well worth a peruse at your leisure. Welcome sir!.

....Anyway, 'till next time....

Friday, 19 October 2018

Back to base

A couple of posts ago i mentioned that the mass battle rules i have been using for my campaign are not particularly compatible with my current working hours and time to game was suffering because of it. I have decided to alter the rules to a multi based system to make gameplay (as well as set up) far quicker, aiming to get a game set up, played and put away in about 90 mins.

Just not doable anymore (*sniff*).

 The rule changes are coming along well but the re-basing has taken some thought. I have decided that a table top unit will be 3-4 bases of troops for a regular sized unit, 5-6 bases would be a large unit. So as the units wont be using too many bases i will be using roughly 6 or 7 infantry and 2 or 3 cavalry on a base, so an average sized unit of infantry will have 20-27(ish) minis in them. This should allow me to maintain the spectacle of a mass battle but speed up play.

   This got me to thinking, How to do the bases?. As you may have already grasped i'm not the 'painty' type. There, i said it, i'm not going to be painting the minis and have to this point used coloured bases to tell the sides apart. I wanted to use the bases in the new system in the same way and was going to go ahead as normal when a not altogether stupid thought struck me (i know, it shocked me too!).


 Each shire and faction has its flag as shown on previous posts, the forces of the for shires are these ones 'ere:





So i got the ultra high tech super expensive basing equipment out:

Oooooh fancy!!

And came up with these little fellas:

I think they work o.k. Here's them in use:

Crivenshire pikemen

Burkenshire pikes

Offenhammeshire S.S.T.U.B.* Horse

Fossestershire Billmen

                                                                       Horse vs pike.
 I think in practice they will make it easy to tell who is on what side in the heat of an AAR. What do you guys think?.

Oh yeah, you can still grab a plastic based 20mm bargin over on my sales page so please feel free to have a browse.

....Till next time.....

(* State Sponsored Thuggish Uneducated Bounders)

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Sprinks independent Traders!

Theres been a whole lot of thinking going on around these parts, which normally spells either work or trouble for yours truly (or both!). I have been pondering this new setting and stuff for a while. One of the rules i imposed on myself when i went through what i'm referring to as The Changination was no new minis would be procured to build the new lands nations. This is o.k. and all as far as it goes but when i started it i had in mind some late medieval style forces, im a fan of the pikeee and shottttteee era (i think thats how you spell it) and would like to move the forces into the early to mid 17th century. Along these kinda lines:

(image from Art of Warre)

(image from Quora)

(image from honour and the sword)

So most forces would be based around pike blocks and musketeers with artillery support. I will add militia forces for interest and i want the nobility to still trust in plate armour and horse barding in the face of these advances. With this in mind i need to get hold of some new minis!!. Stuff like:

(all images from the most holy text of Plastic soldier review)

I already have some of what i need but will have to get more to make this whats a pillock to do?. Well, as i am not spending out on new minis i thought i would sell off some now unsuitable bits and bobs to fund it. To this end i have dipped my toe into the vortex like black hole of all things consumerist that is Ebay to try to raise the cash (you can see my sales page here. For now i have listed some lots to see how things go but if all goes to plan i will be putting more lots on in the near future (whispers of Hat El Cid Spanish, Caesar sea people and Revell Normans carry on the breeze....). Feel free to pop over for a browse if you have 5 mins to kill.

...'till next time.....

Thursday, 11 October 2018


  Sooooo....... Last time i posted it was to have a right old moan, this post is not much different!....Sorry in advance!.

   Stuff is much better here at chez Sprinks, Sprinkling 2: Son of sprinks is healing nicely while Millie the wronghammer Dog no longer rocks the cone. Thank you all for your kind comments last time out, they seem to have done the trick!. However work is as busy as ever bringing a particular hobby related quandry along with it.

See the clock, see how he mocks me!!!!..........twat!.

Work is as busy as ever and working 'out of area' means late finishes a lot of the time. This means that time in the evening to do hobby related stuff just ain't happening!. This is mostly down to my insistence on playing games with several hundred minis at once, the thought of setting up and clearing away such masses of minis at stupid o' clock is not too great, and i want to spend what time i have with the amazing Mrs Sprinks and the Sprinklings where i can. So whats a toy soldier fiddler to do?.

Not quite so viable......

 As my regular readers will know i have been working on some mass battle rules for some time now but as things stand it will be very hard to use them in the kind of windows for gaming i currently have.......which is poo!. So having been indulging in some of this 'thinking' stuff people enjoy so much i have come to the conclusion that i can change the basing for the game while making a few rule changes to allow for said changes while keeping most of the core mechanics in tact (which is good, because i have worked bloody hard on them!!). So i will be turning the mass battle rules into a fast play mass battle system that should allow me to play through a game in double quick time!.

Like The Duc uses. Picture stolen from his fine blog (grovel grovel!)

Not sure what size bases or groupings of bases per unit but i reckon i have an idea that will make it work smoothly.

 On another tac, has anyone seen what the good folk over at Dark Alliance have been getting up to?




Looks like they are covering the post apocalyptic, zombie holocaust sized gap in the 1:72 market in fantastic fashion!. And if thats not enough.....

 Now in my opinion these are proper Goblins, real nasty looking little shits!, they are some of the best goblin sculpts ive ever seen, 1:72 or otherwise. They would also work as some kind of canablistic mutant types for a post apocalyptic setting too. You can find the whole range at the Red Box web page over here.

All that remains is to welcome Steve63 to the world of twattery, blither and such that is this very page!, he clicked the follower bit like many lost souls before him, is there any hope for him left?!!. Welcome along sir, glad to have you. Im not sure if you blog but if you do please pop a link in the comments it would be great to see what your getting up to!.

.....'till next time.....

Sunday, 16 September 2018

The week that was (and frankly, can fu*k right off!!)

 Its been a trying week at chez Sprinks, i always like to keep this blog like space purely 'gamey' (gamey bits below i promise), but its my space so i will be venting for a bit before i update the ol' campaign (your good folks, i know you can ignore my moaning!).
 This week has been one of those that you just wish had buggered off before it began!, It started with not only the tumble dryer giving up the ghost and a random piece falling off the downstairs sink. I know what your thinking, 'But Sprinks, thats all deal-withable', and you would be right. But that was just the start!. I have been working 'out of area' this week and therefore have been inundated with re-wires of decades old Bristolian wiring that is a kind of overtly dangerous spaghetti the likes of which you do not want to put your hands in because some of it is going to be live in the worst possible way!.
My first job on monday morning.....possibly.

This has meant early starts and late finishes each day just to get through the leathal linguini!!.....but thats still not the worst of it, oh no. The Dog has decided that just being happy, bouncy and generally a bit dopey was not enough, she decided that a nice deep cut on her leg would top things off nicely (thanks to a piece of broken sharp ridged plastic some utter FU*KKNUCKLE threw into the garden, no really whoever you are you are a total bellend of epic proportions!), the result, a cut that even though treated will just not heal and has been so far had stitches and then staples in it but still not closed up!.

 Millie the Wronghammer dog models the cone of shame!.

I know, still not so bad, it can be coped with.....but then.....

Sprinkling 2:son of Sprinks sleeping it off.

 The above is the result of the great monkey bars incident of 2018, Sprinkling 2:son of Sprinks managed to break both his arms falling backwards from said bars, 5 breaks over the two arms, several wires and 3 hours of surgery later hes back at home but with casts on both arms he can do nothing for himself and is reduced to relying on myself and the amazing Mrs Sprinks to be his arms for at least the next 4 weeks!. So yep, this week can go get fu*ked!.

.......On a lighter note.....

There has been developments!!!!!!!.

- The Crivenshire 4th after their victory at Both Ways have been ordered to push on while leaving a guard on the bridges to press and engage the retreating Fossestershire 2nd and cause enough trouble over the Fossestershire border to draw off the reserves of the lurking Fossestershire 4th.

-The forces of Lamavic are bored. Armies are massing ready to pick a target for random yet focused violence!.

-The forces of Offenhammeshire are massing on the Crivenshire border but holding position, the 2nd army however are readying themselves on the Fossestershire border close to the warring forces from both ways.

-Burkenshire have Raised their forces in response to the battles close to their border and the massing Lamavic armies.

-Off the Burkenshire coast a small group of ships look to make it to port unnoticed.....

 Next time hopefully their will be less drama and more gaming, i hope to have The battle of Privies Pile played and ready to go!.

......'till next time......

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

The battle of Both Ways

Yep that's right, just when you thought it may have been safe to loaf around on the old internettibobs i'm back with the next battle in:

     With the Battle of Habituals Ridge done and dusted and a thorough kicking been dished out to the forces of Crivenshire i am going to zoom in on another area of the campaign, this time the north west.

You will notice the Fossestershire 2nd and the Crivenshire 4th are having a bit of relational difficulties in the area, the Crivenshire 4th have been sent to head off the Fossestershire force so the rest of the Crivenshire forces can deal with the 'big push' from the northerners in the east. This has lead to the leader of the Fossestershire 2nd, one sir Phyice has ordered an advanced force to push on and capture the way point of Both Ways inside the clearing in Phlippinooge forest, the only crossing point over the fierce Splishy river that cuts the provinces in half. The tactical importance of the crossings has not been lost on either side and the commander of the Fossestershire 4th, sir Leon-Seat has ordered local forces to hold them at all costs. The advanced force from the north are advancing into a trap!. 
     The area in question looks like this:
 (Picture taken from 'Olde Albilande in pictures (14th edition)' produced as ever to raise funds for the Albilande conservation collective (cake making and casual violence department).
(Click to make it all big)

  I played out the battle as a test for my 'massively stupid scale battle rules' im (STILL BLOODY!) working on to try them on a smaller sized battle. I also implemented the following rules:

-To win a force had to either make the opposing side flee the field or have an unit of troops within 20cm of the bridges and no enemy troops within the same distance of either bridge at the end of the 5th turn.

-Phlippenooge forest is governed by the autonomous Nymph collective trust (ANCT) and therefore has no interest in the wars of silly childish humans. The North/South roads are in use as a courtesy to the King (deceased) and are governed by a strict one way system and collection of permits and passes required to use them. Constant patrols of the Forest behavior and actions control officers (FBACO) are in place to make sure the rules are followed by all travelers in the forest grounds. Failure to follow the rules are punishable by death. Oh and the average FBACO operative is typically an 9 foot tall angry Dryad.
 At the start of each turn i will roll 1d6. On the roll of a 5+ a patrol from the FBACO will arrive from a random area of tree life and proceed to approach the closest unit to check their paperwork (no troopers have any sort of paperwork for the battle!). on a D6 roll of 1-2 the unit will be able to use excuses such as 'its in me other jerkin' or 'damn i left it on the cart' and so forth to placate the patrol, on a 3+ the patrol will offer swift justice by attacking!. Once in play the patrol will continue to approach units in this way until destroyed. Only one patrol will be in play at any one time. the scuffleage!.....

   The action begins as the advanced forces of Fossestershire clippity-clop, romp, march and otherwise traverse the South road into the clearing containing the Bridges.

(The Fossestershire force of: A unit of heavy cav lead by Sir Planted, A unit of light horse, two trailing units of heavy foot, one lead by Sgt Pullitt-backke, and a unit of crossbowmen. As ever my thanks goes to the tireless work of the Wronghammer plastic reenactment society for their fantastic pictures illustrating the battle).

However awaiting them on the other side of the river were the quickly assembled forces of Sir Bilgington-Bile and his local troopers:
(The Crivenshire forces of: (From closest to furthest) A unit of serf bowmen, A unit of Crivenshire patented pike, Sir Bilgington-Bile and his brave footte Knightes.....
.....A unit of bows and a cannon!).

The battle begins with the Footee Knightes of Sir Bilgington-Bile and the Patented Pike taking a bridge each as the Fossestershire forces attempted to advance to close the distance:

While the forces moved forward the combined fire of the archers:

And the cannon:

Combined to destroy the Fossestershire light horse!

                                             (the former light horse have a nice lay down)

At the first sight of the enemy Sir Planted orders his hev horse to charge the pike on the bridge!

While seeing his commanding officers bravery Sgt Pullitt-backke orders his unit of foot(e) to do the same on the other bridge.

            (Sir Bilgington-Bile crosses great swords and choice words with Sgt Pullitt-backke)

Meanwhile the din of battle attracts some unwanted FBACO attention:

 'Look sarge, it appears there are multiple small types making use of the facilities'.
'Quite so private Phontofearthlypeace,it 'hapears we will need to a'check their paperwork is in the correct 'horder, let us proceed to the closest fleshy type ha'pace'.

'Ello ello, i 'ope you 'ave the required permit for such hordance within the peaceful grounds of the forest?'.
'Eeeerrr, sorry officer, we cant have it on our person its smoke damage you see... on account of the cannon, talk to our C.O, ees over there on the bridge, the one surrounded by the severed limbs.....officer.....officAAAHHHHHHHHGGGHHHHH!!!!!'.

'Fine h'application of justice Phontofearthlypeace, let us stroll h'onwards to check the clearance of the rest of these ner'dowells'.

Meanwhile, on the bridges:

The attack of Sgt Pullitt-backkes foot is repelled after taking heavy losses.

While after their charge was stopped Sir Planteds' Hev horse are massacred by the pike!.

Seeing their commander fall the second unit of Fossestershire foot think better of charging the bridge, instead choosing to goad the pike into attacking their defensive formation in open ground!. With the use of various assumptions about the enemies mothers they manage to get the pike to charge them!. Not wanting to expose his fellows flank Sir Bilgington-Bile orders his Foote Knightes off their bridge to engage the beaten foot of Sgt Pullitt-backke:

While this is transpiring:

'Honestly officer, i left it in my other quiver!'

The Crivenshire serfs spy an opportunity for bravery and grab a bridge!:

The charge of the brave Foote Knightes proves too much for the Fossestershire foot and despite the best efforts of Sgt Pullitt-backke his men turn and run!:

Which sparks the mass rout of the Fossestershire force, the Bridges of Both ways belong to Crivenshire........

..........For now at least!.

That was fun, finally after two large scale whoopings Crivenshire have something to crow about!.
'till next time.........