Monday, 6 April 2020

6mm Slann army done!.

 I managed to get in a painting session this morning and as a result I have polished off the last units for my 6mm Slann army. But before we take a look at that....

I can't believe i haven't included this one yet.

Is there any better feeling for us toy soldierists then finally getting an army finished?. Here's the last few bits for the 6mm Slann:

The results of the final push.

The army commander, a Slann Mage Priest on litter carried by lobotimised human slaves. This one is 'as is' from the Aztec army pack from irregular miniatures I'm using for the army (only painted up all 'froggy' obviously). I wanted to replicate the look of the old citadel model of the same.

The one at the bottom of the picture, always found these minis fun.

 Here's another view. I decided he needed a champion along side him, and the army pack came with a base of musicians that I just had to have following him!.

 These are two units of elites, the eagle warriors and Jaguar warriors.

These troops really tie in the Aztec theme of the old army list and are full of crazy character.

Also I thought Clive would get lonely so I painted up another Dino!.

Meet Clara, again 'borrowed' from the Sprinklings and dry brushed to within an inch of her life!.

Fancy a snap of the completed force?

There you go, not that I'm showing off!!. Seriously though I am really enjoying painting  these minis, 6mm is very forgiving which is a massive help for a numpty like me. It's great to be able to knock out a force so quickly due to the unfussy approach the minis encourage, really you are painting for mass effect from 3 foot away, you just pick the least messy strip for the leading rank and hide the mistakes in behind them!.

 Next stop the table, I am messing about with rules at the mo, hopefully I will have something to post on the subject soon.....

....'till next time....

Sunday, 5 April 2020

All going to Slann so far

 With all the time on my hands it has to be said I am making great headway into completing my 6mm Slann army, but first:

3 angry nerds and a drum machine, what's not to like?.

My 6mm  Slann army for my
Project are coming along at a fair old clip, today I managed to complete all the forces skirmishers as well as a bit of a skinthammer piece I have been planning since I ordered the minis for the force (and I nicked it from the Sprinklings sssshhhh). Heres today's output:

 How I spent my Sunday.

4 bases of slingers.  

Slann are only known for one missile weapon in Warhammer, namely the blowpipe. However as I am using historical minis to build the army I am using what's available. So my force is using slings instead. So there!.

 Venom tribe warriors, described in canon as 'distinguished by their slightly smaller size and by their red and black patterning'. 'By an adaptation of nature these Slann exude a poisonous mucus which enables them to poison their weapons' ( taken from Warhammer armies)

they seem like a fun troop type to use in the army. On a practical note the figures were a pig to work with. I have heard negative murmurings about irregular miniatures 6mm range but have found it to be fine and rather charming. However these sculpts seemed to be really hard to decipher the details on, making painting a frustrating guessing game at times.

When I was planning the army I decided I had to have a big beastie or two , luckily being a parent there were loads of cheep plastic dinosaurs knocking around the sprinkling toy boxes they would never miss!. This army is loosely based around 1st to 3rd edition Warhammer Slann army lists, however I have always had a soft spot for these fellas:

Not the lizard men types, the ruddy great Dinosaur!!!!. So I had to have one in the army. I was going to build a howadah but in the end couldn't be arsed.

 Aawwww, ain't he cute!!!!.. here's a picture of the repainted Dino (I've named him Clive) next to the original toy.

And finally a picture of the force so far, just some elite units and the force commander to do and the army will be done!.

As ever stay safe and make the best of the extra gaming time.....

.....'till next time......

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Of students, killer frogs and surprises by mail

First a question:
What do me and this lot

Have in common?

I'll give you the answer after this.

I challenge you not to smile!!.

No?, here's a (long winded) clue:

The Young Ones, 'Nasty' (1984)

That's right, we've all been sent denizens of the undead through the post!!. A while ago the legend known as Mr Maudlin Jack Tar offered me some 6mm undead minis that he had spare. Well today the post person of this fine parish delivered said walking dead. It always amazes me the camaraderie and generosity of the wargaming community but when I opened the package I have to say I was truly staggered!. Have a look at all this:

It's enough for an army with plenty left over!. When Jack asked if I wanted them I was expecting a few leftovers from a project not a whole force worth!. So a massive thank you to you sir, what an amazing gift, I just hope I can do them justice on the table!.

 On another note the 6mm Slann are coming together nicely, here's a picture of the force so far

 I love it when the Slann come together!!
 Spawn bands

 Palace guard

 A hero and a mage to lead the (webbed) foot troops.

Telling some half orcs to hop it!.

That's all the basic foot troops done, it's on to the special stuff next. I'm using a mix of the first 3 editions Slann troop types, I have got an irregular miniatures Aztec army pack to build the army so I am shoe horning them all in as best I can!. I have to say the army has been great fun to put together so far and I am itching to get the rest done....more soon......

....'till next time......

Sunday, 29 March 2020

A challenge sirs (or siress)

As we are all staying safe inside for now I was trying to think up ways to do my bit to get everyone to keep their collective chins up, but first:
Oooohh, I do love a bit of rocket from the crypt!!.

So, the loose idea to is to create a warband from the spare minis we have in our collections we will never get around to painting, but with a twist. What if we all picked out a mini and then mailed it to someone picked at random for them to paint, they will then mail the finished piece to another person chosen at random who will come up with a name and a few lines of background for the figure. Once all this is done everyone involved gets to vote on who painted the best mini or came up with the best background (or something) and this person gets to keep the finished warband.
 We would have to discuss scale and loose period/ setting for the finished warband but it could be a bit fun of  to pass the time and create some discussion away from the current situation we all find ourselves in. Just an idea anyway, let me know in the comments if you would be up for it.

.....'till next time....

Friday, 27 March 2020

'hopping' mad (add groan here)

Another day of lockdown another update, oh and some more:

So yeah, my 6mm half orcs for my

Project are done so I thought now would be a good time to get on with another 'lost' Warhammer army to oppose them across the blasted ruinous wastes of intellectual purgatory. But which one?. Well as the post title may give away to those oldhammererers reading it's only going to be this lot:

That's right, it's everybody's favourite intergalactic Aztec style murder frogs the Slann!. Now I know what some of you are going to say 'but Sprinks' you utter bellend, Slann are still about in this day and age, leading the seph...SEP...lizard men in that age of sigmar ' and yes,  there are some floating obese frogs about the place.

This is all that is left of a once proud race....

 But that's not what I'm on about, between 1st and 3rd edition the slann were more like this: 

Aawwww sooooo cute!...

They had full froggy armies full of walking, talking (well hopping and croaking) killy Kermitalikes!. When 5th edition came along (no mention of them in 4th) they were redesigned into the lardy toads we still have today leading a bunch of lizard types, which I always found a bit of a shame really.

 So here am I, a lowly dickhead ready to bring them back in glorious 6mm!. This afternoon I knocked up a test unit to see how they would look.

 They are actually irregular miniatures Aztec warriors but at this scale I think painting them green lets you just about get away with calling them Slann!!.

 As with the half orcs I wanted to go with a limited pallet of colours but have dialed back the wrong colour idea so they actually give the impression of what they are ment to be.

When Bakshi met Slann(y)

I have an army pack of Aztec warriors to work through that have everything I will need to produce a pretty decent old school Slann army in 6mm (and at less than £18 it's pretty great value too). Looks like my next few days of lockdown are going to be pretty green (ribbit).....

.....'till next time.....

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Growl, ruff, ggrrrr!!!!!!.

The one upside of all this lockdown oddness is the hobby time. But before I go into all that....

  Just a quick post today to show what I have been tinkering with. Both are bits for my

Project. First up the last bits for my half orcs:

 Some 6mm wolves from irregular miniatures. They should add some flexibility to the force and can also be parachuted into other forces if need be. I painted them with brown/red shades to make them fit with the flora I'm using for the 'blasted wates' board.
 The half orc hunt is on!!.

I have also ordered some individual strips from irregular to see what they are like. Above are the lizard man warriors. I'm thinking about using them for another roll, namely:

Everyone's favourite foggy bastards the Fimir. 
As with the half orcs they are painted in the 'wrong' colours (they are from a version of ancient Briton so grey seemed appropriate!).
 Here's a rear shot to show the detail. Below is a shot of how they should probably appear on the table:

Well that's all so far, I better be getting on with the next force......

.....'till next time.....

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Bakshi half orcs finished!.

I finally managed to get the half orcs table ready!. But first:

An album about town planning.....perfect!!.

  Those of you that read my last post will know I am working on a new project, namely building some old school Warhammer inspired armies to do battle in the purgatory for cast aside i.p. known as the:
Who said 'cease and desist order?'.

The plan is to build some of the less loved early Warhammer forces that fell away from the official canon early on. I will be using 1st to 3rd edition material for reference for the project but will be putting my own spin on the forces. To populate the 

(Might as well get some milage out of this it took all of...oohhh 10 minutes to make!.)

I am using 6mm miniatures from irregular miniatures, I have spoken about the charm of these minis enough so I won't bore you all with my thoughts again. 

 The force as it stands.

As I mentioned in the title the colour scheme is inspired by the orcs in the 1978 Ralph Bakshi lord of the rings film and is a unified 4 colour scheme which hopefully gives the impression of the film's bad guys.

This lot.

One of the important things I wanted to do was to base the minis to look like a Warhammer army hence the square ranked units on each base.

A close up of the army's infantry core.

 The missile lobbers, skirmishers on round bases.

 The cavalry units, these would also work as chaos thug horse.

('They have a cave troll....or two), both the trolls are old g.w. savage orcs, which seems appropriate given the 'warhammeryness' of the project.

The idea for the project is to use 'wrong' colours for the forces which is why they don't look 'g.w orcy'. I may implement the four colour scheme on each army to tie them together because I have to say I rather like it, I will have to have a play to see what I can do. Next up.....well, I have 3 armies in the house to paint up over the course of the lockdown, which if nothing else will help keep me occupied and the family Sprinks' sane.

Also I have noticed during the lockdown some people are meeting on Skype for a beer and a chat to keep the boredom at bay. Anyone fancy a group 'bloggers meet' while we are all cooped up?, could be a laugh, pop your hand up in the comments if you fancy it and we can arrange something...

.....'till next time....