Monday, 21 August 2017

Sprinklings of fear....Getting the kids in on the act!

In my last post i mentioned i was going to float the idea of a campaign to the sprinklings (well sprinkling 2: Son of Sprinks and sprinkling 3: the Revenge anyway, although Sprinkling 1: the Spawning did do some of the wonderful photography included in this post). They not only failed to glaze over and dribble while i was explaining what that meant to them but to my surprise jumped at the idea!. We set about coming up with some ideas for games and i let them ransack my mini collection to pick their forces ( my nerves will never be the same again!). Having settled on forces of their choosing ( Undead for Sprinkling 2 and an Egyptian(ish) force for Sprinkling 3 because they had an 'AWESOME GIANT SNAKE!!!!!',  more of which later) we sat down to come up with an idea for a background and drew a campaign map. This one as it goes:
I had fun doing this i have to admit!.
The basic premise was that an old necromancer was banished to the Castle of Death by the old King of the City of peace. The King has now passed away and his son crowned. This has prompted the Necromancer to summon his forces and have a go at the old 'overthrow the King and take the throne for your own evil ends' game!. Each place on the map represents an area a game could take place in, working from the first meeting of the two forces in the wonderfully named Plane of Mid-Death (because its in the middle according to the Sprinklings). Winning a game allows you to 'push back' the enemy one area towards their capital (for example if the Undead win at the plane of mid death the next game will be at the Oasis of palm etc. Each area will be contested by using a scenario written by me (i.e. rubbish!) and can only be played once to avoid the 'yo yo' effect between two areas. The campaign is over when a player looses a game for his capital ( The City of Peace and the Castle of Death) or if all other areas have been fought over by winning in the final area.....or when one of the Sprinklings has a paddy and refuses to take part any more!.
So far lots of fun has been had (and the rules i strung together are holding up to the stress of battle at the mo which is a minor miracle!). We have played the first two games......

 We began with a basic line 'em up and kick them in type game to get us all into it, i wont go into too much detail but it went sort of like this:

The forces of the City of Peace out looking for undead to (re)murder!. They have a leader (called Pher-o i think), 2 units of Warriors, some archers and the AWESOME GIANT SNAKE!!!.
The minis are a mix of Ceaser and Zvesda, i think the cobra may be papo but im hazy on that one. The forces of the City of Peace are all based on yellow bases with a black trim.

The deadly Necromancer himself inspects his forces!. He has a leader called Dee Ceased, A unit of undead Knights, some warriors and a unit of Marsh Zombies.
They are all Dark Alliance minis and are based on black bases with white trim.....and of course a sinister and chilling mist that is not cotton wool, its mist....... honest!.

The picturesque Mid Death, just before lunch. On a Friday.
I would do a big write up but this picture shows off the generalship, cunning stratagems and tactical wonder pulled off by both leaders:
PILE IN!!!!!!!

Im just kidding they had loads of fun despite giving Dad brain ache while he tried to de-tangle the multiple combats across the table!. In the end Dee Ceased fell attempting to fend of the Snake and his mates leaving the Plane safe in the hands of the forces of peace!.
'Dead again, what am i like?!'

That meant the next game was at the Swamp of Doom as the forces of Peace pressed on towards the Castle of Death!. For that game i set up the table with patches of marsh that was impassable to all troops except Marsh Zombies. The forces of Peace had to get one unit out of the Swamp by moving off the Undead table edge, the Undead had 5 turns to stop them doing so....however, all the undeads Marsh Zombies were left off table and Sprinkling 2 wad given some 'Marsh Markers' that were tokens to be split up between the marsh sections on the table. These were used to set up zombie units in the marshes, hidden from the other side. Three of the markers represented zombie units and the rest were decoys to represent the fact that the enemy would have been weary of the marshes but not know if anything was in them or not. In his move phase the undead player could flip over any of these markers and reveal them to the opposition. He could then deploy any Zombies revealed in the area of marsh ready to be used that turn!. This did allow a small amount of suspense but sprinkling 3 was not too bothered by the hidden Zombies, he just wanted to kill anything that moved regardless!.

Sprinkling 3 shows his attitude towards Marsh Zombies!.
Anyway, the game went rather well, here are the potted highlights:
A swamp, Doom sold seperately!. (the square cards in the dark green 'marshes' are the Marsh markers for the undead).

The Peace loving goodies stormed forward, which looked like a great idea until it became clear that Sprinkling 3 had no intention to move forces off the table but to try to beat up any undead they could get their spears into!.

Zombie Ogres emerge from the Marsh to smash the Knights of Peace!
The leaders tussle as more Zombies come forth!
The forces of peace make a breakthrough on the flank.....Only to charge back in next turn!.
The action ends with the last of the forces of Peace running for less smelly pastures and the Swamp in the cold dead hands of the Undead!

Both of the Sprinklings have been having fun with this and have been nagging like mad to play the next game, which will be ready for the next rainy day (which here in the U.K. will be any day you like!). So its onwards to the Oasis of Palm and an Undead ambush on the forces of peace! (cue scary organ music and demented cackling!). 
 Anyway......till next time.......

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Of life and distractions

Hi all. In the last post i mentioned the next post would be doing something planning to and all that but, well, life and all that stuff have put their heads together to ensure that has gone on the back burner for now. In fact gaming related stuff in general has gone a bit quieter, but not dried up totally thank the dice gods (i always thought they hated me as well!).
First off, these new old school beauties turned up!.
Actually it was the first three books not the ones shown but you get the idea!.
These are the iron wind redos of the original ral partha rules and they are very cool,  kind of the middle ground between oldhammer and lion/dragon rampant. They have greater flexibility in force creation and representing different troop types on the table than the rampants but play quickly and cleanly like those newer systems and don't tend to 'bog down' like every edition of warhammer ever!. Also they use a set unit size that is the same as the sizes used in the rampants so forces for one system will transfer to the other. Anyway i have been giving them a spin of late when time has permitted and am enjoying them. If i get my life back anytime soon i will try to use them for a game report.

Also although i have not been gaming i did win a huge lot of minis on the dreaded bay of e at a very reasonable price ( judging by the fact that Mrs Sprinks only swore a bit, the mark against which i judge the cost of all my ebay halls!) that i think fill in the gaps i had remaining for the setting i am building so de-spruing, gluing and basing have been filling in those tiny gaps of free time we all take for granted.

Lastly the summer hols are here so the demands of distracting the sprinklings has taken its toll on the free time me and mrs Sprinks normally get to enjoy however gaming has won some brownie points here as i banged together a quick set of rules to get the imps tablewards and much fun resulted!. 

 Hopefully more gaming sessions may occur (and if the rules actually stand up to the stresses of the table i may post them for you to use with your own sproglettes). They even looked interested when i explained we could link games to make a story called a campaign! (i will turn them to the dark side!). 

Anyhoo, just a quick update to show that hobby stuff has yet to die here at cassa del Sprinks (but is a little bit sniffly)......Till next time!.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Mentally Terraforming: Tanks but no Tanks (AAR)

 I admit this game has been a strange one to write up what with the prologue being split over the previous two posts (Down the bottom of this one and the whole of this one). However 'normal' service is about to be resumed as bellow is the whole bloomin' report and also the details of the scenario i made up and played!. This is also a bit of a first for me as its the first documented ding dong between Verland and the Guilds, which has been in the offing in my mangled brain for quite some time!.

The scenario
  As the prologues suggest the game is set in the disputed state of Arradan in one of the many areas of no mans land that lay within its borders. A run away experimental Steam tank made by the Guilds has come to a stop and is stranded between two advancing forces intent on capturing it for their own ends!. The object of the game is to lay claim to the stricken tank and to drive off the enemy.

The rules
 deployment: The opposing forces set up on opposite table edges according to the normal deployment rules. I used the basic Kings of War rules by mantic but whatever rule set you are using as long as the armies are set up on  opposite table edges with a good area of open ground between the two.

 The tank: The steam tank needs to be placed in the middle of the table an equal(ish) distance between the two forces. It is well and truly broken. The crew of the tank are inside trying to bodge anything they can to get it moving again. To represent the attempted fix the Guild player may roll 1d6 at the end of his turn and consult the table below to see if the crew have managed to do anything!.

             1D6 roll                     Result
              1-4                            No luck!, the tank is still broken.
                5                              Fixed the cannon!, the tank itself is broken but the cannon is fixed, It
                                               counts as a cannon with a 360 degree field of fire that the Guild player
                6                             Bodged it!, The tank may move up to 3 inches per turn and may turn up
                                               to 90 degrees before moving. The cannon is still broken unless you have
                                               rolled a 5 in a previous turn.

  The tank may not charge into combat and may not fight in any way. If it is fixed in any way the opposing Verland troops may attack it as normal. It has 1d6 hits (determined at the start of each  attack) and counts as having heavy armour (whatever that is in the system you are using, its Wronghammer, bodge it!).  Should any attacking enemy reduce the tanks hits to zero it counts as broken again and will loose the cannon and/or any movement it may had gained.

Winning: The Verland force wins if it manages to get 1 unit of unengaged troops within 5 inches of the tank at the end of the game with no Guild forces within 5 inches of the tank. Any other result is a win for whichever force kills the most enemy troops.

The forces: I used 1500 point forces for each side to give a large(ish) game. Feel free to use any size you like. Its your game after all!


Rear left to right: Pike horde, Militia horde, Pole-arms horde.
Front left to right: Crossbow regiment, General Fallac on Quentin the great eagle (counts as General on winged beast), Scout sargent Fitzerran (counts as a Hero), Crossbow regiment.

From left: Border guard regiment (mounted sargeants), Royal Guard horse regiment (count as Knights with elite), Verland Knights regiment.

The verland force are based on red and white bases and are made up of minis by Red box, Mini art and Strelets.


From rear: 2 Cannon, Commander Allran (general on horse), Pike and shot horde (a pike horde with the Ra and Special of an Arquebusier regiment).
Front: Enforcer regiment (count as foot guard with the Ra and Special of an Arquebusier troop), Pike and Shot horde (see above), Swordsmen regiment (count as shield wall).

From left: Two Guild lancer regiments (count as Knights)

The Guild forces are based on Red and Yellow bases. The force is made up of minis by Zvesda, Ceaser, Revell, A call to arms and Red box.


Another quiet day in the peaceful wastes of Arradan. (photo taken from the Arradan tourist board archive).


The center with the stricken Steam tank in the middle, Verland to the Left and the Guild force on the right.

                                              The Verland battle line ready to attack!

The Border guard and Royal guard ready to sweep the right flank.

                           Crossbows and Knights watch the left ready to spring into action!.
                             In response the Guild forces form a gun line in the center.

The horse prepare to take high ground on the flank.

The swords form a reserve to warn off any attempt to turn the gun line.
  The Guild horse waste no time and advance as far as they can on the Guild left ready to take the hills overlooking the tank.
In the center the guns roar.....targeting the unfortunate Militia!, the whole gun line pour shot after shot into the volunteer troopers!. Their nerve almost deserting them they just about hold on but are wavering, remaining in a disordered state!.

Hearing the thunder of hooves in the ruins the Swords advance to cover the flank.
In response the Verland line attempts to push forward, however the disordered Militia block the Pole-armed troops path meaning only the Pikes and the hero can get forward!.
Not exactly a steady advance!.
On the Verland left the General and Knights advance to cut off the Guild Lancers. The crossbows on the hill open fire. On the other flank the Verland horse prepare to charge!.

'Prepare to Charge!!!!, mind the dice!!!'
Seeing the Verland pike advancing the Guild guns roar!, The pike take a pounding but hold fast!.

On the flank a Lancer regiment charge the Verland knights while the other regiment advances on the hill.
The crunching charge of the Lancers causes the brave Verland Knights to rout!.

On the opposite flank the Verland horse smash aside the Guild swords. In the center the Militia finally restore order in their ranks and advance freeing up the Poles to also move towards the steam tank.

The crossbow regiments re-position themselves to fire on the Guild lancer regiments damaging both!.
New Verland smokey crossbows in action!.
(I classed the Verland missile troops as crossbows to make them less powerful than their opposite numbers as both forces have black powder but the Guilds are more advanced in its use!)
.Seizing his chance while the Missiles rained down on the lancers General Fallac drove Quentin into the flank of the closest enemy regiment.....

Causing no damage whatsoever!!!.
In response the Lancers pivoted and crashed into the Great eagle destroying it and its rider!. The other Lancer regiment charged up the hill into the crossbows who although badly damaged stand in the face of the onslaught!.
On the left the Enforcers and a cannon turn to fire at the Horsemen sweeping around the ruins but failing to stop the advance.
The main gun line continue to pour fire into the advancing enemy. The pike again get the worst of it and eventually rout!.
Inside the Tank the crew finally manage to fix the cannon!, Much whooping and backslapping can be heard from the machine, confusing all that hear it!.
The rout of the Pike horde left the Verland center weakened so the Pole armed troops made for the Steam tank and charged it but fail to do enough damage to break it again.
The horse charge headlong into the cannon and smash it to splinters!

Things take a turn for the worst for the Verland force as the Lancers charge the crossbows again wiping them out leaving the left in the hands of the Guild horse, the other lancer regiment double back towards the tank.
In the center the Pike and shot horde break ranks to attack the Militia routing them too!.

And worst of all the Enforcers throw themselves at the Royal guard horse busy smashing the cannon but do minimal damage.......
......but when the Royal guard test to rout they roll a double 6!, automatic rout!. The Verland forces loose 3 units in one turn!. TThen the crew in the tank manage to fix it again meaning it can now move and fire!!.
The Verland Border guard charge the victorious Enforcers but fail to do much damage. The pole armed horde charge the Tank again damaging it enough to undo all the good work of the crew, who can be heard sobbing and cursing in equal measure!.
'I think its the boiler!'
Seeing the battle go against his side Scout sargeant Fitzerran chooses to try to regain some momentum for his troops and charges the closest Pike and shot horde!.......Because hes not cleaver!.
'aaarrrrggghhhhh!!!! WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING!!!!?????!!!!'
Not surprisingly he failed to do enough damage to rout them!. With the battle drawing to a close the pike and shot horde charged Fitzerran back but failed to do any damage!. A regiment of Lancers move closer to the tank in order to contest it as an objective. The last action of the game of note saw the Verland Border guard rout the Enforcers but it was too little too late!
The battle draws to a close.
At the end the tank lies between the Verland pole-arms and the Guild Lancers, the Verland force is all but broken and so is forced to withdraw without their objective. Once again the Guilds have proved that their superior fire power and training win out over tradition and heart!. 

Well that was alot of pictures!. I may move away from the Mentally Terraforming stuff for a bit. I have big plans for the next post.....something about a challenge.....i seem to recall some quotes somewhere along the line....... I just hope it comes together quicker than the saga detailed above!!.

Anyhow, thank you for taking the time to read this chapter of my silly little corner of the interweb....till next time!.....

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Mentally terraforming: Tanks but no tanks (prologue part 2 lalalalallongtitlelalalalaalal!!)

 Well that took a while!. Its been sooooo long since my last post. A working life that can only be described as being as much fun as wading through a lake of tepid diarrhea is mostly to blame so boo to work and its inane hobby smothering pantsness!!!. However, i have just about managed to nick the required time to piece together a slightly longer prologue than the first part in my last post so without further ado......

  '...Its broken Commander, kaput, shafted, knackered, beyond repair and whats worse its stranded in no mans land!, how it got so far we cant say, we think the rudder got stuck some how but we cant be sure of course!'. Blurted Head engineer Vallin as he struggled to keep pace with the commander striding through the camp. The Commander stopped abruptly causing Vallin to bounce off of him, almost making him to loose his footing. 'I dont want to hear this Vallin, we need this prototype to work and to know it works we at the very least need to know where it is!.....and where is it do you think?'. The Commanders gaze bored into Vallin, the heat of the Arradan wastes seemed to triple causing him to loosen his collar. 'Well.....' he started. 'Well?' answered the Commander testily. 'Well' Vallin continued, 'it was headed in the general direction of...of.....'. 'Yes, of.....' Mimicked the Commander trying to hurry Vallin. ......Of the.....well.....the....'.continued Vallin nervously. 'Well, the what?' Interrupted the Commander again. '....The'. offered Vallin staring at the dusty ground. The Commander raised his fingers to his temples and massaged them roughly. 'The very advanced, very expensive, highly important war machine of the future, the very highest achievement of the greatest collection of Guild weapon smiths on the planet is in the hands of the very enemy we are attempting to destroy with it?' 'Well maybe not in their hands sir, it may have broken down before it got to them and my best men are on board sir, they will do all they can to fix it sir, if it can be done they will get it back to us sir you can count on that sir'. The Commander raised his hands to the sky, 'Well why dident you say so Vallin?' he replied sarcastically,' Your best men...tell me can they fight?'. 'Well no sir not much they are engineers sir' Vallin answered. 'And can they find water and food in the wastes?', asked the Commander. 'Well thats not part of their training no sir'. 'And do you think the enemys scouts can fight?, do you think they can track?, do you think they can find water and food out there in no mans land?'. 'Well yes Commander'. 'So your best men are soon to be ex best men dont you think Vallin, and who will that leave with our shiny new state of the art Steam Tank do you think?' Asked the Commander with a calmness that dripped with menace. 'Errr....well......point taken Commander'. replied Vallin meekly, shrinking before the Commanders gaze. 'As usual you and your blundering stupidity have dropped me in it Vallin, we have to present the findings of this pet steam project to the Governor in three days...three bloody days and you have lost it!, as per usual it falls to me to fix the problem. Dont worry i'll lead out the entire camp worth of troops to get it back, i'll launch an offensive when we have been ordered not to engage , i'll risk the lives of all the men under my command to fix you and the engineering guilds problem...AGAIN!'. With that the Commander turned sharply and marched towards his tent barking orders for the troops to ready themselves once more........

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Mentally Terraforming: a little bit of fluff and a prologue if you're very good!

As you may be able to tell from the title this post has quite a few parts to it and in my 'capable' hands is likely to be a right old mess!. However as readers of these 'mucky' pages you are probably used to that so i will promise to persist if you do!. This Mentally Terraforming stuff is starting to take over Wronghammer at the mo, hope you find it of some use or even bordering on interesting?. Its nice to be able to write and make my ideas some what solid. The rest of the posts from this subject can be found by clicking about hereish but in the classic Wronghammer style you need to read the posts from the bottom up to get any sense out of them (and then it might not help!).
This post will contain a little info on the last of the guild (kinda') nations and an overview of it, a short (i hope) prologue leading to a battle report next post......Right, deep breath and lets dive right bloomin well in!.


Arradan lies between the southern border of Verland and the northern borders of the Guild controlled nations. It forms a natural buffer between these hostile counties. It was one of the small kingdoms rebuild after the age of strife that like its neighbours became a target for the Guild revolution. The Arradan royal family called for aid from the crown of Verland for protection against the rising tide threatening them. The crown sent a large force to support Arradans troops and to warn off the Guilds. It made sense for Verland to do this as they were the only nation in the area strong enough to stand up to the young Guilds and Arradan was ideally placed to form a 'no go' area between the Guilds and Verland. This worked for years as Arradan remained a Kingdom untouched by the ambitions of the Guilds. However it was not too long before the Verland troops became a drain on the nations economy as Verlands King refused to pay to feed and house the troops he sent, seeing this as the king of Arradans duty. This cost was shouldered as ever by a raft of new taxes that made the poorest poorer. This in turn breed resentment among the common folk. looking on the Guilds saw the change in opinion  and sent agents in to Arradan to drum up support from the masses. It was not long before the first riot in the capital begun, half the city burned as the unwashed masses rose up, supported by guild troops in peasants garb. The Arradan army moved to quell the rioters and the scene became a blood bath, a fact the Guild used to further the discontent in the nation. The commoners were soon in open rebellion and Verland forces marched to bring order to the streets and fields of the land at the order of the King. The situation became a powder keg and drew the troops into unseen levels of blood shed. The perfect storm was created and made the ideal situation for Guild forces to invade to 'support' the rebels. The Guild grabbed the south of the nation within a few days driving off anyone who opposed them  and digging in around the capital. The king of Verland responded by sending his forces to attack the invaders and their supporters. For the first time the titans of the west were in open war. After several bloody seasons a stalemate was reached. Verland grew weaker economically and could not give their troops the support needed to retake the south of Arradan and the Guilds were so tied up around the world spreading their influence and claiming any patch of dirt that held a profit they were not willing to advance further so consolidated the ground they held. To this day the nation is at a cross roads, Controlled by two outside nations after a war that left most of it in ruin and decline. Neither the Guilds or Verland are willing to invest further in the land so those native folk are in poverty and fight just feed their children. The royal family hide in their castles, all authority undermined, poor relics of a once proud nation.
As the nation is split it is not uncommon for small acts of aggression between the occupying nations to break out, most of the Officers have seen a lot of action against the opposing forces and see it as a matter of pride to not give ground to the enemy. Along side this the commoners often perform acts of civil unrest against whichever of the occupiers they oppose. Life in Arradan is cheep and very tough but goes on due to the strategic importance of the area to the occupying forces and the whims of their leaders.

At the time of writing there is no standing army of Arradan, its troops consist of a a small palace guard to protect the royal family. Order is kept by the invading forces in their respective areas. Often a force of rebel common folk will rise against whoever holds their lands at the time. This often occurs when one force takes land from the other. The area is no place for raw recruits so the Verland and Guild forces are often made up of Veteran troops.


  Scout sargent Fitzerran ran panting through the Verland camp, he was sweating, his face reddened by the effort. He ran through the guards on the generals tent and came barreling into the massive canvas structure and directly into captain Sallridge, sending himself  the old man and the pile of scrolls he was holding flying. Fitzerran  sprung to is feet as he heard 'WHAT IN THE NAME OF TOTAL BLOODY FUCKINGTON ARE YOU DOING SARGENT, THIS IS A COMMAND TENT NOT A RUGBY PITCH YOU DOLT!'. Fitzerran rubbed the dust from his eyes as he turned to face the source of the outburst. 'Yes sir, sorry sir', he blurted as he regained his composure and his breath. 'Its happened sir, its broken down they are trying to fix it but its taking ages and i think we have a chance sir i really do!, 'What in the blazes are you talking about Sargent?' Blurted the General who had far too much to think about since he was transferred from Silvermarc to the wastes of Arradan and did not need to put up with whatever more the bloody scouts could add to his workload. 'The new contraption the Guild have been testing General, we followed it like you ordered and its stuck by the old ruins'. The old general sat up and rubbed his beard, lost in thought, after an age he said almost to himself ' if we get hold of it we will can get the engineers on it, work out how they are making it go....i'll be a hero, the king will reinstate me after...well you know...' He jumped off his chair and grabbed Fitzerran by the shoulders. 'SARGENT READY QUENTIN, TELL THE TROOPS WE RIDE IN HALF AN HOUR....LETS BAG OUR SELVES A STEAM TANK'. He spun the scout sargent smartly around and put a brotherly arm around his shoulders while marching him into the bright sunshine outside.

......From within the tend a muted voice came from underneath a pile of scrolls.'Hello...' it said weakly ...'i think i may have done myself an injury.....hello?.....hello?......

Any way the game this prologue is for has been played already (i know, organized or what?) so it wont be long (famous last words n' all that!) so i know who wins!.

Anywho.......till next time.........

Friday, 16 June 2017

Flat pack Castle, or a year 6 project by a 38 year old man(child)

 A while ago Mrs Sprinks and yours truly spent a joyful day in the oddly shaped furniture  Hellhole  known as Ikea. Meatballs were scoffed, display items broken ('tested dear, tested honest!) and beds were lept on and after almost a day of embarrassing my wife in public we came away with several items for keeping books on (shelves apparently). These were built by Mrs Sprinks (who is a flat pack JEDI!!!, really, its awesome just give her the WORST INSTRUCTIONS KNOWN TO MANKIND and leave the room for ten minutes and when you stick your face back round hey presto international space station!). One side effect of this MDF based twattery is the monumental pile of cardboard that the things come packed with:

Artists impression. 

Soooo what to do with it all?. Mrs Sprinks came up with a brilliant idea. 'Why don't you use this stuff to make the kids a castle to play with you magnificent specimen of a man you! (not her actual words). Now as a manchild that pushes toys around tables i heard 'why don't you use this stuff to........make a castle etc etc (you know the rest). So thats what i did. A ton of cutting, gluing, paper mashing and painting (and a few bad, bad words) and i had the following:
Flat Pack Castle!

Now i admit its no Mighty Fortress (ask an Oldhammerer) but its not such a bad effort if i do say so meself!. Its meant to be a ruined castle hence the crumbliness to the brickwork and cracks n' all. Its table ready standard. Here's some more pics:

Its made in sections so i can use as much or as little as i want at a time. I also made some ruined sections so some of the walls could look as if they had been breached in the past and a ruined tower too.

The whole thing when put together is pretty large, the table its on is roughly 90cm wide and the felt i used is 95cm square to give an idea. Below is a scale shot to show the height.

From left: 28mm GW orc, 1:72 (20mm) human and horseman (Red Box and Zvesda ).

In the Wronghammer tradition it was cheep, fun and has a charm of its own (i hope!).

...anyway.... till next time.........