Monday, 20 May 2019

Skellibobs and ponderings

 Hello all, couple of bits to report, nothing major but first.......

Something to listen to unrelated to my bobbins.

Thing to report primus:
   I painted a few Caesar Miniatures Skellies while i had some down time over the weekend:

Filthy Harold and his lawbringers have a bad ol' time of it!.

They were easy to paint and quite fun if you enjoy a spot of drybrushing now and then.

Thing to report secondus:
   I have been pondering what project to plunge into. I have some 20mm skirmishing in the offing which i have been painting the warbands for. I have several ideas where to go with it and it will revolve around a sleepy border town becoming the battle ground for a master criminal and the Law man obsessed with bringing him in (think a west country/cowboy/Magnum Force mash up, but with orcs and necromancers thrown in!). For rules i am even considering using this relic:

Second edition Warhammer, it works for single model skirmish games....honest!.

 Also with all this painting going on i have been wondering what to do regarding mass battles. I dont fancy painting hundreds of 20mm minis to play a decent looking mass battle command and control based game (and i'm up for a decent looking mass battle command and control based game) so i have been looking into other options, namely going into a smaller scale to ease the painting burden and create the type of 'mass effect' i happen to be after. To this end i have received some lovely samples from two very cool manufacturers to see what works, kallistra, who produce some nice 12mm stuff and Pendraken who produce minis in 10mm. The pic below will give you some idea of the actual sizes of their wares:

Yep i know i spelled Pendraken wrong in the picture, that is quite simply because i'm a prize tit!!.

 Both companies sculpts are truly first rate, i have to say i am very impressed with both with next to no mould lines or flash. Have a look at the pics below to see what i'm on about:

 10mm Pendraken
12mm Kallistra

 Both scales offer a great deal in the 'mass effect' department (big multi-based units with a small table top footprint allowing for more 'realistic' battle lines) and follow the 'paint the unit not the mini' style of painting i can get on board with to speed things along.....i mean, the idea of spending years painstakingly painting mini after mini just to actually get a game on is not appealing at all!!.
I am also considering some 6mm bits from baccus6mm but i have no samples to show as they want £7 for them (with postage) and i am one tight bugger so......

  I have also been looking at One Hour Wargames again and may use some of my 1/72 minis for that in units of about 10 bods for foot which may not be too much work...

Thing to report

Another thing that has been on my mind quite a bit has been the fact that wargaming as a hobby can be quite pricey if you go down the wrong route. Some of the top manufacturers and popular systems charge upwards of £50 to get a small force on the table ( and thats being generous) and i think that yes, its a choice to play these games not a need so you can expect to pay to get on board but the price to switch system or try something new with the official minis can be bloody extortion...

£4 per mini, call me cheep but:

Now, bearing all this in mind i have been spoiled with 1/72 minis prices as they are beyond reasonable compared to several companies out there but (maybe) going into a different scale opens your blinkered blogger up to the horrors of metal miniature pricing. This leaves me rather urked as this gives the companies not charging the earth (like the three named above) a bad rep by proxy for those not prepared to investigate further. I know there are several ways to get the price of collecting an army down. So i wondered, who's up for a challenge?, such as:


 The idea being you buy and paint an army with a view to gaming with it for £30 (or the local currency equivalent) or less in a set number of weeks. The aim being to show this hobby is not the financial black hole it is often made out to be but actually quite easy to get into if you are pointed in the right direction (i.e. shopping around and setting reasonable expectations). This could mean thinking outside the box, like playing Kings of War in 6mm or Bolt action in 1/72 for example but very doable with a bit of thought. Who's up for it?.

 Well tats my head emptied for now, all that remains is to give a full blooded WELCOME Peter to the great big mental soup that is this blog!. Thanks for the follow and welcome along sir!. I cant see wether you have a blog or not , if you do please feel free to pop a link in the comments section as it would be great to have a look at what you are up to!!.

.....'till next time.......

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Warbands almost done!

 Soooo I wait 25 or so years then smash out two rival warbands in just under two weeks!. It has also not been too much of a chore (i will go as far as saying i may have enjoyed it) and the fruits of my labours have given me two usable forces for an upcoming narrative campaigning type thing rattling around the ol' noggin. Here are the latest editions to the forces:

Force 1 archers forward and twain.

Force two missile types one side an' 'tuther (basing pending!).

 I also painted up a leader for each force:

 The infamous Lawman Filthy Harold.

Rear shot.

And his nemesis the cad, bounder and all round vile cur, the man of mystery known only as 'The  Crimson Git'.


  So there you have it, as before i am after a table top standard so am not too bothered if some bits are a bit rough, there is bound to be stuff to improve on!, Please feel free to offer any advice and tips below!.

  All that remains is to welcome Mr Tradgardmastre ( of the fantastic The Duchy of Tradgardland blog) to this messed up little corner of the interbobs that is Wronghammer.  Welcome to you sir!.

....'Till next time......

Fugazi 'In on the Kill Taker'. (American Punk gone very right!!)

Monday, 6 May 2019


One good thing about coming out of a right old fug, loss of mojo, or whatever you want to call it is a changed perspective and renewed sense of creativity. Its a bugger to get to but the other side of the bllerrghhh is proving to be rather fruitful so far as fresh ideas and a renewed sense of 'pep' go. So i thought i would introduce a new feature to the blog:
  'What the heck is that 'sposed to be?' i hear you cry, well i thought that i would share not only my love for plastic soldier shoving on this blog but also my passion for music (ooohhh i have hidden depth, shallow hidden depth!!). What this equates to is the basic idea that i post a link to an album, live performance or some such i like so you can listen along as you read the attached post then destroy my lack of taste in the comments section!. Really its just an exercise in sharing stuff i enjoy that you may or may not enjoy too and to encourage discussion and further recommendations from you guys. (also i am not entirely sure its o.k. to share stuff like this on blogger so it is also a study of how quickly i can get into trouble and with whom!!!.... cue manic giggling!!!!).

    It is also worth noting that my music collection sort of peters out around '99 and is mostly a mix of punk, grunge and metal so good luck to you with the crap you may be subjected to!....towit:

Exhibit 1: Kyuss: 'Welcome to Sky Valley'.
(Fuzzy stoner grunge akin to Sabbath on a downer lost in the Navada Desert!)

...Right on to the gaming related stuff.....

..I have been painting again (i know, i know...). I thought it would be fun to paint with an aim to gaming (like what normal people do), so i have decided to paint up two warbands with the aim to let them face off soon. I am, as i am sure you know, a bit ( well a lot) of an beginner with this painting lark so i thought by launching into this i will have something to aim at and can work at my own pace, providing myself with the perfect chance to learn. So do you want to see what i have put together?:

Group 1

Group 2

 These are the foot troops for the warbands, archers and leaders to follow. As i am sure you will see they are a little rough but are fine for the table top which is what i'm after. Also they are the first minis i have based for a fricken age and i am quite chuffed with the bases even if they are a little primitive.

Things i have learned so far:

- A wash covers a multitude of crap. A huge thanks to the Composer for the tip last time out, the dark wash brings so much to the minis.

-Have a go at the detail work during the highlighting stage, even if it is a little untidy it helps the overall effect.

- Don't fret over your mistakes. Painting is a skill so it by definition takes time and practice to learn. Mistakes can be painted over but looking at the whys and hows of a cock up helps you get better.

- Concentrate on what went well, you will spend tons of time looking at the mistakes but remember to also look at the bits you are happy with.

As i said they are for the table top so i am not bothered about perfection and to that end here's a gratuitous action shot:

 And how it will look with the old 'three foot rule' in action:

 Not to bad a start, i am quite encouraged by not totally mucking them up!. As ever please feel  free to leave any feedback and tips below.

....'till next time......

Monday, 29 April 2019

First painted minis in 25 years!

 Yep, you read it right, I have painted (thats P.A.I.N.T.E.D.!!!!) some minis!. Mr 'I don't like painting', 'paintings boring!', 'Paintings no fun!' etc, has put brush to plastic!. But first some background....

   As those that read my last post waaaayyyy back in the swirling vortex of time may have picked up on the fact i have been feeling quite 'meh' about all things hobby related. This has lead the ignorification (new word ahoy!) of all things hobby based as i have not been bothered to actually do anything. I was in a general fug general and was lacking even the slightest enthusiasm for everything at all. Que one family holiday to sunny Florida with my parents and Sister in tow and its fair to say my mood has been somewhat improved. Its true what they say, 'a change is as good as a rest' an all that (and a 'brown trousers day '* trip to Busch Gardens in Tampa to face down these beasties:

 I do love a 'coaster or two)

   So my attitude upon touching down in Blighty has followed suit. Im not sure where the idea/desire to paint came from but i decided to experiment with the Amazing Mrs Sprinks' art gubbins (cheep acrylics and brushes) and some unloved minis. 

   What follows are by no means good, but as i last painted a mini in my teens (and found the act rather boring and frustrating) i'm rather proud of my unrefined splodging, and completing one stage before going off to complete a chore or two while they dried help break up the downtime. I may even be tempted to try a few more!. All feedback and tips welcome.

Cue music:

#1 'Running all the way'.

#2 'Dry brushed straight ta hell!!!'

#3 'A study in deepest red (or 'are youz lookin' at me bottletop!?!!')

#4 'Skywalker playing air guitar with a spear'.

  On a related note i also saw this beauty while in the states:

 .....'till next time.......

(* Brown Trousers Day: The day each holiday when Myself, The Amazing Mrs Sprinks, Smelly Auntie Ju and Sprinkling 1: The beginning hit the biggest and baddest local theme park with the aim of riding the crap out of the most bottom clenchingly horrific roller-coasters contained within!, often entering at a run to the shout of 'First one to vomit is a big carousel riding jessie!!!!).

Saturday, 9 March 2019

About the fug.......

  Hello out there!. It feels like forever since i had the urge to put pinkie to keyboard!. The main problem has been a general 'gaming fug  roun' these 'ere parts. My attitude to all things gaming was a general meh that has lasted for the last few weeks!:

 An all covering feeling of not being arsed to actually get on with anything has held sway hence the lack of postage on this blog!. Looking back over my output shows several unfinished projects that need a ruddy good getting on with but i just have not had the gumption to actually do anything about them. I'm mainly talking about the two campaigns i started last year, the pike and shot fantasy rules, a ton of basing and other bits and bobs. I assume this is fairly normal hobby behavior as lots of bloggers talk of the 'lost mojo' so i will not be worrying and i hope it will be followed by a burst of pent up creativity from the very depths of my toy soldier bothering soul.
 I have even tried to get a game on despite ll this but have yet to feel the urge to post it, now its been too long to remember the ins and outs of the action (it was something to do with Orcs on a stag do but the actual idea escapes me).  I have plenty of ideas but weather for now they will happen is another matter. A mash up of  dark age warfare/zombie apocalypse sounds fun or a vikings in o lost world setting (dinos everywhere!) but even typing about them fails to get the blood pumping enough to actually plan anything. But i'm sure normal service will be resumed shortly!.

  While you wait here's some Bill Bailey clips as a form of appeasement/ distraction:

Gotta love Mr Bailey!.

......Oh and this is my 100th post!,.....yay!........

........'till next time.......

Monday, 4 February 2019

More One Hour Wargames bodgings!.

  Over the last few days your 'intrepid' blog scribbler has suffered from:

So ball achingly crap it got its own header!!!!!!!

    Which, as anyone who has also suffered from any type of:

   Will know leaves you with a foggy, deranged, wondering mind (and running nose) that means you ponder stuff you never knew needed a pondering. One such thing that my (already) sick mind was left on 'spin' mode over the subject of high fantasy. Now i'm not a high fantasy type fella, as far as i'm concerned the Elves can frickin' well stay all sailed off to wherever they punted off to (one for the Tolkien lot there). I have always enjoyed my fantasy with a touch more 'grit' and realism (if you can have it in fantasy) but i was however raised on a steady diet of Fighting Fantasy and Warhammer so i will assume some of it must have stuck in me somewhere!.

One of young Sprinks' five a day!

  So having twatted about with Neil Thomas' 'One Hour Wargames' to make fantasy pike and shot rules i thought i would attempt to bodge together a way to play 'satisfying' 'quazi-medieval standard' style fantasy (you know, Knights, Dragons, Wizards, Orcs etc....but not Elves, Elves can eff off!). So i sat down with a copy of said rules and came up with the following ideas:

These will also only work if you have a copy of 'One Hour Wargames' by Neil Thomas, i'm adding to whats already there, you will need the book to play. 

So..... What i have basically done is combine troop types from the Dark age and Medieval rules and then use them as is, the unit types i've gone with are:

KNIGHTS, MEN AT ARMS, LEVE and ARCHERS from the medieval rules, along with WARBANDS, CAVALRY and SKIRMISHERS from the Dark age rules. The thinking was that most of this type of fantasy is medieval based so adding Warbands (orcs, barbarians and other 'undisciplined' troops) and Cavalry (lighter and 'tribal' horse) as well as Skirmishers (Foresters, rangers, tribal skirmishers etc) to give the flavour required from the wilder races the typical 'good-lawful' Knightly types like to repeatedly stab and bludgeon. You could even chuck in ARTILLERY from the Horse and Musket rules for the true 'warhammer' taste!. Play the troop types as is and bobs you're uncle!.
  I would also throw in my morale rules from my 'one hours worth of free rules' giving Knights and Men at Arms a +2 mod and Leve and Skimishers -2.

 I know what you are thinking:

Your brain is good, it deserves a header of its own!.

  And i take your point. So heres some extra stuff to 'pep' it up:

Monsters: I tend to run them by picking either Men at Arms or Knights as a kind of 'base' (Men at arms for lumbering giants and ground based stuff due to the ability to absorb more damage, knights for faster stuff like flyers etc) and then add some choice bits from the list below to add some character:

    During the units move phase it can regenerate by rolling 1d6-3, remove this number of hits from the unit.

    The unit may ignore effects of terrain while moving and can interpenetrate any unit it wishes. It must follow the terrain rules when deciding where to end its move.

    In combat it can roll 2d6 and choose the best result when determining hits.

   Shooting attack with a 6'' range doing 1d6 damage.

   Any unit in combat with the unit that is forces to test morale must -2 from the roll.

   If any enemy troops are within the units maximum move distance and L.O.S. at the start of the units move roll 1d6. On a 1 or 2 the unit MUST charge the closest enemy unit it can see.

  At the start of the units move roll 1d6. On a 1 or 2 the unit may not move or fire this turn.

 I'm sure you can come up with more but these are a few of my ideas.

Hero Types: There are 4 sorts: Warrior Hero, Wizard, Ranger and Warrior Priest.
 Hero sorts are single minis based on as small a base as is practical. They are 'joined' to a unit by placing them in contact with the front edge of a unit you wish them to join if they are on foot or to one of the side edges of the unit if they are mounted. Once with a unit they can not leave for the duration of the battle and are considered to be part of the unit.

For example:

The hero types work as follows:

       A unit with a warrior hero attached may roll 2d6 when attacking in combat and pick the best roll for their total hits.

     If a unit has a warrior priest present they can add +2 to morale tests they are forced to take.

   A unit with a ranger may roll 2 dice when shooting and choose the best roll for their total hits.

   A wizard begins the battle with 1d3+1 spells. Spells are randomly generated from the list below:

Roll 2d6 for each spell and consult the list (i made earlier!):

2) Finnagrees fogg of fuggish forgetfulness No 27
    Cast this spell at the start of the opposing players Movement.
    It is cast on one enemy unit within 10'' and sight of the casting unit.
  This spell creates a foul smelling mist of forgetfulness around the feet of the target. They become confused and generally forgetful when it comes to what they are doing and how to go about doing it.
The effect on the unit is that any dice they roll this turn are halved as is their maximum move distance.

3) Steffanos old salve of soothing serenity No 118
   Cast this spell at the start of your movement phase.
   It is cast on a friendly unit within 6''.
   The target feels a wave of soothing overcome them, calming them and healing their wounds.
   This spell allows the target to remove half their hit markers (rounding up).

4) Delganos' Dark blast of darkest darkness No 6
   Cast during your Shooting phase.
   This spell is cast at an enemy unit within 12'' and line of sight.
   The target is engulfed by a blast of black fire that burns, flays and does other things of an unpleasant nature.
  The targeted unit receives 1d6+2 hits.

5) Winnifreds wonderful winged wind of wonder No 84
   Cast at the start of your own movement phase
   The spell is cast on a friendly unit within 6'' and line of sight.
    The target unit may move up to 12'' and can FLY this turn.

6) Webbertons wild whooshing wind of wildness No 49
    Cast during your shooting phase.
    Cast at an enemy unit within 12'' and line of sight.
    The target unit is moved 1d6 backwards in a straight line away from the casting unit. They maintain their facing when moved. If the move takes the unit into contact with a friendly unit the movement stops and both units receive 1d6-2 hits. If the unit is moved into contact with a terrain type it may not move through or end its turn within it stops on contact and receives 1d6-2 hits. If it contacts an enemy unit the moving unit stops once in contact and is now in combat but will not attack this turn.

7) Barratonies bonkers bravery most exceedingly brave No 154
    Cast when the target unit is required to take a moral test.
    Cast on a friendly unit within 10'' and sight of the caster.
    The target unit will be assumed to automatically pass their Morale test this turn.

8) Ronnefagies reviving of raging reanimated reavers No 22
   Cast at the start of your movement phase.
   Cast on a clear patch of ground at least 5'' square within 6'' and sight of the caster.
   When this spell is cast the sun hides behind black clouds, the earth shakes, lightning flashes and thunder rumbles. Spooky organ music rings out and a cackling can be heard on the breeze. The earth in the area the spell is cast on gives way as long dead hands pop out of the ground, pulling the long dead back to the surface. Before anyone knows it a unit of undead Men at arms stand in the casting area, totally under the control of the caster!. These warriors are now part of your force. they work exactly like a normal unit of men at arms. The unit is destroyed if it fails a morale test OR if the casting unit is eliminated.

9) Dolcilanos Dome of dithering disharmony No 77
  Cast at the start of the enemies shooting phase.
  Cast on one enemy unit within 12'' and sight of the caster.
  The unit targeted by this spell cant work out how a bow actually works!. They may not fire this turn.

10) Rochelle the Reds rather rapid recipe for rather rapid rapidity No 6
  Cast at the start of your movement phase
  Cast on a friendly unit within 6'' of the caster.
 The target unit may move twice during this movement phase. These are two moves so the unit can turn before and after each move as normal.

11) Horace Hoppanitys' Hue of horrors most horrific No 10448374998
    Cast at any time during your shooting phase
   Cast on one enemy unit within 6'' and sight of the caster.
  The target unit must take a moral test right away, even though it is the shooting phase. If they pass but take further damage this turn they must still take a moral test in the check morale phase as normal.

12) Didderees dispelling dram of darn damnation No 444 4444
   Cast when the opposing player declares he intends to cast a spell but before the effects of such a spell are resolved. The opponents spell is dispelled and has no effect!!.

 You may roll the same spell more than once.
The spells are single use so once cast they are discarded.

Spells are cast automatically just say you want to use it in the correct phase at the right time and it will take effect. A wizard may cast as many spells per turn as he wishes. Once the unit the wizard is attached to fails a morale test all spells are lost.
Wizards may join Man at Arms, Warbands, Archers, Leve, Cavalry or Knights.

Picking a force.
I know what you are going to say:

Alright calm down!....

Right again, the random type tables in the rulebook wont work here but instead i use a point system. All troop types are worth the following:

....ok these little header bits are getting silly!.
Also monster upgrades are added to the cost of the base unit at the cost of 1 point per upgrade.
Heroes are worth 1 point each except wizards who are worth 2. I find it best to limit heroes to 1 hero per 10 points (or part there of).

I find it best to play with armies of between 12-20 points, an example of a 15 point force might be:

2x warband (4pts), 1x Archers (2pts), 1x Leve (1pt), 1xKnights (3pts), 1x Warrior Priest (1pt), 1x Wizard (2pts), 1x Cavalry (2pts). This gives 6 units with 2 having an attached hero.

So thats just some ideas to make this work, and it has given me the base rules i need to do my own high(ish) typicalmedievalbasedtotalypredictablefantasysetting that i will call the 'magical' world of:

.....more to follow!!!......

......'till next time.........

Thursday, 31 January 2019

More extra fluffy bastard fluff!!


Just another of my quick posts to point you in the direction of more background material written with my whole fantasy pike and shot type bits in mind. This time its the turn of the grim northern types from Fossestershire. Click here (or on the relevant tab at the top) to peruse the collection of grumpy men and beasts (and i think what must be a record number of 'bastards') held within. As with the page on Crivenshire i have included all the rules needed to use the army in my 'One Hour in Olde Albilande' rules for Neil Thomas' fine 'One Hour Wargames'. Anyway, have a look and as always comments are welcome.


.......'till next time.....