Monday, 29 April 2019

First painted minis in 25 years!

 Yep, you read it right, I have painted (thats P.A.I.N.T.E.D.!!!!) some minis!. Mr 'I don't like painting', 'paintings boring!', 'Paintings no fun!' etc, has put brush to plastic!. But first some background....

   As those that read my last post waaaayyyy back in the swirling vortex of time may have picked up on the fact i have been feeling quite 'meh' about all things hobby related. This has lead the ignorification (new word ahoy!) of all things hobby based as i have not been bothered to actually do anything. I was in a general fug general and was lacking even the slightest enthusiasm for everything at all. Que one family holiday to sunny Florida with my parents and Sister in tow and its fair to say my mood has been somewhat improved. Its true what they say, 'a change is as good as a rest' an all that (and a 'brown trousers day '* trip to Busch Gardens in Tampa to face down these beasties:

 I do love a 'coaster or two)

   So my attitude upon touching down in Blighty has followed suit. Im not sure where the idea/desire to paint came from but i decided to experiment with the Amazing Mrs Sprinks' art gubbins (cheep acrylics and brushes) and some unloved minis. 

   What follows are by no means good, but as i last painted a mini in my teens (and found the act rather boring and frustrating) i'm rather proud of my unrefined splodging, and completing one stage before going off to complete a chore or two while they dried help break up the downtime. I may even be tempted to try a few more!. All feedback and tips welcome.

Cue music:

#1 'Running all the way'.

#2 'Dry brushed straight ta hell!!!'

#3 'A study in deepest red (or 'are youz lookin' at me bottletop!?!!')

#4 'Skywalker playing air guitar with a spear'.

  On a related note i also saw this beauty while in the states:

 .....'till next time.......

(* Brown Trousers Day: The day each holiday when Myself, The Amazing Mrs Sprinks, Smelly Auntie Ju and Sprinkling 1: The beginning hit the biggest and baddest local theme park with the aim of riding the crap out of the most bottom clenchingly horrific roller-coasters contained within!, often entering at a run to the shout of 'First one to vomit is a big carousel riding jessie!!!!).