Thursday, 19 January 2017

Why Wronghammer?

So another blog by a wargamer?, hey sprinks this had better be bloody good, a bloke only has so much time to read blogs and procrastinate each day and the list is already longer than the great wall of bloody china with a mirror leaned against one end!. Make it good you time wasting parasite!. Well hello to you too sir (or miss, its the 90s after all!). First let me welcome to you to my blatherings about war gaming from my personal perspective. 'And what is your personal perspective?' i hear you cry, well glad you asked, this is my first post so i thought i would use it to underline my own unique (many would say stupid...or silly...or take on this hobby with (wait for it)..... a bullet point based manifesto!.

. Wargaming should be fun. If your not having fun you are defeating the object of hobby time!. If you cant be bothered to make scenery that's fine. Short on cash, fine buy plastic army guys (i know i have!), cant/wont/hate painting/gaming/modeling o.k. drop that part and do the bits you enjoy.
. Use whatever you have to acheive the objective above. Do not let cost, confidence, ability or whats available and to hand hinder this.
. Rules are a starting point not the end. They are a tool kit to be mashed up, house ruled and rebuilt to fit what you wish to do. If you want to play rallyroundthefantasyhammerrampantwarlordofthethings40,000 more power to you!. Oh and point systems are a handy guideline not God himself!.
.Whats right depends on who's doing it. There is no such thing as the wrong minis, wrong scale, wrong uniform or approach to modeling. If in doubt refer to point 1 above.

That in a nutshell is my personal approach to gaming and the guidelines to what you will get in these poorly presented pages.My own games are normally like this:

Cheap, quick and dirty...........Which was almost the name of the blog!.
Anyhow till next time......


  1. Hi!
    I like your manifest. Wargames have more to do with games than with war... Although I like painting, I agree that it is not necessary to play. Long live Wronghammer! And please, Mrs Sprinks, don't kill him too much :D

  2. Dont worry shes not managed it yet!. Thank you for the kind words mr Otep, ive read your blog for a while and i love what your doing over there. While i dont paint i can appreciate great painting and your minis really are that good. Great to have you along sir

  3. Just found this blog, I like your manifesto. Long live wronghammer.