Saturday, 7 October 2017

Blood, Guts and Severed heads...Extra!!

Hi all, just a very short post to say i have added a bunch of extra optional rules to the child friendly quick playing rules in the form of more upgrades, extra spells and a few other ideas. You can check them out by clicking just about here and scrolling down. Hope they add something to the rules and as ever they are designed to create a 'tool box' type set you can dip in and out of as you wish.

And i done some more pictures to go with it.

Anyway, hope it tickles your pickle....till next time.....


  1. Ha I love it. I'm going to use these rules so I can point my finger and say the damned spell. I may have to change on of them though: 'Run to the Hilllllllsss ' deng dede deng, deng dede deng 'Run for your liuuhhhiives!'

    The only good injuns are tame apparently...
    (I'm kinda hoping that maiden retire before the pc brigade ban this song)

  2. Thanks your Ducness, adherence to the casting procedure is mandatory but we all know theres a loop hole for a bit of maiden (The 'eddie' clause i believe!). The next magic system i write will have to be based on metal anthems of the 80s (we all know wizards wear spandex under those robes!.

  3. Excellent. This of course means that you will require the following spell titles:

    Raining Blood (attack spell)
    Hallowed be thy Name (buffing spell for heroes)
    Holy Diver (no idea...)
    The Last in Line (allows opponent to move an enemy unit)
    Azrael (obscure one there)
    On a Storyteller's Night (invent rules)
    Jump ( idea again)
    Creeping Death (haha...writes itself)
    Master of Puppets
    Eyes of a Stranger


    1. Stirling work, these are in with a bullet!. To expand...
      Since you've been gone - a resarection spell
      Iron man - buffs a hero
      For whom the bell tolls- instant death
      Pretty vacant- confusion
      Should i stay or should i go- see above
      Orgazmatron- ???
      You could be mine- move an enemy
      Fear of the dark- all shit sacary
      Blaze of glory- not a spell but reminds all players that john bon jovi is still a twat.

  4. HHAHHAAA...Excellent, excellent.

    JBJ should really be a villain...

  5. The fiendish barron von jovi!

  6. Some awesome figures being used here Mr Sprinks - who is the winged fellow on the right? I don't recognise him.

    1. Thanks Jack, hes a bodge job i made using left over undead bits from some mantic kits and some broken Gargoyle wings. Glad you like him.

    2. A scratch-build! Excellent. Nice job Mr Sprinks.