Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Mentally (re)Terraforming (like a bad ass?)

 As both my regular readers will know i have been working to create my own fantasy setting to add context to the games i play on these very pages (and because its fun, and because my brain is more than a bit wrong, and because i seem to enjoy stupid self inflicted workloads.....grrrr). I have been building this in a steady fashion over the last few months but this was not good enough for my often M.I.A brain, oh no!, it came up with new ideas, new material AND A NEW BLOODY BASING SYSTEM AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!. Ehm, sorry, anyway, what follows is the first step into the unknown new material i will soon compile to set out this place off of my battered imagination (sorry in advance!!). I give you......(sarcastic drum roll).......MENTALLY TERRORFORMING 1.5(ish) THE INTRODUCTION!!!!!!!.

 The following is taken from the newly recovered work 'Dextaria-ferma, a study of the many nations of the world and the peoples therein' by the esteemed scribe Thelidimus Allaright Dextaria, head scholar to the crown of Verland in the year 1017. The materials are directly translated from the only remaining copy of this seminal work found in the ruined libraries of Silvermarc after its liberation by the glorious Guilds (may they rule forever) in 1069 and is included to highlight  the unenlightened time before the second age of strife just 4 years after its publication in the year 1021. These works of the esteemed scribe Dextaria when combined with his other body of works (including 'Religions, beliefs and unbalance in the savage east', 'Living under the cloud of darkness, a study into the ales of Lamavic'  and 'Natures bounty, cookery for the anthropologist on a budget') form a picture of the world before the uprising of the Cult of the new Dawn and the alleged second coming of the God King of the south and the subsequent hard fought freedom of the world by the heroic sacrifice of the magnificent Guilds (may they rule forever), for which we are forever thankful. As a student of history these works demand attention not just as one of the few remaining windows into the time directly before arguably the most important events in modern history but as a body compiled directly by an author not yet sanctioned by the Guild of Etymologists (may their learned wisdom live in our hearts forever) and therefore gives an unlikely but invaluable insight into the processes, attitudes and opinions of the less refined scholars of the age.
    The work presented here is incomplete as not all the sections survive intact, it is through pure necessity that the material has had to be abridged by myself. I have endeavored to include all social and military information at hand as such are the most common interests of the modern student of this period. Although some of the materials are missing due to being lost to time some sections of a more sensitive nature have been excluded deliberately, particularly the long and in this scribes opinion needlessly graphic sections on copulation rituals of both the tribes of the Red Waters of the Ramalech region and the Hag Queens of Ashka and their degenerate followers. Such material caused much distress to the younger scholars here at the grey tower and the night disturbances and loss of concentration they suffered will not be suffered to be afflicted upon the learned reader. It must be noted however that the sections in question are in the posession of the high record keepers who's detailed study into these sections will ultimately determine if they are to be translated at a later date.
  It should also be noted that Dextarias old Verlandish tongue is that of the region of Almanik, therefore some issues have been encountered in translating its bastardised form. Where several words could be direct translations for one in the original text i have endeavoured to include the word that makes the most sense in the context of the passage. Where this occurs the other words that could be used will be included in brackets next to said word. An example of this is the Almanikish word vil a derivative of the old Verlandish word ville. This directly translates as in in our more sophisticated tongue and within the text we have used it as such, however it could also mean tangerine, look (as an expression of surprise) or as its close cousin Vill, a personage of questionable intellect. 
  The final item of note when reading this document is that your scribe has added his own notes and interjections where it is felt to be prudent. Such sections are presented in italics.
  Although Dextaria is a native of the long since fallen false state of Verland (modern day New Verland), his words help build a picture, however confused by his own freedom of thought, of a world unaware for the most part of the danger it faced and help all peoples of these free lands to understand the folly of a segregated society and the necessity of the existence of the majestic Guilds (may they rule forever) that guide our own understanding of the world. It is my humble hope that this work will help further the understanding of the period it covers and prove to be an invaluable aid in educating the masses in the danger of a fractured collective social consciousness and the terrors such thinking allowed to thrive.

  -The most enlightened Mollucs Entrades, forth record keeper to the Guild of Chronologists (may they keep the truth justly), 1431.

  Yay you made it all the way through!. As you can see the style will be a little different this time around as it will be Scribe Entrades that will be writing the material based on an old copy of an anthropological study into the period in my head (go imaginary outsourcing!!!). I will be replacing the material on the 'Terraforming...Mentally' page with the new material written from here on i will however keep the old blog posts relating to said materials as i'm too plain lazy and cant be arsed to remove them!.
......so thats about it for now....till next time.....


  1. Was Thelidimus any relation of Ambi?
    Nice (re)start Mr Sprinks.

    1. Lol, I believe ambi was his one armed uncle!. Thanks jack, glad you liked it.

  2. Epic stuff! When can we expect a novel or two?

    Copulation rituals..oh errr missus. The Hag Queens of Ashka - these sound really interesting.
    Now, I'm thinking there is a secret there, that the word 'Hag' is a derivation of the old Verlandish word 'Heg' which actually means 'stunner' in more modern vernacular, and therefore the copulation rituals are actually a kind of early pornography...

    The absence of photography means that the artists have to draw really fast and use a lot of motion lines to get the effect. The art fetches a decent price on the black market I suspect? In fact, the famous overweight Baron Winestain of New Verland is a bit of a collector? (though I suspect one of the Hag Queens is about to out him in a coup of epic proportions which will reverberate across the kingdom as multiple accusations of 'obtuse art' collection start to come out).

  3. Thanks mate, I'm trying to think up a way duke winestain managed to get his 'collection' past the latest Mrs winestain, ' its folk art dear, an investment. No of course she's not prettier than you, your hag enough for any man!'. By the time I finish this project I reckon I will have covered a cord found comparable to war and peace!.