Saturday, 23 December 2017

An early Christmas prezzie from Wronghammer?

They say 'tis the season for giving so i wanted to give you all a christmas prezzie from Wronghammer. If you promise you have all been really good this year you can look along the tabs in the top bar for a shiny new surprise!.
  In all seriousness this may well be my last post before turkey and beer season kicks in proper so i wanted to wish you all a happy Christmas and a brilliant new year and thank you for all the support and encouragement over the course of the first year of this little blog of mine!.

I would also like to offer a great big Christmas welcome to Mr Tilean Merc, the latest person to click follow over there on the side bit!, welcome Sir (with snow and bits of tinsil on top!), seek help as soon as you can!!!!.


.....Till next time.......


  1. Oh these look very nice. Now - are you going to port the magic system over or start something completely now.

    ...and clearly kevin Turvey (who I have not seen in 30 years so thanks for that) should be a chaos magician.

  2. Thanks mate, not sure about the magic system but will be doing some thing new rather than porting over....might take a while though!. I know what you mean about are Kev, not so much chaos in the G.W. spikeygribbleydeath style, more the dictionary definition of chaos!.

  3. Too late to return Happy Xmas so will say a belated Happy New Year and go look at Tabs...

  4. And a happy new year to you too sir. I do feel i need to apologize to you as i linked the new rules to a few free wargames sites and forgot i had left a link to your own rules in the post. If you would prefer i can remove it?.

  5. It's not a bother - I haven't had any rude comments yet!
    Sometime I'll have a go at the Gridded version on the Tab - way too busy working for any gaming at the moment (sad face).