Sunday, 18 March 2018

Just 3 toenails and a bumhole to go.....

 Hi all, this post is very much for my own benefit so i make my apologies now for the ramble that follows......

   You may recall that i have been spending the last 5 months (has it really been that long?) re-basing my minis (the sorry saga is detailed here and here). I am pleased to report I HAVE ALMOST FINISHED!!!!!!. My mini collection is stored here:
The storage containers of ultimate evil!!.

 And do you know how many of these draws full of minis i have left to base?.......

.......Just this one!!!!!!!.

 I have based tray after tray and lost my mojo several times during this 'project' and it is fair to say i doubted whether i would ever get to a stage where i would be anywhere near the home stretch but here i am!. I appreciate this is purely an act of self congratulations but i'm chuffed. So there!.

   My home made fantasy setting is coming together after i finally sorted a basing system that would work for the regional factions staggering around my head (a main regional colour with a separate faction colour trim) , so far i have based the following (and i know i have yet to give any details of most of these factions so this will mean nothing to anyone but here goes!).......

North West: Lamavic Highland Clans, Lamavic Lowland Clans, Lamavic Sea raiders, Berserker Cults and Northern Outlanders.

Central West: Verland Household troops, Verland militia, Verland Templers, Marcher Lords.

Merchant Kingdoms Mercenary companies (formally the Guild alliance): The Steel Shanks, The Kingmakers, The Saddlebacks, Dahalroons Dogs, The Torralec Exiles and the Engineers Guild (experimental ordnance division). 

North East: Imperial Tradjev, The Crimson company, The tribes of Ashka and The Cult of the New Dawn.

South west: Royal Karmesh. Miracine, The redwater tribes, Assaria and a State slaver company.

 I only have the South East to do which is only made up of 2 factions (Medihama and the Jade Temples for those of you that only have a mild headache after the list above!!!!!).

 So an exercise in back slapping i know but sometimes you have to look back down the road to see how far you have come!!.......

.......and then i went and saw These (and the rest of the range too)....

                                                                                            ..........Bloody Red box!!!!!

  Anyhoo, Next time i will try to post something of actual interest!. Till next time!.....


  1. One day at a time Mr Sprinks, one day at a time
    Looking forward to your next battle

    1. Thanks jack. Its been a case of one tray at a time!. Hopefully another battle will happen soon.