Thursday, 9 August 2018

Oh bloody hell, hes been thinking again!.


 I've had a thought. Which is rare. And normally creates a ton of work for myself. And is a ballache of epic proportions. BUT NOT THIS TIME!!!! (yay!).
     You see, i like a campaign (you may have noticed if you read these pages more than once!). Its my preferred way to game. But they are a lot of work to plan and do kind of hem you into a story arc you feel duty bound to play to a conclusion. The points in the previous sentence are not a complaint, these things are part of the appeal of campaign gaming, the developing story is a joy and takes the games in all kinds of fun directions and the challenge of coming up with a 'whats next' is a nice task to have and gets the creative juices flowing. However it can also be a block to more casual gaming, the 'pick up and play' types of games where you think up a scenario on the fly and chuck it together. Having reorganized my armies to fit the new setting i have been enjoying building i want to be able to change pace and direction now and again while still developing the setting of Olde Albilande as i go. So i thought 'why not have a non linked type of area i can plonk these types of games without following any type of shared narrative ' (confused?). So i came up with:

 This header will be used to indicate games played in the murky depths of olde Albilandes history which will allow me to bring in some new factions that will struggle to fit the current arc, game one off bits and bobs and generally piss about outside of my campaign story lines while still maintaining and developing the setting as a whole. So when i fancy just chucking some forces on the table for a loose dust up i have somewhere to dump it!.

 Anyway, thats what im thinking, although due to the ongoing state of the inside of my head this may well all be thrown out tomorrow! (in which case i  appologise for wasting the last five mins of your life with this post!).......'till next time......


  1. C!Mon back Sprinks we are waiting for more!

    1. 'Hi Sceavus, i will be back soon, time is not being too friendly at the mo but i will be back!

  2. Why can I hear the guitars from deliverance playing?
    'I'd like ya to meet ma wife an sister!' ...and there's one woman standing there.

    This is just crying out for some wierd sister's cousin's half brother, set to inherit the throne...surely...
    If they were a half -elf, quarter dwarf or something, it could be even more awkward...

    (and he's back...)

    1. 'quarter Dwarf', nah mate just got one leg shorter than the other!'.....

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