Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Mentally terraforming: Tanks but no tanks (prologue part 2 lalalalallongtitlelalalalaalal!!)

 Well that took a while!. Its been sooooo long since my last post. A working life that can only be described as being as much fun as wading through a lake of tepid diarrhea is mostly to blame so boo to work and its inane hobby smothering pantsness!!!. However, i have just about managed to nick the required time to piece together a slightly longer prologue than the first part in my last post so without further ado......

  '...Its broken Commander, kaput, shafted, knackered, beyond repair and whats worse its stranded in no mans land!, how it got so far we cant say, we think the rudder got stuck some how but we cant be sure of course!'. Blurted Head engineer Vallin as he struggled to keep pace with the commander striding through the camp. The Commander stopped abruptly causing Vallin to bounce off of him, almost making him to loose his footing. 'I dont want to hear this Vallin, we need this prototype to work and to know it works we at the very least need to know where it is!.....and where is it do you think?'. The Commanders gaze bored into Vallin, the heat of the Arradan wastes seemed to triple causing him to loosen his collar. 'Well.....' he started. 'Well?' answered the Commander testily. 'Well' Vallin continued, 'it was headed in the general direction of...of.....'. 'Yes, of.....' Mimicked the Commander trying to hurry Vallin. ......Of the.....well.....the....'.continued Vallin nervously. 'Well, the what?' Interrupted the Commander again. '....The'. offered Vallin staring at the dusty ground. The Commander raised his fingers to his temples and massaged them roughly. 'The very advanced, very expensive, highly important war machine of the future, the very highest achievement of the greatest collection of Guild weapon smiths on the planet is in the hands of the very enemy we are attempting to destroy with it?' 'Well maybe not in their hands sir, it may have broken down before it got to them and my best men are on board sir, they will do all they can to fix it sir, if it can be done they will get it back to us sir you can count on that sir'. The Commander raised his hands to the sky, 'Well why dident you say so Vallin?' he replied sarcastically,' Your best men...tell me can they fight?'. 'Well no sir not much they are engineers sir' Vallin answered. 'And can they find water and food in the wastes?', asked the Commander. 'Well thats not part of their training no sir'. 'And do you think the enemys scouts can fight?, do you think they can track?, do you think they can find water and food out there in no mans land?'. 'Well yes Commander'. 'So your best men are soon to be ex best men dont you think Vallin, and who will that leave with our shiny new state of the art Steam Tank do you think?' Asked the Commander with a calmness that dripped with menace. 'Errr....well......point taken Commander'. replied Vallin meekly, shrinking before the Commanders gaze. 'As usual you and your blundering stupidity have dropped me in it Vallin, we have to present the findings of this pet steam project to the Governor in three days...three bloody days and you have lost it!, as per usual it falls to me to fix the problem. Dont worry i'll lead out the entire camp worth of troops to get it back, i'll launch an offensive when we have been ordered not to engage , i'll risk the lives of all the men under my command to fix you and the engineering guilds problem...AGAIN!'. With that the Commander turned sharply and marched towards his tent barking orders for the troops to ready themselves once more........

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  1. I do like a Steam Tank, lots of over-sized rivets and cotton-wool smoke, marvellous (there are too many hyphens in this sentence).