Sunday, 11 February 2018

Blood,guts and Rampant with added magic!!!

Just a quickie to tell you i have added a magic system for my hex based medieval/fantasy rules as an optional extra!. You can view them as part of the rules by clicking Here (or on the More free rules tab). I went for a different approach to the 'normal' magic systems you find in most rules, and included some background to explain why.....whats that, you want a sneeky peek?.....oh go on then....

For ages past mighty wizards have been taking to the battlefields to aid the aims of Kings and Despots the world over in their struggles. Often the humble magic lobber was the difference between victory and defeat, and thus their stock rose to that of mighty (if slightly odd) heroes of battle!. However becoming a 'star player' on the field of battle paints a pretty large target on your backside and thus sure as eggs come out of lady poultry enemy commanders were seeking new and extreme ways to turn opposing wizards into gravy!. Turning the enemy Spell caster into an interesting collection of puncture wounds was the order of the day and soon it became rare for a wizard to survive very long when the cannons roared!.
    Around this time a collection of (singed and grazed) spell mumblers came together to see if anything could be done to increase their life expectancy. After a spirited discussion it was decided that a wizards place was in front of a roaring fire with a sherry and a nice bit of cake in a large tower rather than the cut and thrust of battle. Thus, the Spellcasters Trust for the protection of wizards of all types (S.T.P.W.T) was born!. To this end Wizards now refuse to enter battle, in their place a commander may purchase scrolls containing spells that they can bloody well cast themselves!!. This innovation means the wizards may have the desired effect on the battle without the worry of being run through by large, hairy, sweaty warrior types with no appreciation for the finer magical arts mid incantation!. Of course it has not been without its teething troubles but all new things will have bugs to iron out. Some scrolls are miss spelled (sometimes literally!) and can do more harm than good, not to mention the fact that wizards are known to have a poor grip on admin, resulting in scrolls turning up late or not at all!!. However these issues have not slowed the demand for battlefield magic, the industry for magic scrolls is in major growth and has made the wizards not just safer but considerably richer for it!.

.......till next time..........


  1. Stay at home with a sherry? Good plan.

  2. Damn I love these magic rules. Got to get some plastic based for a game of this. (Spell names are inspired lol)

    1. Thanks mate, glad you like them. I had to do something different to the last lot and its always kinda bothered me that wizards would be at the front waiting to be stabbed!.

  3. Wow bunch of info! If rules are easy I will take them!! (I just need efctivity for make my spell casters earn their salary with little effort in my brain) thanks sprinks