Saturday, 9 March 2019

About the fug.......

  Hello out there!. It feels like forever since i had the urge to put pinkie to keyboard!. The main problem has been a general 'gaming fug  roun' these 'ere parts. My attitude to all things gaming was a general meh that has lasted for the last few weeks!:

 An all covering feeling of not being arsed to actually get on with anything has held sway hence the lack of postage on this blog!. Looking back over my output shows several unfinished projects that need a ruddy good getting on with but i just have not had the gumption to actually do anything about them. I'm mainly talking about the two campaigns i started last year, the pike and shot fantasy rules, a ton of basing and other bits and bobs. I assume this is fairly normal hobby behavior as lots of bloggers talk of the 'lost mojo' so i will not be worrying and i hope it will be followed by a burst of pent up creativity from the very depths of my toy soldier bothering soul.
 I have even tried to get a game on despite ll this but have yet to feel the urge to post it, now its been too long to remember the ins and outs of the action (it was something to do with Orcs on a stag do but the actual idea escapes me).  I have plenty of ideas but weather for now they will happen is another matter. A mash up of  dark age warfare/zombie apocalypse sounds fun or a vikings in o lost world setting (dinos everywhere!) but even typing about them fails to get the blood pumping enough to actually plan anything. But i'm sure normal service will be resumed shortly!.

  While you wait here's some Bill Bailey clips as a form of appeasement/ distraction:

Gotta love Mr Bailey!.

......Oh and this is my 100th post!,.....yay!........

........'till next time.......

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