Saturday, 1 June 2019

Thank you kind postwoman....

The post lady brought goodies, the challenge is on!, but first......

Sublime live at The Hard Rock Cafe '96.

  Yep, a couple of days ago i returned home to Chez Sprinks, greeted the Amazing Mrs Sprinks with a chased kiss on the cheek and patted the Sprinklings on the head, hung up my hat on the hatstand and placed the umbrella in the old elephants foot before Millie the wronghammer dog fetched me my pipe and slippers......well, possibly,  i may be slightly incorrect on a few details but the crux of this tale to be taken by yourselves dear reader is that my minis for the £30 (or local equivalent) army challenge have arrived!. 

The Black Rats mercenary company, bastards to a man (boo, hiss.....etc)

 I ordered the the above pile of 12mm goodies from kallistra and very nice they are. They came in at a whopping £27.20 including postage, leaving £2.80 for something else i may be planning to add to the project, but of course that's top secret at the mo!. Now Kallistra do a fantastic 6 blisters for £30 offer, which would have been right up my proverbial under normal conditions but as the postage would have taken it over the £30 limit it was not to be (i did of course buy 6 blisters but am only including 4 in the challenge so not to be a cheating little bugger, the rest will be added at a later date).

  Let me introduce you to the lads.....

From the front: Ranger/scouty/skirmisher types, 2 units of bowmen (all taken from one blister of archers!), behind them are the collection of disgraced lords, bastard sons and the like that make up 'the Knights that will not stand up' (working title). Next to them is the Leader of the company, Captain C.C. Bathion, known as the Black Rat of Blithersthorpe and his Bastard Quentin and an as yet un-named second in command Sir something of somewhere.

Two units of company grunts to do the foot sloggin'.

 Im still not sure if i will keep to these unit sizes, the kallistra minis are sold in blisters of 32 foot and 16 mounted with 4 bases to make them workable with the companies rules and represent one unit in said rule system. I'm most likely going to be using mine for some fantasy one hour wargaming nonsense or some other homebrew rules so i may use half a blister per unit:
Not sure which would work best?, any ideas?.

So thats me up and running with this whole challenge type thing, how are the rest of you finding it?.

 Anyway, looks like i have some painting to do!. All that remains is to welcome Mr John Yorio to this bastion of bollocks that is this blog. Thanks for the follow and welcome aboard Sir!. I cant tell if you have a blog but if you do as ever please stick a link (or just a hello) in the comments so we can have a peek. 

and heres a picture of a unicorn shark:

....'till next time......


  1. These look excellent - a whole new adventure in scale reduction and even painting opening up for you now Sprinkso.

    I also have to make comment on 'The Amazing Mrs Sprinks' ...if that is not a title for a TV show, it should be.
    I'm seeing something from the 70s about a magician's assistant, who is actually a real witch (in a good way) who can actually cast magic or something, and solves vanilla occult crimes. It runs for 6 seasons until the actress marries a wargamer and settles down to a life of untold riches from his figure painting business/empire and his invention of a set of wargame rules called 'WarpSpanner'.

    (wierd enuf for ya?)

  2. Nice looking figures Mr Sprinks! My money's on the Unicorn Shark.

    1. Ta Jack, I am sort of tempted toput a unicorn shark together now, maybe as a center piece for a viking army?.

  3. Hello Mr. Sprinks! Thank you for the mention and in a post with a unicorn shark riding a rainbow no less! (I find it amazing that so much awesome can be packed into such a small picture). I do indeed have a blog, my active blog is Feel free to pop in for a visit if the mood strikes!

    1. Hello to you too sir, I like the blog, its great to see some large scale dust ups!. I will be sticking a link in the side bar shortly if that is ok with your good self?. I couldn't resist the unicorn/ shark...I mean, you just have to don't you?.

    2. By all means, link away! Thank you!

  4. Oh my god too many 12mm Lilliputian warriors.. At east we got the Unicorn Shark

    Ps- I am also a 72-traitor now..I made some WWII in 28mm to play Bolt Action against a friend.. Shame of Mainstream on me...

    1. I do not known if unicorn shark is west or east but I meant "at least" haha

    2. 28mm!!! For shame! ;-). I'm looking forward to seeing what you did with them. Have no fear, 1:72 minis will feature in the army, they work very well for larger creatures.