Saturday, 7 September 2019

Of polystyrene, paint and singing chickens.

  I have done a fort and some paintings and other bollocks while i have not been blogging, but first.....
 a spot of experimental 'Murder rock' anyone?.

  Its been almost 3 weeks since my last episode of bloggery, but rest assured i have not been idle...but to be fair now i review my output its not really much to show for three bloody weeks!. Ho hum an' all that. Anyway first off the latest bunch of paint splattered bits of metal stuck to strips of plastic:

    Some 'orse and a unit of crossbows for the second force for my 12mm medieval armies, minis as ever by the fantastic kallistra. The force is coming together nicely, just a unit of knights to go and it will be done. Also i have looked at some of the minis i have painted for the other force, particularly the Ogres that i had completed before i discovered a way to adapt the cheep craft paints i have been using. As stated in a previous post the finish on these minis is grainy and a bit crap (not least because of my slapdash paintwork!) so i decided to redo the forces Ogres with the newly mixed paints. I say redo, its more a case of consolidating the 4 Ogres in to one larger, more 'manageable' Ogre:

 Ogre at rest, or a 28mm G.W. lotr orc depending on your perspective.

 The new Ogre vs the old ones, you can see the difference in finish.

Ogre vs Giant, i rather like the idea of Ogres being corrupted giants of a sort, also allows for them to be the same scale and for their bases to be uniform.

  As well as the painting we have had to replace our fridge here at chez Sprinks (cue 'fridge running' joke), and a good amount of polystyrene was included with it. With said waste material just laying around and a craft knife in hand your 'intrepid' blogger decided it could be more than just rubbish and set to work hacking out pleasing chunks of the stuff (and covering an area of about 2 miles in small static balls). After a coat of paint and a few passes with the dry brush i had the following:

 One knackered old fort.

 dragons eye view.

 Plenty of room for the 12mm troops on the walls.

'Its our turn now, you've 'ad it for ages!!'.

  I have gone for an unloved look mainly because polystyrene is a bugger to cut neatly but also because i thought it was funny to have a kingdom where the local lords deny all claims of ownership of these buildings and the heavy taxation and cost of upkeep that come with them during peaceful times but at the slightest hint of trouble send troops to claim them, slap on a gate and say they were there all along!.

 An example of the run down look  (otherwise known as 'a bit where the knife slipped'). 

 I also made some extra walls and damaged bits from the hacked up ends and leftovers  so i can make....


   The above should be going towards the almost ready to go setting and pastry based campaign taking up too much space in my already ragged noggin that is currently called

 Hopefully i will be detailing the ideas and background that will go into this whole silly undertaking next time out, but until then here is something that almost made Radio Wronghammer this time out:

.......'till next time......


  1. Several points.
    Great paint-work.
    The Fort is awesome.
    The chicken is superb.

    I need to get your fantasy take on the OHW rules onto the table with the Witch Queen.

    We have more than enough material for 10 episodes of the podcast...just sayin'


    1. Ta very much sir, How are the forces for the witch queen stuff coming on?, i have way more 1/72 stuff than i can paint these days, anything you need before i chuck it on ebay?. I reckon we could fill a good 30 episodes at were thinking of 10 min episodes right?.

    2. Excellent mate. Actually, if you want to throw an email my way, I might very well buy the plastics off you. ducdegobin (at) gmail (dot) com.

      And now that I think of it, 'Radio Wronghammer' is such a perfect title for a podcast. We could have (cheap)guests - such as fellow bloggers. ...with a subtext of 'we REALLY don't do any be ready'. I reckon could work well - even over skype or something.

      HAving worked in England/Ireland, I also do specialist accents including - east Bolton, Norf Landon, Somerset and ALL of Oireland.

    3. Radio Wronghammer would work. I quite like 'Free radio Portmuck' too. Editing is defo overrated as my work on this blog testifies!. It looks like this may be going ahead!. I will email as soon as re the figs and we can throw together some ideas at the same time.

    4. Oh and i can just about do a passable west country with a few drinks inside me!

  2. Quality work on the fort Mr.Sprinks, 12mm armies start to take shape too.
    I really love it!


  3. Yup, excellent fort sir... Stick an English Heritage flag on it and you can charge a tenner a head to get in.

    1. Ta. I should probably model an overpriced gift shop and an over flow car park with bored looking attendant in high vis to go with it!.

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  5. Good stuff Mr Sprinks - figures and fort are looking great.
    Unlike you I have been an idle git mainly due to being one knackered old fart.

    1. From one knackered old fart to another i feel your pain. I'm sure you will get some hobbying in soon.

  6. Very good stuff sprimks,
    Mordor orcs are so god choice for 10mm ogres!

  7. What what what... painted figures on this blog ? Did you steal them ? :-D