Saturday, 24 February 2018

Workorcs of the world Unite!! (AAR)

  Yay i got this one played finally!!. Part of the delay was working out which rule set i fancied playing, I was uhming and of course aahing over Kings of War or Dragon Rampant or even Chaos Wars before in a flash of laziness i decided to have a bash at my own Blood, Guts and Rampant Hex 'system' (i use that term loosely!), mainly to give it a run out on these pages but also to prove it actually works!!.  But before i get into the game here's a little bit of extra prologue (you can find the first part here):

  'The Malevolent Allan stood on the Dank Ramparts of the Fort of Dark Cragges, the seat of all evil in the northern Badlanddes, until last month the largest employer of minions, orcs, ogres and other evil doers within a 15 mile radius. Before it was full of growls, roars, clatters, curses and other sounds such a ragged workforce would bring but now it was steeped in an odd eerie silence and the smell of damp earth and rotted flesh. Allan had discovered a dusty tome that had changed his whole approach to executive evil. He had devoured many chaotic sector management guide books over the years including such classics as 'Olde Worlde, New You; managing evil in a changing world', 'Orcs are from Wastelands, Beastmen are from Farms', and the ever popular 'Torture on a Budget, 1001 ways to control an unruly workforce'. None however would have the effect of his latest find. 'Ye Bookee o' the Dedde, Easy necromancy for total and utter beginners' was a turning point in his career. Why spend good gold on lazy, uneducated, foul smelling creatures when you can raise (admittedly still uneducated and foul smelling) armies of minions to do your bidding?. No more public holidays, no more shirking, no more smart arse goblins answering back, just blank mindless husks forefilling his every dark whim!!!.
  He had wasted no time sacking the useless lazy fu*kwits that made up his workforce and ordering his first batch of fresh cadavers from 'graverobbers2U' (stiffs on demand, order before the witching hour for next day The incantations were presented phonetically so raising them was a doddle (it did require the use of a necromatic mist that had proved rather 'clingy' but such is the cost of  ultimate dark power). Before he knew it he had a whole new workforce ready to roll 'fresh' from the afterlife!. Induction day had shown up some difficulties (what with instructions needing to be no more than 3 words long and bits needing re-attaching frequently) but his new workforce had proven not only obedient but relentless in their duties. Productivity had gone through the roof and best of all they were free!!!!, life had never been the wrongdoing and general naughtiness sector.....until the letter arrived!.
    But he would show them!, bloody URTEII...or was it URRTI....or UTTIT or whatever they were called (sounded like the noise you made passing a difficult stool!). If they wanted to shut him down they were welcome to try!. The lazy bastards he had fired had been vanquished in every dark deed he had sent them on, to think they could stand before him!, bloody cheek of it!. Let them come he brooded, let them try, his new workforce would grind them into mush! and he would stand up here with the wind in his jewel encrusted cowl to enjoy the show. And what made it even better was the fact that once they were done he would raise them again to work for him for free!!. Ah poetic justice!.....

The Evil one himself inspects his forces

   As stated above i'm using my own hex based rules to play this one. My board allows for quite large forces so i thought i would go for 60 points per side, they are as follows:

The Malevolent Allan's recently deceased reanimated workforce.......of death!!!!

5x General operatives (of evil) (light foot @20 points)
2x Ballistic department assistants (of doom) (missile foot @10 points)
2x Undead Ogre stockroom operatives (of darkness) (heavy foot @ 10 points)
2x Logistic solution delivery teams (of naughtiness) (light riders @14 points)
An order of magic scrolls (@ 4 points)

All of Allans workforce are from the Alliance army of the dead range except the Ogres who are from Mantic. The force are on Black bases with white trim (and leftover necromantic mist).

Here they are in battle formation:
Its blurry because they were moving honest!.

The unified pickets of U.R.T.E.I.I. (Darklanddes devision);

4x Disgruntled Orc unionists (light foot @16 points)
2x Workless warg riders (heavy riders @14 points)
3x union missiles (missile foot @15 points)
1x U.R.T.E.I.I regional Dispute resolution team ( heavy foot @5 points)
1x Itchybitz the giant, U.R.T.E.I.I recruitment officer and head fundraiser (monster @ 6 points)
1x order of magic scrolls (@ 4 points) 

U.R.T.E.I.I.s members have black bases with green trim and are by dark alliance except Itchbitz who is a reaper bones miniature. And here they are conducting a peaceful protest on the edge of Allans lands;
Sprinkling 2; son of sprinks was still up when i was setting up and asked if he could help so i let him set up the union side. He did a decent job but still, i should be able to beat a force deployed by a 9 year old right?.

 The game was to be played over 5 turns and the objective of the union fighters was to get into the hex in the doorway to Dark Cragges, if they could do so they would win the game. The forces of Allan had to prevent this from happening. 

Heres how the forces (and the table) were set up:

To battle...
 To begin both forces rolled to see if any magic scrolls turned up from the S.T.P.W.T. Both sides rolled 2 scrolls!. Allans lot got Bollocs Brandee of Bravery insannee and Dolcivanians domee of protectieon. The Union guys rolled Oldde reddes mystte and Callahannes Cloudee of confusieon.

Allans forces move out towards the picket line, in hind sight it could be seen as an act of provocation...

The first action sees the riders of Allan slam into the resolution team of chaos warriors (who would later claim they were appealing for calm and any damage caused in answer was purely accidental!).

Feeling the opposition have overstepped the line as far as conflict management goes the protesters become the provocateurs and the bloodshed begins!!.

Ever confident the dark one looks on from the shadows of the ramparts!

                                 Blows begin to rain down as the undead  start to give ground.

Heavy riders prove how powerful they are as they plow into the enemy line.

They also prove rather sneaky....

The dead pile tells the story of the undead plight.

Up until this point Allan has posted his big hitters on guard duty by the forts gates.....

....but in desperation they are committed.....

...and have an immediate impact!!. However the Wag riders spot a gap in the enemy line.....

 And make a dash for the gate!.


The scene as the fort falls!!!.

  That was a surprisingly quick and simple game, even though the undead took a pounding they almost held out, it was the 5th turn when the Warg riders made their mad dash for the gate. It looks like Dark Cragges has become the subject of a hostile take over!.
    Well that was my first game of the year, i hope the next comes along a little quicker!. 

...All that remains is to welcome Mr Mike McGuinness and the interesting to type X_BriX to the bottom of the barrel that is this blog!. I cant see if you guys have blogs but if you do please pop a link into the comments as it would be great to check it out (or just say high if you want!). Welcome to both of you!.
......Anyway, till next time......


  1. Nice one. I like the idea of the Cotton wool vapours around the un-dead. .
    What make are the Zombies and the big White troll(?) Giant(?)?

    1. Thanks Paul. The cotton wool is as close as converting my miniatures i've come!. The Zombies are Mantic plastics and the big white Giant is a Reaper bones Ogre. Both are 28mm.

  2. WHat doe want? win a battle...
    When do we want it?
    ...uhhh, well soon I guess

    Great action. The rules are great, and I need to get a game in.

    Little skulls certainly work for hits too.

    Such an obvious objective too in terms of the gatehouse/doorway. I have all sorts of scenarios popping into me head now.

    As ever, the undead look undead due to cotton wool...this is inspired mate!

    1. Cheers your Ducness, the scenario sort of wrote itself when i set up the table, seemed like the obvious thing and made for a tense game what with the last ditch dive for the objective!. The skulls are pretty cool if you want fantasy hit markers. Dirt cheep too!.

  3. Wonderful looking game - Classic Sprinks.

    1. Thanks mate, glad you liked it!.

    2. I did! The Reaper Ogre is a splendid figure.

    3. He is cool, would work well in most scales too I reckon, he would be an awesome 10mm giant!

  4. Could you explain me Long Reach special rule? I just can't understand it.

    -Long reach
    This can be used to represent troops that can out reach an enemy if they can hold them at a distance, im thinking of troops like pike men (because pike men are cool!).
    This upgrade is just like charge but allows troops that are moved into by an enemy to roll their attacks before the enemy get to strike back!.

  5. Hi mate, welcome to the madness!!. I just read the Long reach rule again and i see what you mean, i have left quite a hole!. I have (hopefully) explained it now in the main rules by adding the following:
    Troops with Long Reach that are charged by an enemy unit may roll all their attacks and remove any troops from units or wounds from Leaders and Monsters before the enemy roll their attacks!. Any remaining enemy may then roll their attacks as normal.
    Its basically the same as Charge but for troops that have been Charged instead!.

    I hope that helps and thanks for the feedback, i would have missed it otherwise!.

  6. Thanks for quick answer :)

    I see you asked about my blog; There you are
    Any feedback appreciated :)

    1. No probs mate, glad i could clear it up and thanks again for pointing it out otherwise i may never have spotted the mistake!. The blogs looking cool, im a sucker for anything LoTR and the minis are looking great. I've added it to the side bar if thats o.k.

  7. Nice strike story, I laughed a lot with the Temporal-Work Undead offer (sadly worker Union fight end with no soo good result as for these orcs)
    i agree wth everybodu, wool makes undead really undead ghosts!

    1. Thanks sceavus glad you liked it. The wool was the best way to get away with not painting them!! :)

  8. Nice looking game...with lovely walls!

  9. Ah ha. Thanks for the welcome. For some reason when I pressed follow, my true name came up allowing all Necromancers to hold sway over my actions and force me to commit dreadful crimes (it's true officer). The vagaries of google.

    1. Oh yes, and do come and join the fun at my main blog, or click on my bewigged
      avatar to view the others


    2. Glad to have you along sir, I did not realize it was you or i would have linked your blog in the post. Im very much enjoying the Thistlewood project, the old school minis are wonderful. Anyone that puts an airfix turret on a toy dinosaur is getting a thumbs up from me!.

  10. Greetings! Just a note to say this excellent battle report has been nominated as one of the The Greatest Battle Reports of 2018 Award. Voting is now open to determine the final winner, and the voting form, along with the other great nominations is here. Good luck!