Saturday 20 January 2018

It'll never happen!!!!!

 The last post got me wondering, i know i have loads of 'dream' projects i would love to do but know deep down i will probably never get round to. For example i would love to game out the final battle in:
 How cool would that be?!!. I also think it would be doable in 20mm plastic these days as medieval blokes are well catered for and the undead army could be done by mixing
The Red Box undead types with:
Ceaser undead (pic from plastic soldier review),  could provide some of the personalities for the army of darkness, Sheila could be on the end and Evil Ash could be converted from the guy in the middle left?.

The Oldsmobile may be harder but im sure ebay would provide a body in the right scale.....
......This beast could be done?.....

 Other projects that could be fun would be some of the battles of Westeros. I am a fan of George RR Martins Song of ice and fire setting, i love the politics and relationships between the families and houses that constantly switch and shift as the various factions vie for any advantage. If you have ever done office work you may recognize the traits!!. Some of the battles described in his work would be great fun to game in my opinion. The Blackfire rebellion where the bastard sons of house Targaryan rose to try to take the throne would be fun, as would Roberts rebellion and the battle of the trident.

Hugs, Westaros style!.
As stated above minis would be pretty easy to source as the psudo-medieval setting in 20mm is if anything over saturated so you would be spoiled for choice!.

 Im not the worlds biggest sci-fi fan but a battle that would be amazing on the games table would be from the movie Starship troopers. 
Doogie Howser in sppaaacccceeeeeee!!!!!!

The one where the roughnecks are stranded in an abandoned outpost while masses of bugs swarm towards them!.
The idea of a small force outnumbered over 10 to 1 attempting to hold out while transports arrive to rescue them is always a fun and tense game but something about the setting really works for this battle in particular. The film itself is not much to write home about but the set pieces are fun and great for these types of ideas. As far as minis go any 20mm moderns could work for the human troops
These would do the trick? (pic from Toy soldier H.Q).
As for bugs, how about Games workshop Tyrinids spring to mind.
Ooooh buggy!! (pic from Spikybitz)

 All of this will probably never happen but its nice to think about from time to time.....oh well.....

 But enough about the dank reaches of my dusty old brain, how about you guys?, what projects would you love to do (money and time no object)?. Why not pool ideas in the comments below?.

.......Anyway, till next time.....


  1. Nice projects, I don't know why you couldn't achieve them - maybe the last one, because of the cost of a Tyrannid army. I know that some manufacturer made the insectoid creatures of Starship troopers some years ago, but I don't remember the name... you could probably find something on ebay.
    You wanna read about my own thoughts ? Well, first, a lot of DBA/AdG historical armies:
    - Sassanians
    - Mayas
    - Early Germans (work in progress)
    - Late crusaders (work in progress)
    - Samurais
    and many more.

    Concerning fantasy minis, I have several ideas too, the biggest one being the siege of Minas Tirith (an idea of my daughter who would like to create the buildings), with some adaptation because of the lack of 1/72 minis. So far, I have orcs and Trolls, humans for both sides (Almoravid to represent southerners), Elves to fill in the ranks of Good, Undead to help the evil ones, Very old Atlantic siege towers, and ideas to convert elephants into Mumakils, the problem being that they would be smaller than the trolls :)

    Oh, and paint the french imperial Guard too.

  2. Hi Phil, I probably could do some of these if only i could focus on one thing for long enough!. I hope you do get more DBA armies completed, if they are of your usual quality they will be great to see!. I love the idea of Minas Tirith in 1/72, i think this is such a great scale for huge battles!. And these days its easy to find the troops too!. I remember seeing someone doing an army of Gondor using Hat el cid Spanish and they worked really well (and the set is really cheep too so you can do loads!). What Elephants have you been using for Mumakils?.

    1. The best would be to use Zvezda Seleucid elephants, but I have only one :( Maybe a conversion with the Hät indians...
      I would be curious to look at that Gondor army, I will check the internet !

    2. Those Zvesda elephants are great, i have come very close to picking some up too many times!. I cant find the thread for the Gondor army atm, i think it was a forum thread but im not 100%. I think the same guy was using G.W orcs as trolls if that jogs anyones memory?.

  3. Found it! ;)

  4. A 1/72nd scale Bug Hunt / Starship Troopers is a very nice idea Mr Sprinks - definitely do that!
    Siege of Gondor - I like that too. Quite possible in 1/72nd in these enlightened days. I would quite like to make an Army of Harad...

  5. Thanks Jack. I do love the way 1/72 has spread its wings in fantasy, so many options are open now that an idea like the siege of Gondor is perfectly possible. What minis were you thinking of for Harad?

  6. HAT Almoravid Moorish Spain figures are really nice - I've painted some of the infantry before; strange bendy sort of rubbery plastic but lovely sculpting. When I was a teen I had a lot of Minifigs Mythical Earth Harad/Southron figures (25mm metal). for infantry for cavalry
    Not sure for the Mumakil - Phil Otep's idea is interesting, otherwise perhaps I'd make some structures to go on mammoths...?

  7. Those hat minis do lend themselves very well to the theme, they make great fantasy figures IMO. In terms of BIG elephants have you looked at Palo or schlech (if that's how you spell it?!). They could be a great base for conversion. That's where peewee came from.

    1. You mean Papo and Schleich I suppose, yes I know these manufacturers, I used to buy lots of these for my children, maybe I played more with them than the kids did :D
      I find them too big, but maybe I am wrong.

    2. Thats the ones. They are HUGE compared to 1:72 i have to admit but it depends on what you want visually. I use them as i intend to play big games on huge tables so they work well placed up against units 60+ minis strong (they look like they could walk right through them), if you are going smaller thet do tend to be a little oversized!!. I think my brain just likes things looking a :)

  8. I came a little late to this amazing discussion!!!
    Your suggestions Sprinks are quite appealing!!
    Army of darkness sounds good.
    Starship troopers as well, here you can find more inspiration for that

    I actually trying to finish some Lord of The rings and Game of Thrones armies or groups.. Some suggestions for Unsullied??

    Here my first steps for the Mumakil if this is help for you (I go for the Schleich option :))
    Some day we all finish at last one project :)

  9. And i forgot, another bizarre project which I have in mind: ancient zombies attacking romans , as cause for construction of Hadrians Wall!

    1. Awesome ideas there Sceavus, that mumakil looks great. Thanks for the steer on the reaper aliens the big ones look cool. I saw your elves they are great, looking forward to seeing where you go next. As far as ideas for unsullied they are tricky, maybe some would work (top row mainly) or perhaps the spears from may di it?.

  10. Yes,maybe some Greek or Hellenic with a good painting or converting job.. lets see!
    Thanks for your comments on elves, I am afraid it will be kept while I develope different topics!