Sunday, 6 October 2019

The breaking point of a chocolate matchstick.

'Tis quirky lounge rock oddness we be after!

Last time out i was going on about a couple of projects i was trying not to get sucked into....well guess what.....

2mm pike and shot bits.

 I tried to be good, i really did. But the thing is....i'm a wargamer, and we are known to be easy targets for new stuff of a hobby nature, As one notable philosopher once quipped 'its like curry to a pisshead'. its in the D.N.A. and thats a scientific fact i am excused (i think!?!) So one order to irregular miniatures and i now have enough troops to bang out a couple of large armies worth!. 'But how did we get here Sprinks?' I hear you cry, 'You were just going on about a campaign based on a nations love of pastry based goods...and hitting each other, so why the change?'.  Well it was two things really....

First off, i was going back over some old posts and stumbled back across my 

Campaign (i mentioned this last time out but it is important so i m dredging it up again). I like the setting but dont fancy painting 6 forces in 20mm!. However, 2mm is perfect for the scale of game the campaign and setting is begging for!. The troops above are test pieces and i'm sure more will follow.
Also i have been inspired by Peter resuming his ECW campaign over on his pretty darn spiffing blog which has ...errrr.... inspired me to almost entirely steal the format for my own fantasy civil war (if its O.K. with peter of course!).
   So it looks like a map based land grabbing narrative type deal which should be really fun.

  But what about rules?. Maybe this:

or this:

or even this:

Nope, nope and nope, you know what my mind went back to when thinking about this project?:

Thats right, just look at the sheer scale of it:

Did i mention that i was intending on doing pike and shot with big steam tanks, war balloons and armoured giants stomping around the place, more akin to the above in style of game (i.e. all out gonzo 'my land leviathans bigger than yours' style) than the more historic based rulesets. I will be writing my own rules using the old Epic system as a starting point, probably not including multiple bases making up a detachment but more of a one base one element idea but there will be big stompy bits too!.
Stuff like this mayhaps?.

 So thats whats new in the wonderfully messed up world of Sprinksland, all that remains is to welcome Mr Maurice Micklewhite to this bubbling soup of the unhinged that is Wronghammer. Mr Micklewhite is the author of the rather great The mosquito on the tenth floor blog, as well as another blog you will want to check out, i wont be spoiling the surprise but its well worth a click and a  read. Welcome sir!.

...right, wheres my magnifying glass?....'till next time.....


  1. This is pretty awesome mate. I have another photo that I need to email you.
    Do you have any spare lead that can be melted down?...

    1. One of the perks of my job is the scrap lead pipe that we replace, means there is always loads in the van. Hopw old pipes are suitable for this kind of thing?. Feel free to email when you want.

  2. Pike & Shotte with Steam Tanks etc sounds very sensible to me and 2mm allows BIG armies for a very small outlay. Great Plan Mr Sprinks.

    1. Cheers Sir, i have just painted up a load of infantry for a couple of forces in an afternoon!. Oh and i have also snagged some Dystopian Wars tanks cheep off ebay so i will have something to show for it quite soon.

  3. I think 2mm will fit massive campaign battles extremely well, but what about named characters, the essencial part of any campaign, they will be hard to represent in scale this small...
    By the way I vote for the Sprinksland being the official name of this world from now on :)

    1. Sprinksland, i reckon it would work!. Dont worry about named characters, i can focus higher up the chain of command to do that bit, maybe they wont be on the table but they can still help shape the narrative.

  4. Hail Sprinksland, which appear to become bigger and bigger, while the sprinkslanders become smaller ...
    Those epic battles look always magnificent but we lost sadly the detail of the regular troopers and charachters,,,Wil you stamd that, sprinks, since you always develope so good narrations behind your little plastic warriors?

    1. Have no fear sir there are lots of ways to build a narrative. I will use rules to govern the campaign but use whatevers generated to create the story. I can mix stuff like historic accounts, troops eye view, old letters and what not to keep the story flowing...and i also still have the Crivenshire 'appenings team!.