Saturday, 15 May 2021

If I can be serious for a moment (I wonder, can I?)

 As you may or may not be aware today marks the start of tourettes awareness month. Why is this important?, Well all three of the Sprinklings as well as the amazing Mrs Sprinks suffer with the condition to some extent or another (Mrs Sprinks and sprinkling 3: The revenge have mild symptoms where as Sprinkling 1: the beginning has full blown vocal and motor ticks, including hitting, throwing and lots of choice language). I thought I would take the opportunity to do my bit to spread some awareness about this really miss understood condition and to encourage you all to spend a few minutes to have a look at the poster below and the brilliant tourettes-action.

Ta. Normal service will resume shortly...I promise.

...'till next time...


  1. Thanks for the information Sprinks. I freely confess I knew little about it ( although Mrs. Broadsword is an early years teacher so is considerably more au fait). I'll investigate further.... Have a good weekend.

  2. Thanks for that mate.
    I had no idea - this has been very informative and well said.
    I've certainly learnt something useful today.

  3. Didnt know this syndrom at all.thsnks for sharing and for your confidence an ya, and good luck all time with this...

  4. Hi all. Thanks for your kind feedback
    I would reply to you all individually as per the norm but am having issues accessing my account. But thanks again